What Is a Tri-Fold Brochure? A Completed Guide

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Whether in sales, marketing, medicine, or education, your business needs an ideally sized tri-fold brochure. Here’s everything you need to know about. 

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There are few offline marketing collaterals as effective as a brochure for reaching a broad audience and getting your message across. 

According to Top Media Advertising, when a business combines digital and print ads, the online campaigns yield 400% more effective results than individual marketing methods.

No matter what business you are, a tri-fold brochure gives you a lot of room to present your company and its offerings to potential customers.

Learn more about tri-fold brochures—what they are, how many types there are, their benefits, and how to create one that will wow your audience—everything in this in-depth blog post!

What Is a Tri-Fold Brochure?

The simplicity and convenience of tri-fold brochures make them the most popular option in the marketing world. Tri-fold brochures use two folds in paper or cardstock, resulting in three sections that may contain graphics and information. Brochures work best when you spread the information widely about a business, event, or product because they fold neatly into themselves.

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Attractive images or headline language usually adorn the front panel, drawing the eye. At the same time, more specific information like features, benefits, price, or contact data can be found on the inside panels.

A lightweight and compact tri-fold brochure design is ideal for handing out to prospective clients at conventions, trade exhibitions, and other events. In contrast to digital marketing materials, brochures are perishable and can be carried around easily, ensuring that more people see your brand over time.

Furthermore, a successful tri-fold brochure has an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and functional layout, allowing for the concise and straightforward presentation of crucial business information. Professional and engaging designs highlighting products and services are possible when companies use high-quality photos and graphics.

Overall, a well-made trifold brochure may do wonders for a company’s reputation, brand recognition, and sales.

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6 Types of Tri-fold Brochure Layout

Printed marketing materials that are tri-folded into three equal sections come in different kinds of designs, such as:

1. Z-Fold Layout

Z-Fold Layout

The trifold brochure’s panels open to reveal its information in this layout, which features a “Z”-shaped fold. The first panel acts as the cover, while the subsequent panels disclose the content inside. Brochure layouts like these are great for narrative or presenting information sequentially, and they also work well for building suspense as the reader unfolds the document.

2. Single Panel Layout

With this design, the tri-fold brochure’s panels serve as individual displays, with no content repeated across different sections. This style works well if you want to highlight various products or services or give different types of information in each panel.

3. Gate Fold Layout

In the gatefold type, the content space is located on the interior panels of this tri-fold brochure, which has two outside panels folded inward like a gate. This design displays big graphics or images well and dramatically presents the material as the trifold brochure opens.

4. Accordion Fold Layout

This trifold brochure has an accordion-style layout, meaning its panels fold over one another. As the brochure is unfolded, the material becomes easily visible, allowing for a continuous flow of information. It’s a fantastic choice to show data sequentially or step-by-step.

5. C-Fold Layout

C-Fold Layout

The three-panel design of this tri-fold brochure creates a “C” form, with the top two panels acting as covers and the central panel unfolding to expose the contents within. Because it draws attention to the main point in the center panel, this layout is ideal for brochures with a powerful central message or only one call to action.

6. Double Parallel Fold-Layout

The trifold brochure is folded twice in a parallel fashion to create numerous smaller panels in this pattern. Each panel is a distinct segment in this style, allowing for a condensed and structured content presentation. Brochures containing copious amounts of information, like menus or product catalogs, frequently use this format.

Standard Tri-Fold Brochure Size

There is a wide range of sizes available for tri-fold brochures, but the following table shows the most typical ones used in the business world:

FeatureLetter SizeLegal SizeTabloid SizeA4 Size
Size8.5 x 11 inches8.5 x 14 inches11 x 17 inches11.6 x 8.2inches
Best Business TypeAny business type with detailed information on a standard brochure typeFinancial or Legal service providersBusinesses wishing to use their marketing materials to make a strong impression.Businesses that provide catalogs or present long working histories or achievements.
PurposeProvides in-depth information about product or serviceIncludes in-depth information about product or serviceCommon as half-fold standard brochure type or menusOffers extensive information by giving extra space

What Are the Benefits of Tri-Fold Brochures?

Brochures may appear like a foolish expenditure for fresh businesses or local enterprises. Usually, they cost more than printed promotional materials like flyers or postcards. But when we talk about trifold brochures, in particular, they offer many advantages when used as a marketing tool for businesses, such as:

1. An Iconic and Renowned Marketing Option

Many people will be familiar with the function of a trifold brochure because it is a frequent folding design. In this manner, people won’t misunderstand your brochure and open it in a way you want them to. That way, they won’t see your material out of sequence. 

2. Extremely Handy

Having a tri-fold brochure makes them incredibly practical and adaptable. They are not only very inexpensive, but they also fold up into a tiny, compact shape that is usually small enough to fit into pockets or standard-sized legal envelopes. However, once uncovered, every bit of data within becomes readily apparent. You may efficiently distribute and showcase tri-fold brochures in brochure racks. 

3. Easy to Fold Up

Tri-Fold Brochures

 Folded neatly into three sections, a tri-fold brochure provides ample information space, making it easy for buyers to take and retain. Your customers can easily carry these brochures.

4. Ideal for Captivating Content

Trifolds sequentially present all of their information when opened. Your design will seem more coherent and well-organized when the audience sees each part unveiled. The material and images can also stand out since the reader will see all three panels simultaneously.

5. Clear and Concise

You can present the information about your business in a logical arrangement in the tri-fold booklet. To make the information more accessible to swallow, each panel is designed to highlight a specific component of your message or product.

6. Multipurpose

There are several purposes that tri-fold brochures can serve. Advertise your business, give in-depth product descriptions, promote new products, make event programs with their help, and the list goes on.

7. Effective and Inexpensive

As a person or company owner, you likely want to maximize your advertising dollars. An inexpensive method of advertising your business, goods, or services is via tri-fold brochures.

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Factors to Choose the Right Tri-Fold Brochure Size

Before you begin designing your trifold brochure, think about the following to make sure it makes an impression:

1. Clearly Define Your Brand

You need to know your brand inside and out if you want your brochure to do its job. If you want your brochures to convey the purpose and values of your business, you need to be precise. Company logo, slogan, color palette, typeface, graphic style, etc., are all parts of your branding that serve as your signature. 

Your overarching plan will change as you move through different situations. However, you can keep your brand consistent across all platforms by utilizing your distinctive brand characteristics in your branding materials, such as trifold layouts.

2. Keep Your Target Customers in Mind

Get to know the desires and requirements of your intended audience. You can better design the right content and use visual components that resonate with your target audience if you understand who you’re writing for. Brochure design elements like the color scheme, typography, photos, etc., allow you to convey your knowledge of your target audience.

Because they aim for very different demographics, the brochure design for medical companies and schools can never be the same.

Tri-Fold Brochure Size

3. Discover Your End Goals

Before you decide on a size for your brochure design, think about its function. Reducing the size of your brochure could make it more suitable for use as a portable takeaway. If, however, you plan on displaying your brochure on a tabletop or wall, a larger size would work better.

4. Decide the Layout and Content

Think about what you want your brochure to say before you start to highlight key information. Visual components such as text, photos, and graphics may be included. Keep your writing to a minimum of meaningful words. Stay focused on the most essential points you want to make, and don’t make your brochure excessively wordy.

Also, give serious thought to the brochure’s layout. The standard layout of a tri-fold brochure consists of six panels: 

  • Cover
  • Back cover
  • Four inside panels

Make a strategy for arranging your material across these panels so the information flows logically. Make your material easier to read and comprehend by using headers, subheadings, and bullet points. 

5. Think About Your Printing and Design Choices

When deciding on a size, it’s important to remember the brochure’s style and layout. A larger brochure might be required to fit all your photographs and graphics. Having a smaller brochure could work better if your design is minimalistic. 

Brochure size is also affected by your printing options. Not all printing firms offer all sizes, and those that do may charge extra for special requests. When choosing the brochure size, consider your budget and your printing options.

6. Consider Your Budget

tri-fold brochure

Before deciding on a tri-fold brochure size, it is crucial to examine the budget. If you’re on a tight budget, printing a larger brochure might not be worth it. A larger brochure may be more expensive, but it could be well worth it if your budget permits it. 

Additionally, you can utilize our pre-designed brochure templates for little to no cost.

7. Analyze Strategy for Distribution

While deciding on a tri-fold brochure size, it is crucial to think about how you will distribute your brochure. A more compact size might be more reasonable and economical if you intend to mail your brochures. Printing your pamphlets on larger paper could make them stand out more when distributed face-to-face.

8. Remember Communication and Branding

When deciding on a brochure size, keeping your logo and messaging in mind is essential. You want your brochure to be an accurate representation of your brand and an efficient means of reaching your intended audience. Ensure your brochure’s language, images, and tone are consistent with your company’s image and your brand goal.

How to Design and Layout a Tri-Fold Brochure

Now that you understand the information we covered earlier, we can create the trifold brochure by following the below steps:

Layout a Tri-Fold Brochure

  • Sign up for any online platform (Canva, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, etc.) that offers brochure-designing services.

  • After logging into the platform, find “Tri-Fold Brochure” templates using the search box.
  • Choose a brochure template that complements your design and serves your needs.

  • You can begin customizing the brochure with your content after you’ve chosen a template. All the text, images, and other visuals and data you desire to incorporate are part of this step.

  • Make your brochure stand out from the crowd by personalizing its design. You can do this by customizing its layout, color palette, and font and adding graphics like stickers or icons.

  • When your design is completed and you are satisfied with the result, hit the “Save” button. 

  • After saving the design, you can download it in several forms, including PDF, JPG, or PNG. When printing your brochure, invest in premium paper and ink for a polished look.

  • You can easily print off your brochure after downloading it and hand it out to everyone who needs it. 

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Brochures provide a physical touch lacking in digital advertising and posts we see on social media. It is something that clients value. Brochures give potential customers a tactile experience that helps them relate to your brand.

Marketing your business using a tri-fold brochure is a great idea. You can make a professional brochure that attracts your target audience by following the steps and advice in this blog.

To enjoy the ample benefits of this marketing tool, like effectiveness, easy distribution, concise information, etc., get expert guidance on designing and printing a robust tri-fold brochure!

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