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Pattern packaging is one of the many techniques that you can use as a packaging solution. Like text and colors, patterns can give you versatility in your design. There are so many options to create a custom packaging design that’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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In this article, you’ll learn more about pattern packaging and the pros and cons of why you should use it to represent our brand’s style.

What is Pattern Packaging?

Pattern packaging is the use of repetitive lines, shapes, graphics, and colors as a packaging design. Although it seems like an artistic element for your packaging, there’s a psychological reason why you should consider using this technique. It can create packaging that’ll give your eager customer an unforgettable boxing experience.

Origin of Patterns

pattern packaging

The use of patterns is something that’s been going on for centuries. In fact, if you look at archeological findings, the Greeks, Romans, and even Egyptians use patterns extensively in their culture.

This practice continues until today. You can see applications of this technique in different ways. It’s no wonder that even product packaging isn’t exempt from it.

The truth is, the sky’s the limit when you use this to design your new packaging. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. But you have to make sure you stay true to your brand so as to avoid confusing the consumers who’ll see your packaging.

Pros and Cons of Using Pattern Packaging

There are many design techniques for your custom packaging. While pattern packaging is a great option, it’s best to get to know the advantage and disadvantages of using it. That way, you can decide if it’s the packaging that you really want to use.


Using patterns as the design of your new packaging is a good idea because it brings several benefits. Here are three of them to name a few.

It Makes the Packaging Stand Out

pattern packaging

Patterns are eye-catching. If you choose the right design to put on your packaging, it will stand out. But the key element there is it has to be the right pattern.

These patterns don’t have to be the clean repetition of elements. You can play with different combinations that include lines, shapes, and colors.

Be bold enough to interrupt the harmony of the patterns. If you can make this happen, you’ll surely catch the attention of your customers.

It Influences Buying Decisions 

Believe it or not, great pattern packaging can influence the buying decision of your eager customers. Think about it this way.

What makes you buy a product? Because you feel good about it. The same is true for your customers. If you can make them feel good about yours, they’ll buy from you.

How can you make them feel good? It all starts with your packaging.

The precision in your designs from the patterns that you’ve chosen gives a sense of structure and organization. When customers see the geometric patterns that you use, it can make them feel in harmony with your business. It makes them feel good.

Some Designs Resonate with Customers

If you choose the right design, it won’t just stand out. It can actually resonate with your customers so they’ll feel compelled to buy it.

Give them beautiful packaging that calls out to them. Give them a design that they can value. Make them think that if you put so much effort into the packaging, imagine what the inside would look like.

Make your customers feel like they’re opening a gift from you.


While using pattern designs on your packaging brings incredible benefits, it also has some drawbacks. You need to learn about this so you can decide if you want to use this or opt for other packaging solutions.

It Can be Expensive

If you’re looking for something cost-effective, this might not be an ideal option for you. Custom packaging can be expensive. Obviously, you don’t want your pattern to be generic. That won’t make your product stand out.

So if you want to use this design option, make sure you’re ready to spend for it. Of course, there are ways to make it cheaper. Like you can order a large volume. Or you can be creative with the material that you’ll use.

Do the math and get your budget ready. If you’re sure that instant brand recognition is worth it, then go ahead and spend for this.

It Requires the Right Design

pattern packaging

Since this particular design technique is expensive, you have the additional burden to make sure that you get it right. You don’t want to waste money doing this.

Not only that, if you don’t think about the pattern that you’ll use, you might end up turning off your customers. Instead of impressing them, you’ll disrupt their thoughts and distract them from their thoughts of buying from you.

This is why you have to be careful when you’re using this.

You May Need to Change the Design Regularly

This disadvantage will only affect you if you follow trends. Obviously, once trends die down, you don’t want to be caught still using it.

Your customers will think that you don’t have the creativity to use another design.

Admittedly, some trends end up becoming popular for a long time. But if not, then you’ll be stuck with a design that you can no longer use.

This is another reason why using pattern packaging can be expensive. Not to mention coming up with a new design can be tedious.

How to Choose the Right Pattern for Your Packaging Solution

How do you make your custom packaging stand out? Make sure you choose the right pattern for it. Patterns are great for their versatility. That means you have a huge space to play with the design.

But despite that, there are a couple of things that you have to remember. You need to stay true to the visual style of your brand. Not only that, your design choice should be something that resonates with your target market.

If you’re not sure how to do that, here are 3 steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Identify the Visual Style That Your Customers Resonate with

This is a must in every design that you do.

Always stay true to the visual style of your brand. Don’t try to change it just because you’re trying to incorporate a trend into your branded packaging.

Sure, you can make a couple of changes. But don’t go overboard. If you change too much, the customer experience might change. It could make you feel different. Even if your branding and logo are there, your market might not recognize you.

If you don’t know what your visual style is, just look at other companies that you can relate to. What are the fonts that they use? What detail can you use to reference your own brand? Think about the color, the pattern, and the message.

Feel free to pick one detail from every company you can relate to and create your unique style from the different elements.

Don’t forget to consider your customers as well. They should be able to recognize you. Something about your style should appeal to them so they’ll choose you over the rest.

Step 2: Choose Patterns That Reflect Your Visual Style

Once you’ve identified what your brand’s visual style is, it’s time to choose the specific patterns to put on your cardboard boxes or whatever custom packaging you’ve chosen.

The purpose of the packaging will play a role in your choice. If this is a generic product packaging that you’ll use for a long time, then make sure that your design looks timeless.

But if the packaging is meant for an event like the holiday season, it’s okay to make your custom packaging more representative of that season.

While you’re doing this, you should also consider the materials that you’ll use for your packaging. Remember, you have to print the design on the packaging. Are you using a double-walled box? Or maybe corrugated boxes? Make sure the print will look good on it.

pattern packaging

Step 3: Customize the Design that Fits Your Brand Image

Once you have the pattern that you want to use for your custom packaging, make sure it perfectly fits the image that you want for your brand.

Make subtle changes that will ensure the pattern is unique to your own brand. You can incorporate your logo there. Or you can put some text to break the repetitive design.

If you’re copying the design from someone else, changing a couple of things is a must. You don’t want to have an issue with plagiarism. There should be enough alterations so your customers won’t confuse your package design with someone else.

Choose the right colors, materials, text, and other elements that’ll highlight your branding very well.

What are the Common Pattern Packaging Designs?

Now that you know how to choose the right design for the pattern of your custom packaging, let’s look at some inspirations you can use.

Color Splashes

While color blocking is a great design, you can just use splashes of color for your product package. You can make it as subtle or as bright as you want.

Or, you can use your brand colors. That way, you can use the packaging for a long time.

Nature-Inspired Patterns

Use leaves, flowers, or even animals. This is a great way to promote eco-friendly advocacies that you may have. If this fits your product and brand image, this is a great option for your pattern packaging.

It can also complement environment-friendly materials that you decide to use like kraft paper or cardboard boxes.

Geometric Shapes

This is a staple when it comes to design options. Feel free to use the colors that’ll represent your brand the best. The multiple shapes and colors can help tell the story of your product, business, and brand.

Have fun choosing the elements that you’ll use. The beauty of using patterns is you can be as creative or subtle about it.

Do You Need Help with Your Pattern Packaging Solution? Packoi Printing Can Help

The use of repetitive designs and creative patterns can give your packaging a great look. It can make your eager customers feel really excited about the unboxing experience.

Make sure you use this opportunity to give your customers a better understanding of who you are as a brand. There are many options for you to make this happen.

If you want to know more about this, Packoi Printing can assist you. We’ve been in the industry of creating the best packaging for various businesses.

Let us help you. Give us your design suggestions, and we’ll provide you with a reasonable estimate as soon as we can.

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