How to Pack and Ship Jewelry: Best Boxes Design

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Let’s talk about the information you should possess about packing and shipping jewelry with the best box design.

The best jewelry packaging materials, essential tips on how to prepare your jewelry box, the safest methods of sending your treasures, and even the colors that make your jewelry boxes and jewelry packaging stand out will all be covered.

Choose the Right Package for Shipping Jewelry

Why don’t we start by choosing the proper package design for the boxes? Let’s begin:

1. Size Up the Situation: Choosing the Right Boxes

package for jewelry

First things first, you’ve got to get the right-sized box. Your jewelry box should be big enough to hold your pieces comfortably with no extra wiggle room. You don’t want your jewelry bouncing around during its trip; that’s a recipe for scratches and bumps.

If you send necklaces, earrings, or bracelets with intricate designs, individual protective boxes or a larger box is a great idea to keep them from tangling.

2. Material Matters: Go for Strength 

Now, about that box material. Although cardboard is the most popular material, plastic and metal are also used to make jewelry boxes. It is economical, adaptable, and environmentally beneficial. But not every cardboard box is created equal.

Choose stiff cardboard, which is more durable, for your valuable cargo. Because it is more robust and thicker, it is more protective, and your delicate jewelry is more safe.

For even more robustness, choose corrugated cardboard or, if you can, plastic one.

Prioritize strength and longevity when selecting the material for packaging your most delicate jewelry boxes. Although other possibilities exist, materials such as plastic wrap and metal, FSC-certified cardboard box is still the most common option; don’t forget to bubble wrap for security.

It strikes a compromise between cost, adaptability, and environmental friendliness. But not every cardboard box provides the same level of security. Choose rigid cardboard for valuable objects. Your packages are further protected by their thickness and durability. If possible, think about using corrugated cardboard for even more resilience to ensure your priceless jewelry can endure the strain of transit.

3. Soft Embrace: Add Some Cushioning 

foam inserts

You must cushion your jewelry adequately if you want to keep it secure. Foam inserts, plush velvet or satin lining, or specific shapes of jewelry inserts made to cradle your jewels gently are all options. Foam inserts are great because they protect your jewelry from shocks and vibrations. They can also be altered to grip your jewelry so it won’t move tightly.

With the right cushioning, you can ensure your jewelry is protected. 

Options include foam inserts, plush velvet or satin linings, and specialty jewelry inserts made to cradle your jewels. 

Particularly, foam inserts are excellent at shielding your jewelry from shocks and vibrations. They can also be customized to snugly fit your pieces, avoiding any movement while in shipment. Your jewelry is protected in a safe cocoon by an additional cushioning layer, ensuring it will arrive in perfect condition.

4. Seal the Deal: Tape and Labels

Once your jewelry is cozy in its box or bag, seal it up with some strong packing tape. Make sure you’ve taped all the seams securely to protect the packaging tape and prevent any accidental openings of the jewelry pouch.

This helps postal workers handle your package with care and ensures it reaches its destination without a hitch.

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3 Steps to Prepare for Ship Your Jewelry

Now that you have the necessary supplies, let’s go over an example of how to pack and ship jewelry.

1. Prepare your Jewelry

Give each jewelry piece a cursory inspection before putting it in the box. Make sure everything is pristine and free of dust and spots. The solution is a light cleaning with a soft, lint-free cloth. Place each piece in its own pouch or little plastic bag to go the extra mile. This keeps your jewelry gleaming and avoids any unintentional entanglements.

2. Add Some Padding

Pick the appropriate inner cushioning for your jewelry based on size and form. Padded inserts or velvet-lined sections are excellent for holding small accessories like rings and earring packaging. Choose foam inserts to help keep more significant jewelry pieces together, such as necklaces or bracelets, in place.

3. Place Your Pieces With Care

shipping jewelry

Now, gently put your jewelry inside the box. Make sure it’s snuggled safely within the cushioning. 

If you’re packaging and shipping jewelry in multiple pieces in one bag or box, make sure to keep them apart so they won’t scrape against one another and cause damage.

Labeling and Packaging Insert

After preparing your jewelry boxes, close the lid of your jewelry box gently; don’t force it shut. If it doesn’t close smoothly, double-check your jewelry’s placement and adjust the cushioning if needed. Once it’s secure, seal it up with that trusty packing tape. Check the edges with your fingers to ensure they are sturdy and appealing.

Make sure to include the shipping information and mark your package jewelry product as “Fragile.” Consider purchasing insurance if your jewelry is very expensive and you want to create additional peace of mind. When you get there, ensure that the transportation firm treats your shipment with the utmost care.

Before delivering your meticulously packaged jewelry, it is essential to mark the package properly. 

It should be prominently labeled as “Fragile” to alert handlers to use extra caution. 

Ensure the box is labeled with all necessary shipment details, including addresses, tracking numbers, and data. If you want an extra layer of security for exceptionally valuable objects, think about getting insurance. Lastly, entrust a reputable shipping service with your package while emphasizing the importance of careful handling to ensure your jewelry arrives at its destination intact.

Custom Brand Shipping Box for Jewelry Ideas

Let’s now discuss how to make the minimalist packaging design for your jewelry appear stunning. Your jewelry packaging design might truly stand out, depending on the color you choose.

1. Stay On-Brand

If you are a brand, check that the color of your packaging design complements it. People can recognize your items and gain their trust when you are consistent. Use your company’s or brand’s aesthetic colors or emblem on the box to ensure consistency. You can also include gift bags in the packages.

Packoi can be your customers’ perfect business partner in that matter, as they offer to create customized boxes and bags according to your customers’ needs.

2. Style and Grace

Choose traditional hues like black, deep burgundy, navy, or metallic tones like gold or silver for expensive and opulent jewelry. Your jewelry will feel even more special thanks to the air of sophistication and aristocracy that these colors produce.

3. Flexibility in Using Neutrals

jewelry box with white

All people find neutral colors like white, cream, and light gray versatile and aesthetically pleasing. They are perfect for various jewelry styles and fit a variety of occasions, from Valentine’s Day gift packaging to anniversaries. They also give your jewelry packaging design and gift bags a sophisticated, vintage look.

4. Utilize Seasonal Themes

Why not alter the colors of your packaging to coincide with the passing of the seasons or significant events if you’re feeling festive? Bright red and green for the holidays or a soft pastel outer box for spring could give a whimsical touch.

5. Include a Personal Character

This is your time to showcase your talent if you make bespoke or handcrafted jewelry. Choose colors for your custom packaging and logo that both express your unique taste and the brand or jewelry shop’s style.

  • Keep your brand consistent for credibility.
  • Black, burgundy, or metallic tones are opulent hues that lend refinement.
  • White and cream are beautiful and neutral hues that go with anything.
  • Think about seasonal packaging themes.
  • Use customized colors to showcase your individual flair.
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The Safest Way to Ship Jewelry

Now that your jewelry is snug and safe, let’s talk about the safest methods of transporting it:

1. Reliable Shipping Companies

Choosing a trustworthy shipping company is essential. 

Consider well-known and reliable services, such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

They have a solid track record when dealing with customers with fragile and delicate things, like shipping jewelry. Additionally, they provide customers with a range of services, such as a tracking number and insurance, which are quite helpful for delivering expensive jewelry.

2. Insure Your Shipment

Speaking of insurance, consider it when sending high-value jewelry. Most shipping carriers offer insurance based on the declared value of the items being shipped. Taking precautions to avoid theft, loss, or damage while in transit is wise.

3. Signature Confirmation for Extra Security

For that added layer of security, ask for signature confirmation upon delivery. This ensures that the product inside your package doesn’t just get left on the doorstep; it goes straight to the right hands.

4. Keep an Eye on It with Tracking

Make sure your shipping jewelry service offers package tracking. This lets your business, customers, you, and the recipient follow your gift or jewelry’s journey and get real-time updates on where it is and when it’ll arrive.

5. Time It Properly

Consider scheduling if your cargo is intended as gifts or for a special occasion. Pick a shipping method that guarantees a timely arrival. And don’t forget to consider any weekends or holidays that can disrupt delivery timing.

ship jewelry


You must pay close attention to the nuances when exhibiting and moving jewels. Choose trustworthy shipping services, carefully box your jewelry, use custom tape, and don’t forget to think about the colors. 

These suggestions and tips might help you make sure your jewelry arrives safely and in top condition, whether you’re sending a thoughtful present or operating a jewelry business.

Packoi: Your Ideal Partner for Custom Package Designs

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Contact us today for more fabulous jewelry packaging and gift-wrapping ideas and information. To create packaging that safeguards and highlights the beauty of your pieces, our team of experts will work alongside you. Whether it’s custom-printed jewelry boxes, cushioning, or labeling, we’ve got you covered.

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