How to Make Custom Jewelry Boxes Special?

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Using custom jewelry boxes when shipping or displaying jewelry is an important factor in your branding journey. First, custom jewelry boxes make your products stand out and are the basis of giving clients the ultimate customer experience. You must understand the needs and preferences of your customers when making jewelry boxes.

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As a business owner, you might be wondering how you can choose an effective design for custom jewelry boxes. First, you must know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of custom jewelry box designs. So, the one you choose should suit your clients, brand story, or the type of jewelry you are packaging. There are different factors that you should always have in mind when choosing a custom jewelry box design.

Below, we dive into detail on the different aspects you should put in mind when starting on your jewelry box designing journey. Read on.

Choose a Unique and Interesting Design for Your Jewelry Box

The first step in choosing custom jewelry boxes is selecting something that is unique and interesting. When you ship products, you want customers to have something they would love to keep. The jewelry boxes you choose are part of the overall design and branding of your company. So, you need to get things right from the start.

The package must assure the customer about the quality and value of your goods, but also protect the products from damage during shipping. You can also include some valuable information about cleaning tips, styling issues, and safety precautions.

Custom Jewelry Box Design

What Type of Jewelry do You Want to Store in Your Box?

When choosing custom jewelry boxes, always have in mind the type of jewelry you want to store or put inside the box. This is an important consideration that will ensure you get the right type of jewelry box. Some of the most popular types of jewelry boxes are designed for bracelets, rings, or necklaces.

Sometimes, you might need to create custom jewelry boxes that can package all these types of jewelry. Your custom printed jewelry boxes should also come with unique branding elements that align with your brand. If you get the right custom printing company, you can get unique designs for any type of jewelry for a special occasion.

With the right type of custom printed jewelry boxes, you will make a lasting impression on customers. So, if you want to design custom jewelry boxes that will stand out, consider the type of jewelry you would like to store in the box. Jewelry can include earrings and other types of accessories that accompany any type of jewelry.

What Style of Jewelry Box Do You Prefer?

Another consideration to make you custom jewelry packaging special is the style. Style relates to the materials needed in making the boxes. The materials can include sleek metal, traditional wood, colorful fabric, among other types of materials. Color can include rose gold designs on the packaging. Whatever choice you choose for your jewelry box, make sure that you have the right designer to give you that perfect look on your packages.

How Much Space Do You Have to Store the Box?

When designing a custom jewelry packaging, it is also important to consider the amount of space available in your store. You always want box sizes that are suiting the space available to store, whether it is a shelf or inside a drawer. Before you make a bulk order from a custom printing company, it is important to get samples of your custom jewelry packaging. This will give you an idea of the amount of space each jewelry box will occupy. So, you will the number of jewelry boxes to order at one time without compromising on space.

Custom Printed Jewelry Box Design

What Materials are Available and What Will be the Most Durable?

A jewelry box should be durable and longstanding. After you consider the above elements, try to figure around the type of materials that will be available. From the available materials, choose the most durable one for your jewelry box design. The goal is to have something that is long-lasting and benefits customers more. You do not want a jewelry packaging that is susceptible to wear or tear, or even breakage during shipping. You need something that is stable and guarantee safety of the content while on transit.

Which Design is the Most Unique and Interesting to You?

This is another important consideration in choosing special jewelry box design. Always have something that is interesting and unique. You can create designs that are intended to capture special occasions. The packaging can include custom messages like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, among other occasions. Always settle on a jewelry box design that captures you customers imagination and makes your standout.

Personalize It with Your Company Name or Brand

Another important aspect to make your jewelry box design amazing is customizing the boxes with your company brand or name. This will give the design a unique identity, and will act as a source of promoting your brand. Include your brand name or messaging in the box to make the packaging outstanding.

Use High-Quality Materials That Will Last for Years

A Classy Custom Jewelry Design

Always settle for long-lasting materials to make your boxes amazing. Even if someone purchases pendants or rings for birthday, ship in a packaging that will last for years. It will make the overall design outstanding and lasting. It is also the basis of ensuring that jewelry packages have a safe storage space for customers.

Find A Reliable and Experienced Designer to Create Your Jewelry Box

You cannoy get better custom jewelry packaging without engaging a reliable designer. So, you must order the packaging from an experienced designer who can help you throughout the process. The designer should have proven services, especially service in packaging making. As a business, you need something amazing and outstanding, which is why you have to get outstanding packaging for your brand.

Add Special Features Like a Mirror or Hidden Compartments

In the inside of the box, you can add special features like a mirror or hidden compartments. if the box is designed for multiple jewelry, it can have special features to enable customers use it as a storage space. Customize the boxes and give them a luxury look. Include a special message of good will, or something that customers can customize when ordering from you. You can also capture something like a special date inside the box.

Choose A Color Scheme That Matches Your Brand

The final consideration is to choose the right color for your packaging. As a business owner, you want to stand out from other brands. So you need to have the right color on your jewelry packaging design. For example, if someone purchases a jewelry as a birthday gift, you need to include special colors that align with their needs. Another important consideration is know the colors available from your printing company. Always choose a service that will give colors that spur inspiration for customers. Do not just settle for any color, ensure that your logo or brand colors are considered in the desire. Aim for value in all that you do, and communicate with your company to know what color options they are able to offer. The ribbon features on the box should also come in outstanding colors.


As we bring everything to a close, ensure that your brand is represented well in your packaging. So, always be keen on the materials, style, colors, and sign you include in the box. You have you give a perfect personality for you company. Do not compromise on quality or type of printing. Ensure that you have the right message and aim to serve customers with the best service you can offer. Remember, the packaging is the first thing that customers see when they receive your product, so be consistent in your designing an offer quality from the start.

At Packoi Printing, we are committed to offer outstanding custom jewelry boxes and packaging. Get in touch with us to get the best printing service trusted by thousands of brands across the world.

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