What Makes Kraft Boxes Special & Where to Find Yours

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Kraft boxes are among the most popular types of boxes in the packaging industry. The majority of people think them to be unsightly and unappealing due to their dark color. However, when implemented correctly, kraft boxes can enhance one's firm stand and give positive results.

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Examples of Custom Kraft Boxes

While they are made with brown paper, they are not to be equated with cardboard boxes. The main difference with cardboard boxes is that kraft boxes come with style, elegance, and customization. You can easily make custom-printed kraft boxes to align with your firm’s values and goals.

In this article, we will outline some of the core factors that make kraft boxes stand out in the packaging industry. Many businesses prefer using kraft packaging as a solution for their branding and packaging needs.

The high level of customization and usability makes kraft paper boxes ideal for different types of uses. They can be applied for diverse uses and still produce perfect packages.

Here are some of the ins and outs of kraft paper boxes and how they can be used in your business.

What are Kraft Boxes and What Makes Them Different

Paper is manufactured from trees, namely from the wood fiber known as the pulp, as we are all aware. The wood fiber from the pulp is combined in a chemical process to produce cellulose and lignin. Lignin is an important compound that perfectly holds the fibers together and enables them to have the brown paper outlook.

The normal paper has natural brown color and not white. Making white paper requires bleaching the brown paper.

So, what is a kraft paper box, and what gives it unique qualities when compared to other custom boxes? Kraft paper is made from unbleached pulp, which implies that it is produced from the natural look paper form. This implies that it is free from chlorine and is eco-friendly.

The kraft boxes are environmentally friendly because they involve minimal chemical processes. Therefore, when your company resolves to use kraft packaging, it will definitely have a minimal negative environmental impact, which will enhance the sustainability trends of the company.

Product packaging boxes are an important element in ensuring that your firm stands out and delivers quality work. There are many avenues through which you can use recycled kraft paper to make packaging boxes for your business. This is another approach that can make your company eco-friendly.

In the subsequent section, we will dive into detail and discuss what are the benefits of using kraft boxes instead of other types of product packaging.

Recycled Materials For Making Kraft Paper Boxes

The Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes for Shipping and Packaging

There are many benefits your firm gets from using kraft boxes. Here are some of the most outstanding advantages of using custom kraft boxes as packaging solutions for your company. If you are looking for perfect packaging boxes for your establishment, then you should consider kraft boxes because of the following benefits.

Kraft Boxes are Environmentally Friendly and Can Be Recycled

One of the outstanding benefits of kraft boxes is that they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. When appropriately used, kraft boxes can make your company sustainable and minimize environmental impact. Recycled kraft paper boxes can also be used for packaging and shipping products.

As a firm, you can offer customers gifts for returning packages after their product is delivered. This incentive will ensure that you reduce the cost of making new packaging boxes and reduces the carbon footprint for your company. So, if you need an eco-friendly way of conducting your company, then consider using kraft boxes. It is one of the most outstanding packaging box designs any company can use.

Kraft Boxes are 100% Recyclable

They are Strong and Durable, Making Them Perfect for Shipping Fragile Items

The second outstanding benefit is that kraft boxes are strong and durable, which makes them ideal and perfect for dispatching fragile products. If you are dealing with items like jewelry, watches, glass, and electronics, you can use kraft packaging as your solution. These packaging boxes ensure that every item dispatched to customers is delivered safely and as needed. Moreover, custom-printed kraft boxes are usually designed to perfectly meet your company’s needs.

Thick, Strong, and Durable Kraft Paper Custom Box

Having kraft boxes as your packaging solution is the best decision you can make as a firm. It makes you stand out as a brand as well as communicate important messages passively. When customers see that you use kraft paper boxes, they will consider your brand as environmentally friendly and one that is reliable. Due to their durability and strength, kraft boxes are usually used as gift boxes because they guarantee optimal protection for any fragile item. You can use gift wrappers to cover the box or include labels that can indicate important messages about the gift.

A Customized Kraft Paper Packaging For Beard Oil Company

Kraft Boxes Can be Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

Boxes designed using kraft paper can also be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need gift boxes or custom kraft boxes for your products, this is the best solution you can have. as noted earlier, they are stronger and more durable, which implies that you can customize them for a variety of uses.

As gift boxes, they are ideal for Christmas gifts, valentines, anniversaries, and other types of important occasions. Kraft packaging is a one-stop solution for any type of firm. Whether you are an e-commerce business or an online store, these packaging box designs will offer you a custom fit for your products or brand. You can always have kraft paper designs as your best solution in making packages.

A Simple Label Kraft Paper Box

They are Affordable and Easy to Find

Kraft paper also produces boxes that are affordable and easy to find. As we had noted earlier, the process of making kraft paper is simple and requires minimal resources. This implies that using kraft paper as your ideal packaging material guarantees fewer costs for your company.

Additionally, kraft packaging is also easy to find, unlike other types of paper. Having kraft packaging for your brand needs guarantees a minimal budget and optimal results on your part.

So, for any firm looking for cost-effective and easy-to-find packaging materials, the go-to solution is kraft packaging materials. It can be used for food packaging, designing pillow boxes, making gable boxes, and other types of packages.

A Soap Box Made From Kraft Paper

They Provide Excellent Protection for Your Products During Transit

If you ship products for longer distances, using kraft packaging can guarantee the safety of your products. Due to the sturdiness and strength of the material, you can always be confident that your packages will arrive as desired.

Moreover, customers will fall in love with your brand because each package will be delivered as seen during the purchase. Receiving damaged products is one of the ways that customers become disloyal to brands.

Kraft Boxes For Shipping Products

So, ensuring that every shipped package is safe is vital for retaining customers. Shipping companies prefer using kraft material in designing boxes because it is eco-friendly and guarantees optimal protection for products during transit. With kraft material, you can make custom boxes that are long-lasting and stronger compared to other types of non-recyclable packaging material. This will attract customers and guarantee optimal outcomes for the company.


There are many types of custom kraft boxes that are used by most successful industries across the world. Some of the industries that use custom kraft boxes include apparel products companies, gift companies, jewelry companies, skin care product brands, and other companies. Depending on the market or industry, it is always important to customize the printing design for the packaging or box.

Always, ensure that you put your customers in mind when making custom packages from kraft paper. Use the material to specifically communicate your brand goals, values, and mission. When adding personalization, consider aspects like how many different looks you need to have, and what additional information you might need.

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