Tips to Update Your Brochure Before Printing a New Batch

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No matter how incredible your brochure design is, you’ll have to update that eventually. Change is an inevitable thing. Everything around you is changing, your brand, your clients, your products or services—all these are evolving.

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Your brochure will have to evolve as well if you want it to continue being an effective part of your marketing arsenal.

In this article, you’ll learn the signs that your brochures require an upgrade and the different ways you can apply them.

6 Signs Your Brochure Design Needs an Update

Even if you think that you have the perfect brochure right now, you’ll need to change something about it over time. You see, your target market is changing. Your brand is also evolving. The market and your competition are also growing.

If you consider all these changes, it doesn’t make sense that your brochures will stay the same. You have to improve your brochure if you want it to stay competitive.

The question is, how will you know when it’s the right time to do an upgrade? After all, you can’t just update this marketing tool for no reason. That might compromise your marketing budget.

To help you decide, here are 6 signs that’ll tell you that it’s time to give your brochure design a makeover.

You’re Launching Something New


Usually, a good time to change the design elements of your brochure is when you’re launching something new.

Whether this is a new business venture, collection, service, or product, updating your brochure can help promote or highlight the new launch. Use it to educate your customers so they’ll know that they have something new to try.

But to be cost-efficient about it, make sure that this launch involves something that’ll last for more than a season. That’s how you can maximize the expenses you’ll incur when you give your brochure a new look.

Your Brochure Content Needs an Update

Your business won’t have the same product or service offered all the time. Through the years, you’ll have to replace, revamp, or retire products and services completely.

Not only that, but important information about your company will also change over time. As your business grows, you might find yourself relocating to a new office. Or changing your contact information and website.

These will require you to change your brochure copy.

This will ensure that your customers will always get the right information from your brochures. Without an update, your customers might end up calling the wrong number. 

Or they might try to order a product they see in it that’s no longer available. They might end up feeling disappointed and turned off by your business.

You’re Improving Your Brand

Brands evolve as well. Whether it’s a new font, logo, design, or color, brands go through visual changes all the time.

If you want your marketing materials to represent your brand, you have to make sure that they are all updated with the new look as well.

Not only that, but implementing the new brand look into the brochure design will also update your customers that you’ve done changes to the branding. That way, there will be familiarity in case they encounter a new look elsewhere.

Of course, this isn’t just about the visual element. There are times when brands suddenly become strong advocates of an issue.

So if you’ve decided to be more eco-friendly, you can inform people about your new advocacies, values, and beliefs through your brochure.

Your Target Audience is Evolving

Brochures are meant for your target customer. That means you have to consider what they want to see in your brochure.

Spend some time researching the preferences of your target market. What do they want to see? Make sure the visual appeal of your brochure can match that.

Maybe they want a smaller size or more information on your brochure. Try to meet these preferences so you can be certain that your brochures will deliver what your customers are looking for.

Your Metrics are Declining


Another sign that your brochures need updating is when you notice that the metrics aren’t performing as expected. If your data shows that you’re not getting any new sales from the brochure, that could mean it’s no longer effective.

Before you make any updates, try to analyze what’s wrong with the brochures. Is it the visual appeal? Or is it a problem with the content?

If it’s not meeting the expectations of your target audience, that might be the reason why they’re not responding to it the way you want them to.

You Haven’t Updated in a Long Time

The final sign that you need to update your brochure is that you haven’t updated it in a long time. If the last time you touched the brochure design was years ago, it’s time to give it a fresh look.

You don’t have to give it a total makeover. You can just change the featured image or the color schemes. Put in new images of the same products. Add a new page or two. Write new content.

These small changes will give your customer something else to look at.

8 Ways to Update a Professional Brochure

If you’ve decided to update your brochures, there are different ways for you to do it. Remember, you don’t have to change everything. You can only choose what to change, depending on the reason why you want to update.

To give you ideas, here are 8 ways that you can update your brochure.

Update the Branding

In all your marketing tools, your brand should always be evident. This is why if there are changes or improvements in your brand, you have to implement that in your new brochures.

Take note of how you incorporated your branding in previous brochures. Did you use the same fonts that you used in your old logo? If the new brand changed the font, make sure you change the ones you use in your brochures as well.

If there are improvements in your brand standards like the font size, and color schemes, apply these changes as well.

The same is true for the content that you’ll write in the brochure. The tone of writing should match your other marketing materials to stay consistent.

Improve the Layout

You also have the option to change the layout of your brochure. This will keep the audience from feeling too bored with your brochures.

However, it’s also important not to be too drastic with the changes. You still want the readers to feel a sense of familiarity with your brochures.

For example, if your layout uses more photos and less text, stick to that theme. Or if you’re more informative in your brochures, keep giving more information.

Insert New Customer Preferences

Before you make plans to change your brochures or any marketing strategy, check with your customers first.

It’s always a good idea to research and analyze how they’ve changed. Double-check your metrics and see if there are clues that can help.

Maybe certain events have made them prefer to see images over more text in the brochure. Or they want more transparency so you’ll have to include more information about your company.

These simple things won’t go unnoticed by your audience. They’ll appreciate your effort in making sure they’re satisfied with what they see in your brochures.

Change the Images

Any changes in your products should be reflected in your brochure. New product images will have to be added while phased-out items should be removed.

Choose carefully what you’ll use because this can attract potential customers.

If there’s no need to change any of the product images, then at least change the graphics that define the overall theme of your brochure. 

Make sure you keep everything clean and that every detail you add will align with your branding.

Use New Colors

You can also choose to use a new color scheme for your brochures. The good rule when it comes to choosing colors is to stick to whatever is close to your brand colors.

But that’s not a strict rule.

You can always choose a color scheme as long as your audience will still recognize it as yours. You don’t want them to feel confused.

It’s best to stay close to colors that complement the products inside your brochures.

Fold it Differently

You can create a different look for your brochure by simply folding it differently. So if you used to have a tri-fold brochure, use a gate-fold this time.

There are many ways to fold brochures so you can take your pick among them.

What’s important here is to consider what your audience wants. You can take a survey to see what they prefer. What is the easiest way for them to open and view your brochure?

If they want more content, you have to choose a fold that can accommodate everything that your audience would want to read.

Upgrade Your CTA

Improving the call to action or CTA on your brochure is also another update you can do. Make sure the contact information you put there is correct.

You should also research what our clients may want to see. How did they react to your CTA before? Maybe they react better if the CTA has an offer like “Get a 10% discount if you avail of…”

Another example would be direct CTAs like “Call us to know more about…” or “Visit our website to get more details…”

Add a promo code that people can use.

Check what worked before and make the necessary adjustments.

Add Something New

If you’re changing your brochure, why not add something new there to spice it up? You can add new information about your business. Or you can add better images to your brochure.

Create new graphics to replace some of the photos. Or use fonts that’ll make it easier for your readers to absorb the information you want them to consume.

Changing some of the materials can also work. Improve the quality of the paper that you use. Or choose different printing styles. These could improve the images and color quality of your brochure. Add a page for promoting new advocacies that your readers might resonate with.

There are several ways to change your brochure and make it better. Again, researching to see what your current and potential customers want to see is a great way to know how to improve your brochure.

It’s Time to Give Your Promotional Documents a Makeover. Packoi Printing Can Help.

Improving your brochure design will help your business get new sales to come in. Make sure you take time to study your metrics and data so you know how to get better marketing results from your brochure.

If you want to know more about how you can improve your brochure, we have a designer ready to help you. Discuss new materials, printing methods, color options, and templates you can use.

Do you want to know more about this? Give us a call. Once we have your details, we can give you a fair quotation for your new and improved brochure.

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