Top 10 Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers in China 2024

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If you are looking for the leading custom packaging manufacturers in China, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 10 product packaging companies.

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We will also discuss their best features and advantages to help you decide. After all, how will your products look different on the market if not have the right packaging?

What Is Custom Packaging and What Is It Used For?

Custom packaging is a type of packaging that is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of a product or brand. It is often used to differentiate a product from competitors and to create a more attractive and functional packaging solution. Custom packaging can be used for a wide range of products, including food, beverage, beauty, and personal care products.

Custom packaging

Custom packaging is often designed to meet specific requirements, such as the size and shape of the product, the type and quantity of packaging materials needed, and the desired visual appearance of the packaging. The package can also be customized to include special features such as folding and assembly, special inserts, and customized printing.

Custom packaging is used for several reasons, including:

  • Product differentiation: Custom packaging can help a product stand out on the shelves and create a unique identity for the brand.
  • Protecting the product: Custom packaging can be designed to protect the product during transport, storage, and distribution, ensuring that the product arrives in pristine condition.
  • Improved usability: Custom packaging can be designed to make it easier for the consumer to open, use, and dispose of the product, which can improve the consumer experience and increase product satisfaction.
  • Branding: Custom packaging can be used to create a strong brand identity and convey key messages to the consumer.

Overall, custom packaging can be an effective way to differentiate a product from competitors, protect the product, improve usability, and increase brand loyalty. It is a valuable tool for businesses looking to elevate the presentation and functionality of their packaging solution.

Overview of Top 10 Packaging Manufacturers in China

The main purpose of this informative blog post is to help you identify the best bespoke packaging manufacturers. China is one of the best places to find a competitive, budget-friendly packaging company with quality guarantees. We’ve compiled an overview of the top 10 packaging companies below.

PositionCompanyLocation Establishment
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. LtdGuangzhou1998
2Pinghu Yangzhiguang Packaging Products Co., Ltd.Jiaxing2011
3Sisso Printing Co., Ltd.Dongguan2014
4Professional Packaging Services Co., Ltd.Hong Kong2019
5Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) LimitedHong Kong1995
6Animate International (H.K.) Ltd.Hong Kong2005
7QinPrinting (Shanghai QinQin Printing Company Ltd.)Shanghai2015
8Box Packing Solution (Shanghai Custom Packaging Co. Ltd)Shanghai1997
9Max Bright Packaging Ltd.Dongguan2006
10Brilliant Printing LimitedHong Kong1983

Top 10 Packaging Manufacturers in China

The year of establishment and headquarters location don’t tell everything. So, here we will discuss the strengths and features of the most competitive packaging manufacturers in the packaging industry in China.

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd

Packoi is one of the top competitors in the packaging industry in China. It has the most cutting-edge printing and manufacturing technology that guarantees top-notch results. Whether you require custom-printed shipping boxes wholesale or a huge order of custom boxes, Packoi caters to all packaging types.

The skilled customer care representatives have all the answers you need before ordering a free sample. Being certified, experienced, and highly active in the industry makes it one of the best packaging companies.

Packoi Homepage

Primary Products

Service Features

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Cost-optimized packaging solutions
  • Reliable customer care and quick turnaround
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2. Pinghu Yangzhiguang Packaging Products Co, Ltd

Pinghu has packaging and printing solutions that are one-of-a-kind. You can get printed corrugated cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, and paper bags, all custom-printed quickly! The company has been racing to get to the top of the industry for over a decade.

The company has catered to domestic and international clients through seasoned and knowledgeable packing engineers. Pinghu has a low error rate and a quick shipping service.

Pinghu Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed paper bags
  • Custom-printed shipping boxes
  • Luxury folding cartons

Service Features

  • Dedicated online chat support
  • Huge production capacity
  • Low error rates

3. Sisso Printing Co,. Ltd

Sisso’s professionals have garnered friendly relations with clients all over the globe. The company employs reliable engineers, graphic designers, and manufacturing experts. Moreover, Sisso can handle massive orders with quality guarantees.

The company has excelled in producing personalized packaging goods, from corrugated cardboard boxes to custom-printed paper bags and folding cartons. You can contact the company 24/7 and order a sample.Sisso Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed boxes
  • Custom-printed corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Custom-printed shipping bags

Service Features

  • Delay-free shipping
  • Extensive material selection
  • Reduced error rates

4. Professional Packaging Services Co,. Ltd

Despite being new, Propack Services isn’t a small company. It’s a highly active packaging company aiming for the top spot in China. It’s a top competitor to some of the biggest names in the packaging industry.

Professional Packaging Services Co. offers food packaging, shipping boxes, corrugated (double-sided) boxes, and all sorts of custom boxes. In short, the company offers retail packaging solutions for various industries.ProPack Service Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed food packages
  • Custom-printed paper bags
  • Custom-printed cardboard folding cartons

Service Features

  • Instant customer support
  • Dedicated technical assistance and shipping trackers
  • Short MOQ

5. Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited

Nine Dragons Paper is one of the oldest and probably the most prestigious names in the paper-based packaging industry. It offers environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The company offers a full-service experience to domestic and international clients.

Serving renowned brands in China, Nine Dragons Paper has earned quite a reputation for its certified and ethical printing methods and quality-based manufacturing processes.

The company handpicks reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable professionals to further its packaging and printing operations. Despite an extremely low error rate, the company focuses on cost optimization to transfer the cost-saving benefit to its customers.

Nine Dragons Paper Homepage

Primary Products

  • Luxury perfume boxes
  • Custom food boxes
  • Custom-printed cosmetic boxes

Service Features

  • High-quality finishes
  • Full control over customization
  • Ethically-sourced material

6. Animate International (H.K.) Ltd.

Animate International began with personalized packaging products for a few industries. Today, the company offers an inexplicable range of packaging solutions and unmatched professional services in China.

The company went further than others and invested in luxurious packaging. So, if you have a luxury perfume, jewelry, or clothing brand, Animate International should be your choice.

It will provide unique and appealing packaging solutions to make a mark in your niche. On top of that, Animate International has a policy of offering samples to assure customers of their superior quality.Animate International Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom shopping bags
  • Custom-printed gift boxes
  • Custom-printed mailer boxes

Service Features

  • No delays or early shipping perks
  • Competitive prices
  • Huge order capacity

7. Shanghai QinQin Printing Company Ltd.

QinPrinting is headed by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the packaging and printing industries. The leaders at QinPrinting have spent decades perfecting their packaging design skills and mastering the printing processes.

Although the company started in 2015, the leaders have more than 20 years of experience to offer. From low error rates and speedy shipping processes to cost optimization and a wide selection of packaging products, you’ll find QinPrinting as your one-stop shop for packaging solutions.QinPrinting Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed shipping boxes
  • Custom-printed mailer boxes
  • Custom-printed gift boxes

Service Features

  • Low error rates
  • Competitive printing costs
  • Seamless production and shipping guarantees

8. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co,. Ltd

Box Packing Solution has invested more time, money, and effort in the industry than dozens of packaging and printing companies combined. Shanghai Custom Packaging offers luxurious packaging ideas incorporating paper-based products, such as paper bags, cardboard boxes, and folding cartons.

Furthermore, the quality of the finish speaks for itself. Every custom box goes through industry-standard quality assurance checks. What’s better? The company can accommodate seasonal spikes in packaging orders, so there’s no chance of order delays.Box Packing Solution Homepage

Primary Products

  • Laminated gift boxes
  • Custom printed boxes
  • Luxury paper bags (printed)

Service Features

  • Technical customer support
  • Packaging samples are pre-order
  • Wide range of customization

9. Max Bright Packaging Ltd.

The best part about working with Max Bright Packaging is that you have full customization control over your packaging items. You can request graphic designs, color changes, logo development, other services, and custom box packaging orders.

Max Bright Packaging has established itself on the foundation of customer satisfaction. It relies heavily on state-of-the-art printing facilities and quality production processes to deliver unique packaging solutions. If you have a personalized packaging dream, Max Bright Packaging can turn it into reality.Max Bright Packaging Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed cardboard (double-sided) boxes
  • Custom-printed gift boxes
  • Custom mailer boxes

Service Features

  • Low MOQ
  • Big pre-order samples
  • Transparent cost structure

10. Brilliant Printing Limited

Last but not least, Brilliant Printing Limited brings just as much to the table as top-rated packaging manufacturers like Packoi Co. Operating out of Hong Kong, the company started in 1986 with a team of highly skilled packaging designers and experts.

Over the years, the company has adopted certified, sustainable, and modern printing methods and invested in cutting-edge technology to become the best at cost optimization. Brilliant Printing Limited offers an endless selection of personalized packaging items.Brilliant Printing Ltd. Homepage

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed luxury gift boxes
  • Custom-printed laminated boxes
  • Custom paper bags

Service Features

  • Customer-controlled customization
  • An array of printing specialties
  • Error-free printing
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8 Tips to Choose the Right Packaging Manufacturer for Your Needs

Whether choosing manufacturers for packaging materials or raw material suppliers, you want a partner you can rely on. It’s even better if your chosen partner has a long and positive reputation for dealing with customers like you.

Ideally, the right custom packaging product manufacturer would offer all the services and products you need at a price feasible for your operations. However, packaging specifications change over time, and you may require additional services or packaging product features.

Since we have created a list of competitive packaging material manufacturers, we have also compiled a short guide that gives 8 points to help you make an important decision: Choose the one that best suits your needs!

1. Dedicated Customer Support

One of the first things that you want to consider is customer support. A simple “we have excellent customer service” shouldn’t trick you into partnering with the wrong product packaging manufacturer. Review client testimonials on Google, social media, and company-rating platforms.

custom packaging

It should give you a fair idea of how well the company responds to customers. You will also gain secondhand experience after reading the feedback of previous clients. Customer support is a vital pillar of seamless packaging services.

Staying in touch is important, and therefore, customer support matters. Your chosen manufacturer should be accessible through phone, email, social media, and other popular outlets modern businesses use.

2. Intuitive Technical Assistance

Quality assurance is critical when reviewing China’s leading custom packaging product manufacturers. However, it relies on reliable technical assistance and speedy customer service. Custom boxes and other customized packaging items aren’t created in small numbers; they come in massive quantities.

Even a mistake in your packaging specialist’s design, labeling, or manufacturing process could be a disaster for your next product launch or financial statements! Therefore, look for product packaging manufacturers that scrutinize every process step.

The top companies above share the quality of being heavily reliant on quality assurance. The companies utilize every resource efficiently, from testing labs to designing offices, to offer intuitive technical assistance.

3. Overall Cost Optimization

Always view the cost structure and pricing methods of your chosen packaging specialists. When choosing a custom box manufacturer, have a one-on-one discussion with them regarding costs.

You’ll need a packaging manufacturer to work well within your budget while delivering quality products. Brands often end up with subpar packaging manufacturers due to cheap rates. On the other hand, some brands get caught up with manufacturers above their budget.

“Cost optimization” is an umbrella term for a series of cost factors when dealing with packaging material manufacturers. You can create an ideal packaging solution by hiring a company that optimizes design fees, material costs, waste handling costs, and more.

4. Structural and Graphic Design Experience

The company you choose should have a well-versed team of design engineers, graphic design experts, and industrial packaging professionals. Unique colors, logos, and graphics are the soul of custom packaging.

custom corrugated boxes

Whether you’re going for standard package boxes, custom corrugated boxes, or others, you’ll require a team of seasoned and creative design experts to create packaging solutions that represent your brand and fit your products perfectly!

A leading manufacturer, such as Packoi Printing, has a team of seasoned graphic designers, retail packaging experts, and design engineers to keep costs low while delivering on the promise of unique packaging design and custom labels.

It would be best to look for a full-service packaging business that handles all the processes efficiently and presents comprehensive cost reports. The companies listed above are one-stop shops for all your retail packaging product needs.

5. High-Quality Packaging Products

The most important factor is the quality of the packaging. You may require custom-printed corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, paper bags, folding cartons, shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard, or food packaging. Aiming for a company that offers most of today’s packaging products would be best.

These include sustainable, recyclable, reusable, and other retail packaging products. Modern, bespoke packaging suppliers are more environmentally friendly. Hence, they’re trying to have the least negative impact on the environment and resources while providing top-of-the-line packaging services.

But even then, sustainable materials and various packaging products aren’t enough. The real question is about the quality of the final products. Review your chosen manufacturer’s packaging product gallery. For a better analysis, pre-order a sample with specifications to review the final quality.

6. Wide Variety of Materials

Material usage is a big deal in the retail packaging world. China, the world’s factory, has reliable sources of raw materials. Whether locally sourced or internationally imported, it has endless packaging materials.

China’s best retail packaging manufacturers utilize high-quality raw materials such as timber and harmless (verified) chemicals for corrugated packaging and custom boxes. You can start by reviewing the product categories of a manufacturer and then checking what types of materials go into which packages.

7. Sustainable and Certified Packaging Solutions

You want a partner with lots of experience with paper substrates, packaging structure, eco-friendly Packaging materials, and styling processes. A company focusing on ideal graphics integration and industry-certified printing processes is better than its counterpart.

image 26

One of the manufacturers listed above, Packoi, has a team of in-house structural engineers who deal with everything from ideation and conception to design and rendering. Working with professionals well-versed in 3D renderings, animations, artwork, and prototypes makes things easier.

8. Expected Product Capacity to Create Custom Packaging

Lastly, don’t forget about the production capacity and whether the chosen packaging manufacturers accommodate scalable orders. A sudden spike in demand might present an opportunity to increase sales dramatically.

Unfortunately, such opportunities can turn into dust if you can’t rely on your packaging manufacturer to accommodate last-minute orders. Check to ensure your manufacturer has turnkey capabilities and capacity for massive orders.

Furthermore, learn about shipping services from your chosen packaging company. The leading packaging companies have a fast turnaround time.

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3 Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

Is your brand based in the US or Europe? Then why should you opt for a Chinese custom box manufacturer? Well, there are a couple of reasons behind that, and we’ve discussed the most important ones below:

custom packaging box

1. History of Artwork and Printing

China has been home to printing and different sorts of artwork for centuries. Chinese manufacturers have everything from printing on clothes and furniture to cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes. The country has the longest history of printing on paper!

And since most custom packaging products are made from paper substrates, Chinese factories are somewhat unmatched at providing custom-printed solutions.

2. Source of Raw Materials

A huge proportion of raw material is locally sourced, which means that the costs of acquiring and processing material at the early stages of packaging products are cost-effective. Moreover, China is spread over a large portion of the Asian continent, making it the inheritor of countless natural resources.

3. High-Competitive and Superior Technology

China is home to advanced technology and a large workforce. Thus, there are only a few reasons why China is called the “world’s factory.” Chinese custom box manufacturers produce packaging products using certified processes.

In addition, they use the latest printing technology, paper-based packaging equipment, and trusted methods. With such a lucrative packaging industry in the region, many companies keep emerging.

In turn, that creates a competitive landscape for packaging companies. As a result, both domestic and international customers acquire high-quality packaging products at competitive rates.


We hope this blog post will be instrumental in making the right decision for your product packaging requirements. At Packoi Printing, we offer unmatched custom packaging products. Our products speak of quality and commitment.

If you want a reliable manufacturer to help you make a mark in the market through remarkable and one-of-a-kind packaging, Packoi should be your choice.

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