How to Make Gift Bags Luxurious

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Sending luxurious gift bags is a way to impress important people. If you want to celebrate their success or wish them well on a new endeavor, sending a gift seems like a good way to do it. But are you content with putting your gifts in ordinary gift bags? If the recipient is important, you should be more particular about the bag that you’ll use.

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Whether it’s for business partners or customers, they all deserve a gift bag that looks special. Creating luxury gift bags is one way to do it.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what it means to have luxury gift bags. You’ll also get design tips that’ll leave you inspired and ready to create a luxurious version of your brand’s gift bag.

What Does Luxury Mean?

Before you create a luxurious gift bag, you have to understand what the word luxury means first. It’s not just about designing gift bags that are a la Hermès.

Looking at luxurious brands and the bags they use in their store won’t leave you inspired to create the perfect bag. That’s a good way to start. But it’s also about understanding the true meaning of luxury.

luxurious gift bags

It’s All About the Style

First of all, luxury is all about design and style. It represents an inspired lifestyle.

So if you want to create luxury gift bags, you can start by getting inspired by what luxury brands are doing. Study the current bags they use and see how it relates to their brand image.

You’ll realize that their gift bag is a reflection of their brand’s style. That means the best way to start creating a luxury bag is by identifying yours.

It’s Extremely Valuable

Luxury isn’t just about being expensive. It’s about giving the best and highest value to customers.

That means your luxury gift bags should look very expensive – as costly as the jewelry or whatever present you’ve put inside.

While you want to be careful with how much you spend on your packaging expenses, building a luxurious image means you have to make your gift bags look expensive.

You can’t sell that idea if your bag looks cheap. So invest in expensive yet high-quality materials.

And that takes us to the next point.

It’s Only High-Quality

Luxury is all about quality. Consider the Hermès brand. They give quality an important part of their identity.

That’s what your luxurious gift bag design should have. It should exude high quality. After all, it looks expensive. It’s harder to pass off value if you’re not using high-quality materials for your luxury gift bags.

Hermès brand gift bags

It’s Exclusive

The idea of luxury is also about exclusivity. Not everyone can get it. So your luxury gift bags should be reserved for a few people only.

If something is made available to everyone, that removes the luxurious aspect of it.

Remember, this is not product packaging that you use to encourage a sale. This bag is a token that you want to give someone special. The gift bags should only be for those who deserve special treatment from you.

It’s Selective

Since luxury is exclusive, that means you have to be selective with who you give your gift bags. Set up parameters that’ll define who is worthy of the luxury bags.

Is it the high-paying customers that you sell to? Maybe it’s the business partners that have been with you for a long time.

When you’re selective, it increases the value of the gift bag that you’re being generous with.

7 Design Elements that Make a Gift Bag Look Luxurious

Now that you have a better idea of what luxury means, you know that luxurious gift bags aren’t just about designs that are a la Hermès.

Creating a luxurious gift box or bag is a combination of different things. There are a couple of design elements that you should apply to your bag if you want to make it look luxurious.

Here are design tips that you can use to inspire you to create your luxury bag.

Keep It Sleek and Minimal

All that glitters is gold. This is what it means to be sleek. It’s about making your gift bag look shiny and expensive. The materials that you should use must have a certain shine to them.

It doesn’t have to be a lot because luxury is also about minimalism. Keep the shiny element concentrated in one area.

sleek gift bag

Think about using satin ribbons for the handles of the bags. Or use foil stamping to decorate the gift bag.

These are only a few examples of what you can do.

Choose a Great Typography

The right font will give your brand its look. So you need to think carefully about the typography of your gift bags.

Look at the fonts that luxury brands use. Identify the typefaces that they use so you can pattern yours with theirs. It’s either the serif font called Didot or the minimalistic sans serif font.

Different brands like Hermès gave templates that give clues on how they design their bags. You can take clues from there.

Highlight Your Wordmark

Since luxury brands like Hermès gave clues about their branding, you should consider creating a wordmark for your bags.

A wordmark is when a band uses its name as the logo. With the right typography, you can make your wordmark popular.

This will be good for when you’re giving gifts. Just the print of your brand anime in a gift bag would be enough to get the recipient excited about it.

Opt for Black or White Both

Thinking about the color of luxury gift bags would make you imagine simple hues like black and white.

This is because black exudes elegance and white is all about simplicity and minimalism. These are all a reflection of luxury and sophistication.

luxury gift bag with brand

So if you haven’t decided on what to use for your gift bag, use black or white instead – with the brand name using the opposite shade. For instance, the bag can be black while the brand name is white. Or do it in reverse.

The simplicity will make your brand name the focus.

Pick an Accent Colour

Of course, there’s no strict rule that luxury is only about using black and white. Your gift bags can use another color.

For instance, Hermès has orange. Tiffany has Tiffany Blue. Louis Vuitton has brown or imperial saffron.

You can use bold or neutral shades for your gift bag if you wish. Just make sure it fits your brand’s identity.

Create a Monogram

There are also luxury brands that use printed monograms in their package design. You can use a free template to use as your guide. Or you can come up with a design from scratch so your bags will look unique.

gift bag with monogram

If you decide to use a free template, choose the one that’s closest to your brand image. That way, you won’t have to change a lot in the design. You don’t want the design of your bag to look like an imitation.

Use Only High-End Imagery

There are luxury gift bags that use images as the design element. It may not be as simple as the other options provided in this article, but it can still make your gift bags look luxurious.

The key is to ensure that you’re using high-end images only – may it be photographs or graphic designs. Make sure it has a high resolution and the print is superb.

Remember, high quality is an important part of luxury. You shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Pick the Right Materials for Your Luxurious Gift Bags

Use the right materials if you want to make your luxurious gift bags impressive. Be ready to invest in high-quality materials that are recognized as luxurious.

For instance, use the right paper thickness to make your gift bags look sturdy. Choose the ones that feel like velvet to the touch.

paper gift bag

This isn’t just for the different components of your gift bags. You should also think about the design. Ideally, it’s best to create a unique design. But it’s also okay to use a paper template that has a design ready for application.

Why Is It Important to Make a Luxury Gift Bag?

Creating luxurious gift bags is important because it sets your brand at a higher level. Bags using premium materials or elegant designs show how a brand is already established.

Since the brand has built its value, it’s easier to charge more money for your products. You won’t get anything from the gift bag. But the premium feel of the gifts and the bags would solidify your reputation as a luxury brand.

It brings a promise that customers will get a luxury experience.

Let’s Start Working on Your Luxurious Gift Bags. Packoi Printing Can Help.

If you’re looking to create gift bags that’ll identify your brand as a luxurious one, you need to give it the right design elements.

The materials, colors, font, and printing technique should all contribute to giving your bag a premium feel. If your gift bag can get positive comments from the recipient, it’ll bode well for your brand.

If you want to get started on designing your luxury gift bags, Packoi Printing is ready to help.

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