7 Characteristics of a Good Brochure Content

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A well-designed brochure can be a powerful marketing tool—at least, this is true for the printed versions.

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According to one study published on Techsling.com, brochures delivered at home usually stay in the house for approximately 38 days. What’s more, 23% of them get circulated among family members.

good brochure content

This is why the printed version is the more effective brochure design compared to other marketing strategies, specifically digital brochures. It can gain momentum over time. It’s not like digital brochures, which only have a fleeting influence on customers.

In this article, you’ll learn about the essential characteristics of an effective brochure. This will be helpful while creating content for your brochure so it can increase sales and grow your brand’s reputation.

5 Tasks of Brochure Marketing

Before getting into the characteristics of effective brochures, it’s crucial to understand the purpose of this marketing tool.

What should your brochure’s design and content accomplish? Create a list to identify what these are. This will guide you in choosing the right content that should be included in your brochure. Remember, this marketing material won’t have as much space and page count as a catalog. You have to choose the right elements that can push your market to buy from you.

Whatever design you choose for your brochure, make sure it fulfills the following tasks:

dried fruits brochure

1. To Inform

What is the vital information that your target audience needs so they’ll decide to buy from your brand?

There’s no need to give complete details about your brand. You only want to include relevant information to get potential customers interested in your brand and product. Focus on how they can benefit from your offer.

Use the limited space of the brochure to explain how you’ve created the perfect solution to their pain points. If you sell food products like dried fruits, your brochure can provide information about their nutritional benefits. Or you can give instructions on how to add it to salads.

Providing ideas on how customers can use the product will help convince them to buy it.

2. To Introduce

Good Brochure

If you have a new product, service, or event that you want to announce, a brochure is one of the perfect marketing materials that you can use. Your loyal customers can rely on these to inform them of the new additions to your brand’s offer.

Product brochures can also attract potential customers and get them to buy from you for the first time. This is why you have to be careful with what you choose to put in your content. Don’t overload the customers with information. It has to give a clear message, and the information presented should be on the first few pages.

That way, the customer will immediately know that the brochure should be read from cover to cover.

3. To Persuade

Don’t forget that brochures are promotional materials. They’re meant to entice readers to buy your offer. This is why your brochure design should be poised to persuade customers to respond to your call to action.

Whether it’s to give you a call, buy the product, or avail of your service, it doesn’t matter. Your content should convince the reader that they need you. Whatever pain point or issue they may be suffering from, you can provide the relief they need to get rid of it.

This is why your brochure shouldn’t just focus on the product details. It has to emphasize the benefits that your customers will get. It has to make your offer a necessity so they won’t have doubts about their buying decisions.

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4. To Highlight

How do you get the reader’s attention with your brochure? Highlight the right words and phrases that address their pain. For instance, your product is laundry detergent. Your brochure can highlight how stains are a huge headache for parents with overly active kids.

Use an image of a parent looking stressed because their kids are wearing dirty clothing. If that’s what you highlight, it’ll catch the attention of people who go through the same frustration.

Once you’ve captured their interest, that’s when you can discuss the important elements of your product or service that the customer won’t find anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be all the relevant information. Just give them enough proof that you can help solve their problems.

brochure design

5. To Represent

An effective brochure design should represent the brand properly. The first step is to put your branding elements in it. That includes your brand name, logo, and even the company behind your brand.

But apart from that, the content should reflect the overall message of your brand. For example, Shell released a series of marketing materials that discussed typical car issues. They focused on how people could solve these issues. Although the material didn’t directly advertise products, it helped Shell build a reputation as a trustworthy source of information for vehicle owners.

That’s a great strategy for your brochure. Use it to build the right perception of your brand. Position yourself in a way that’ll make people respect what your brand represents.

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7 Must-Have Characteristics of a Powerful Brochure Design 

Now that you understand what a successful brochure should look like, it’s time to break down how you can do it. When you’re creating your own best brochure design, it’s important to realize that you don’t need to cram a lot of information into it.

That won’t be possible because brochures have limited space. Not only that, you don’t want customers to give up reading the material because they feel overloaded with information.

So to ensure that you’re providing the right kind of content, here are the must-have characteristics that your brochure should have:

1. Customer-Centric Approach 

Start by thinking about your target audience. They are the ones that you have to impress with your brochure design. What do you think is the message that’ll resonate with your ideal market?

Earlier, it was mentioned that an effective way to capture the readers’ attention is to discuss their pain points. The only way you can identify that is if you know what goes on in the minds of your target market. What is it that they struggle with? This pain should be something that they want to solve as soon as possible.

Tailor your content to show that you understand what the customer is struggling with and that you have a solution to it. This won’t just help them make a buying decision in your favor. It’ll also convince them that you’re an expert and they can trust you to help them. Make sure your tone and style reflect the language that they communicate with.

2. Eye-Catching Cover

There are three things that your brochure cover should have: a great image, the brand logo, and one phrase that’ll summarize what the material is all about.

The brand’s logo is meant to attract loyal customers. The text is intended to get the attention of potential customers who are looking to solve specific problems in their lives. The images are meant to make the brochure stand out.

brochure cover

When you combine all these, you have to remember that humans are visual creatures. That means a good visual will draw their attention.

This is why your brochure design cover should only use high-quality images if you want to capture the interest of your target readers. If you understand who your market is, you’ll know what images to use so they resonate with them.

While the quality is important, the message behind the image is also crucial. It has to be an image that’s familiar to your customers. So if your market is family-oriented, use images that feature happy families.

3. Compelling Headlines

This doesn’t just refer to the headline on the cover. It also includes all the headlines and subheadings in the brochure design.

A well-designed brochure should convince readers to go from cover to cover. The headings in the material will give customers a reason to keep turning to the next page. It’ll guide the readers and give them clues to what they’ll see if they read the brochure.

The headings will also prove useful for readers who are in a hurry. With a glance, the headings should inform your audience if the printed material contains the information they want to know.

4. Brief Yet Clear Messaging

Although your brochure design requires artistic skills, it’s also important to realize that the primary purpose of this marketing tool is to convey a business message. It could be to announce a new product, service, or event. It could even be to educate customers about issues that you can solve.

All these should point to one clear message: you are the solution to the problems of your target audience. Find a way to convey this simple message.

It has to be clear and to the point. Don’t use language that only you can understand. If you confuse your readers, they might not get your message. That could lead them to lose interest in your brand.

5. Vivid Images

food product brochure

Visual interest is a key element in engaging readers and making them want to read your brochure from end to end. It’s powerful enough to deliver your message with just a glance. This is why it’s an important consideration when you’re creating the content for your brochure design.

Using high-quality images is also meant to impress the readers. It tells them that you pay attention to every detail. It’s also the best way to showcase what your products look like.

The right images will show customers what type of brand you are: professional, premium, and reliable.

6. Strong Call-To-Action

Don’t forget that the ultimate purpose of your brochure design is to persuade your customers to buy from you. Whether the content provides direct information about your offer or an educational piece about the customer’s problems, the whole idea is to convince them to patronize your brand.

Give them a clear and simple-to-follow CTA to make this happen. Your call to action should allow them to immediately act, so they don’t postpone the urge to buy from you.

If you can make your customers act on the CTA, that’ll make your brochure a very powerful marketing tool.

7. Complete Contact Details

Apart from the call-to-action, your brochure design should also include your contact details. Sometimes, readers want to know more about the information that they got from your brochure. They won’t take the next step until their questions have been answered.

Make it easy for them to find the answers they need. Give your contact data, which includes your website, address, email, and phone number. A link to your FAQ section is also advised.

If you provide your phone number, ensure that someone is on standby to provide answers. Or you should instruct the readers that the number is ideal to use during specific times of the day. That way, customers will know when it’s the right time to call.

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4 Tips for Good Brochure Printing

Once you have ensured that all the important characteristics are present, it’s time to go to the next phase: brochure printing.

There are a couple of things that you should remember before you print the content of the brochure.

1. Choose the Right Fold

There are many types of brochures. You have the Z-fold and the gatefold brochures. You also have the tri-fold brochure as an option.

When choosing the fold for your brochure, think about how you want the reader to digest the information in your marketing material. How will you draw attention to the right elements?

All these will be determined by the way your brochure is folded.

tri-fold brochure

2. Think about Balanced Spaces

The layout of the brochure will influence the readers’ experience as they browse this printed material. Apart from making your design visually appealing, you should also pay attention to the white space.

Balance all the elements in your brochure and then include the white space so it gives the reader’s eyes a respite from the text and images. Sometimes, a well-positioned white space can highlight important details in your brochure. It makes it easier to scan the content and avoid an overload of information.

3. Use the Correct Color Combination

Did you know that colors are powerful enough to influence 90% of a customer’s impression of your brand? This is one of the reasons why high-quality images should be used on your brochure. The vivid colors will get your readers’ attention.

brochure with contact information

Research color psychology and find out what combinations will make your brochures visually appealing. When it comes to colors, make sure you don’t forget about the white space. This is still as important as the other colors featured in your brochure. You can learn about trends in brochure printing.

4. Pick the Right-Sized Font

The right font affects the visual appeal of your brochure. Just like colors, they can set the tone and mood for the message that you want to convey. Some fonts that look uneven or rounded, like Comic Sans, are ideal for fun brands. Others are ideal for more serious brands like Times New Roman or Cambria. Other fonts look more luxurious, especially the script ones.

Using the perfect font will help your target readers get into the right mood for your brochure. Once you’ve stirred the right emotions, it’ll be easier to make the customer respond to your call to action.

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Packoi Printing Has Several Brochure Examples You Can Choose From.

Are you ready to create an effective brochure? Make sure it has the right content so it can help pass along the right message to your customers. The content will set the level of interest that your target market will have in your brand.

If you want to know more about brochures, Packoi Printing is here to help. We have a lot of brochure examples that you can access and take inspiration from.

Give us a call so we can talk about your ideas. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote as soon as we can.

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