What Are Swag Gift Boxes

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swag box is a gift box filled with branded items that can boost your business. It can be products you sell, or it can be ordinary items with your brand printed on it.

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The important thing is that the content of your branded swag boxes should be useful to the recipients and reflective of what your brand represents.

In this article, you’ll learn more about swag gift boxes and how you can put one together to help promote your business and strengthen relationships.

Why Do You Need Swag Boxes?

Having a swag pack may seem redundant to some business owners. After all, if you want to promote your product or brand, you can simply send the recipient samples of what you sell. Why do you need to create your own swag box with other items that you’re not selling?

There are three important reasons why you need to create these branded gift boxes.

swag gift box

1. Strengthen Relationships

A swag box is a way to strengthen relationships. It could be for business partners, suppliers, contractors, employees, and customers—any of them will have a better perception of your brand if you give them gifts.

Custom swag boxes show that you care enough to give someone free stuff. It shows how much you value them.

This creates a positive feeling that can easily turn into loyalty. That’ll surely come back and benefit your transactions with the recipients.

2. Promote the Brand

Giving away branded swag boxes means you’re creating opportunities to promote your business. Every time the recipient uses the branded products in the gift box, that’s free advertising. People who encounter the recipient will see the brand or company logo printed on the items.

swag gift boxes with brand

That’s an effective way of creating awareness about your brand, products, and sometimes even your advocacies.

If people like the product used by the recipient, they’ll naturally inquire about the logo printed on it. That’s one way of attracting new customers.

3. Give as Rewards

Your custom swag box can also be used as a reward. Of course, this will depend on the recipient and what’s inside the swag kits.

You want to ensure that the contents will be something that the recipient aspires to have. Maybe it could be tech gadgets that they can’t afford to buy. Or it could be items that they can use every day.

Make sure that if you intend to use swag gift boxes as a form of reward, you choose content that people would want to have.

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4 Main Types of Custom Swag Boxes

Before creating your custom swag boxes, it’s important to identify what type you’d like to give away. Each type is for a different purpose, and that dictates the design and contents that the gift box should have.

Here are four different types that you can choose from.

1. For Marketing

Marketing Tips - Swag Boxes

A company swag box is a powerful marketing tool that a lot of businesses take for granted. You have to remember that buying decisions are mostly influenced by emotions. Before a potential customer decides to buy from you, they need to feel good about your business.

Giving them a gift box filled with promotional products is an effective way to make them look at the brand in a positive light.

You can also give it to online influencers so they can post a video about it. There are many ways to use these gift boxes to spread the word about your business.

2. For Events

Branded swag boxes can also be used for corporate events or product launches. Any event that your business organizes or sponsors will require swag packs.

It serves as a “thank you” gift for joining and participating in your event. Since the contents and box are branded, it also benefits your business from a marketing perspective.

Even if you have a face-to-face or online event, these gift boxes can connect you to the participants of the event.

swag boxes for events

3. For Customers

Your custom swag box can also be created for your loyal customers. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can even create a version for new ones.

The swag kits for your loyal customers are your way of showing your appreciation. It’s your thanks for their loyalty and repeat purchases.

For the new ones, it can be your way of impressing them. Use it to increase brand visibility.

4. For Employees

Finally, use branded gift boxes as employee gifts. As a form of employee appreciation, let them know that you appreciate what they do for the company.

Choose items that you know they’ll like. Or make it generic and fill it with items that they can use in the workplace.

This can also be used as an incentive to motivate your employees to meet their targets and KPIs. Or you can use it to celebrate company achievements or milestones.

7 Steps to Create a Custom Swag Box

If you’ve created product packaging in the past, the process of creating a swag box isn’t that complicated. Sure, the contents and purpose are different. But since you’re using a box or type of packaging, the process is practically the same.

Here are the 7 steps that you should follow to create your branded swag kit:

Custom Swag Box

1. Identify the Type of Swag Box You Need

There are 4 types of custom swag boxes. Choose which one applies to your purpose.

Do you need the swag packs to market your business or promotional products? Or will it be used for an event?

Will this be given as a gift set for customers or employees?

The answer to these questions will guide you as you go through the next steps of creating the swag gift boxes.

2. Determine How Many Swag Boxes Are Needed

After you figure out what the custom swag box is for, you can figure out how many you’ll need.

If it’s for your employees, you just have to count how many will be receiving it. If it’s for an event, have an estimate of the guests that you’re expecting to arrive. The same is true if you’re planning to give it to customers. You can create a few extra swag kits if you want.

Even if it’s a generic or labeled swag box, your employees would appreciate being given the extras.

3. Calculate Your Budget

This is an important consideration when counting how many swag boxes you’ll create. The more you want to make, the more expensive it’ll be.

This is why you have to balance it with the design of your company swag box. If you don’t have a huge budget, you might be forced to keep your design simple. Your budget will also dictate how many promotional products you can add to the box.

4. List the Contents of the Box

the contents of the box

Once you have your budget, you’ll know what branded products can be included in your custom swag boxes.

The bigger the budget, the more expensive the selections are. Your options could either be branded swag items that the recipient will find useful or branded products that you sell. Make sure that the items are also aligned with your brand’s image.

While you’re choosing the items to be included in your swag pack, don’t forget to consider the recipient. Remember, to make this effective, the recipient should like the contents. Otherwise, your gift or giveaway will just be put aside and forgotten.

5. Choose the Type of Material for the Box

Depending on the contents of the swag box, it’s time for you to choose the material. Gift boxes come in different forms.

There’s cardboard, plastic, metal, etc. If you want to be sustainable, you don’t have to limit yourself to paper-based products or rigid boxes. If you use non-toxic plastic or metal and make it reusable, that can be a great fit for your swag needs.

Branded swag boxes

Of course, you also have to consider your brand’s image. If you want to promote luxury with your brand, use rigid cardboard boxes. If you want it to be simple, use kraft boxes. It’s versatile and cost-efficient, so it’s a win-win for you.

6. Put Together the Design

The next step is to think of your swag box theme. Branded swag boxes will have your company logo and your brand colors.

But you should also think about a design that fits the purpose of your custom swag boxes. If it’s for a product launch or a corporate event, it should reflect that.

The bottom line is that the design should remind the recipient who gave it to them.

7. Find the Right Packaging Supplier

Now that you have a design in mind for your custom swag box, it’s time to look for a packaging supplier that can turn your design into reality.

The right supplier can give you the perfect swag materials that are not only high in quality but will also save you money.

Check the credentials of the supplier and see what they’ve done in the past. Look for certifications as well to ensure that the supplier is reputable and trustworthy.

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6 Branded Swag Box Examples to Inspire You

If you need inspiration to create the best swag boxes, you can find a lot of examples online. You can even check out your competitors and see what they offer—just so you can do a better one.

Here are custom swag boxes that you can put together.

1. Generic Swag Box

Before going to specific themes, why not create a branded swag box that you can use anytime? Having generic swag kits will give you ready-made gift boxes that you can give away when there’s a need.

For instance, you can put together a branded swag box with promotional items that anyone can use like notebooks, pens, mugs, etc.

Since these aren’t perishables, you can use them as gift boxes regardless of the occasion.

2. New-Hire Swag Box

new-hire swag box

Prepare custom swag boxes for new employees. Make them feel welcome by giving them gift boxes with a “starter kit” for their new life working in your business.

This can include items like a hoodie or t-shirt with your brand name or company logo. Add notebooks, pens, and a coffee or stainless steel tea cup. If you have the budget for it, put in tech gadgets that new hires will need to do their job.

This is also applicable if you have remote employees. Send them a box so they’ll feel welcome, even if they’re far away. This shows that the company attaches importance to employee appreciation.

3. Brand Ambassador Swag Box

This custom swag box contains a collection of branded items that’ll turn recipients into “brand ambassadors.” You can give this to online influencers or even your employees.

Let the swag kit contain branded t-shirts, pens, journals, tote bags, water bottles, and even a hoodie for when they’re cold.

Every time they use these items, it’ll give your brand free advertising.

4. Self-Care Swag Box

These swag boxes will come in handy if you want the recipient to feel that you care about their well-being. This is a swag kit that applies to anyone. It could be your major clients, business partners, suppliers, employees, etc.

self-care swag box

If you know someone who is sick and recovering, send boxes filled with mindfulness tools, socks, lotion, a fluffy blanket, etc. Put your brand on the box so they’ll know who’s wishing that they’ll get better.

5. Corporate Event or Product Launch Swag Box

Prepare a company swag box that you can use as corporate gifts during events. This can also be done for virtual events.

Organize simultaneous virtual events and send a swag kit to relevant online influencers. Let them promote your brand through the unboxing of custom swag boxes. Make sure your brand is upfront and highlighted so it’s recognizable whether the event is online or offline.

6. Advocacy Swag Box

Your custom swag box can also promote your advocacy. If you want to build an eco-friendly reputation for your brand, make the perfect swag box with items that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. These items include reusable water bottles, bamboo items, and tote bags made of recyclable materials.

Make sure your company’s logo is there so it gives additional marketing mileage for your business.

It’s Time to Put Your Swag Gift Boxes Together. Packoi Printing Can Give You Design Ideas for Inspiration.

If you want to put the perfect branded swag box together, get the help of a professional. The right packaging supplier should be able to provide you with several options that can bring your vision to life.

Packoi Printing has a wealth of experience and expertise in creating custom swag boxes, specifically paper-based boxes.

We are FSC-certified so you can trust that our boxes come from responsibly managed forests.

If you want to know more about the swag boxes that our design team can do for you, give us a call. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote as soon as possible.

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