What are Promotional Gift Boxes and Why They’re A Crucial Tool In Business

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A promotional gift box is a tool you can use to fuel the growth of your business. These carefully thought-out packs seek to advocate your company so you can get more sales and stronger relationships.

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It’s the same as corporate gifts and swag boxes. So don’t mistake this for giving freebies. It’s more memorable and valuable than that. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about promotional gift boxes and why you must use them properly to help your business reach the next level.

3 Reasons to Give Promotional And Corporate Gift Boxes

 a pink gift box

Why should you spend money on giving corporate gifts? While it might seem like a more expensive giveaway, there is a return on investment here.

You’ll get incredible benefits if your brand becomes known for giving corporate gift boxes. It might not come immediately after, but the gift box will give you three incredible rewards.

To Foster Stronger Business Relationships

If you give a luxury gift box to your clients and business partners, how do you think they’ll feel?

They’ll feel your generosity. They’ll know that you recognize the worth of your connection with them. It’s proof that you’re not there to take from them. You’re there to build a strong relationship that benefits everyone involved.

This is true for both business partners and your customers, too. The long-term effect of this thoughtfulness will build a positive image for your brand.

To Show Appreciation

Another reason to give corporate gift boxes is to show appreciation to the people who help your business. It may be customers that purchase from you. Or business partners that provide support to your company. And even the employees that work hard in your office.

They all deserve to be given gifts. Treating them to a thoughtful gift box is a physical manifestation of how you appreciate doing business with them.

a red gift box

To Strengthen Loyalty

Brands will benefit from giving away promotional or corporate gift boxes because it’ll help build loyalty with their customers and clients.

This is especially true if you give branded swag boxes. People will associate positive feelings with your brand. That means they’ll feel good about your product whenever they encounter it.

It’s a great way to establish favorable brand recognition.

But this isn’t just for those who buy from you or partner with your business.

You can also give a gift box to your employees to give them a treat. Show them that you value them. That generosity will help your workers feel appreciated and strengthen their loyalty to you.

The Psychological Impact of a Corporate Gift Box

When you give gift boxes, it’s not just about providing the right gift. There’s a psychology behind it. Giving a gift box to customers, clients, or employees affects their perception of your company.

A fluctuating gift box with flowery decorations inside

It affects the quality of their thoughts when they encounter your brand logo. Most of the time, it’s a positive train of thought.

Let’s look at how your giving affects the three joint recipients of your gift boxes.

For Business Partners

The benefit of giving gift boxes to business clients is you get to show them your appreciation. It makes them more open to collaborating with you.

Even if you’ve only been partners in the past, giving a gift box will make you stay connected. They’ll feel more inclined to do it with you when the opportunity comes for another partnership.

For Customers

Everybody loves to get freebies. But if you give your customers a promotional gift box, you can get the same positive response as your business clients.

Your thoughtfulness will improve their customer experience because you’re making them feel valued. It makes you stand out among other brands.

The result? Higher sales.

This is especially true if you give gift boxes after a purchase. It’ll encourage any customer to remember you. It increases the chances of repeat purchases.

a pink gift box

This is how a gift box returns your investment – by increasing sales.

For Employees

Giving gift boxes isn’t just for the people you partner with or market to. You should also give them to the people who help in your business – your employees.

Gifting your workers swag boxes after a long day would help them feel that you appreciate their efforts. A gift box can make them loyal to you because they know their hard work will be rewarded. 

It also shows that you know how to take care of your team. They’ll feel motivated to give the best output.

Corporate Gift Ideas for 3 Types of Recipients

When you give a promotional gift box, it becomes even more special if you personalize it. That doesn’t mean you have to know what every individual wants to get precisely.

A gold box with a red bow

The perfect gift is filled with quality items that the recipient can use. If you know the recipients’ needs, give them quality gift boxes they’ll appreciate.

Gift Box Examples for Partners

What can you give partners clients? Swag boxes filled with office essentials can be really useful. These include a coffee mug, notebooks, tote bags, and pens with your company logo. These promotional items can serve as a marketing tool as well.

Another example is putting together a care package in your corporate gift boxes – like a mindfulness kit that’ll remind them to take care of their mental health. Or, if it fits the personality of your business partner, you can put tech items in the corporate gift box.

Gift Box Examples for Customers 

Creating a gift set that all your customers will appreciate is challenging. But if your purpose is to strengthen brand recognition, you can put promotional items that hopefully increase your sales.

If the gift boxes are given after purchase, make sure the items improve how the customers use the product they just bought.

If you want your gift box to create a statement, you can use eco-friendly packaging with sustainable items. This example will surely make your brand stand out.

A very nice and delicate box

Other gift box ideas you can give your loyal patrons include self-care kits, work essentials, or decorative elements for their homes.

Gift Box Examples for Employees

Putting together gift boxes for your employees is easier because you know them closely as a person. You can identify what desk accessories they would like to have. Or what kind of water bottle to get for them. Or even what snack box they’ll want to eat.

Apart from office supplies, you can also share a promotional gift box with your team. Let them try new products and items that you sell. Ask them to give their comments on both the items and the packaging so they can help you improve them.

That’s another excellent example of using gift boxes to help improve your sales.

5 Questions to Consider Before Sending Promotional Gift Boxes

When creating your promotional gift box, you want to ensure it’ll be the perfect gift for the recipient. You want your gift boxes to create a lasting impression.

An eco-friendly gift box

How can you do that? You need to ask yourself these five questions.

What is the Timeline?

The timing of your promotional gift box matters. Will it be in time for product launches? A special occasion? An event? Or maybe the first day of a holiday?

You have to plan the timing of your gift boxes so you can be sure that they’ll reach your customer in time. The impact won’t be the same if they get it later.

What Is Your Budget?

Gift boxes cost money. Sure, it’s an investment that’ll help you get benefits like sales and partnerships from clients and customers. But you still have to set a budget for this.

While you want to impress recipients with your company, you should still be financially wise about the cost of every corporate gift set.

When you set a budget, it’ll dictate what you can put in the gift box and the packaging it’ll use.

Remember, you still have to send this. Make sure your budget includes that as well.

All kinds of gift boxes

What Is the Packaging?

The next concern for your gift boxes is the packaging. What type of promotional gift box will you use?

You can have one that’s fit for the occasion you’re celebrating – like the holidays. Or you can have packaging that you can use all year round. Just put your brand or company logo there, so the customer or client will know who it’s from.

The design gift box process doesn’t have to be too complicated. But you have to ensure that it reflects the values of your company.

What Are the Contents?

If you want the recipient to appreciate your custom gift boxes, make the perfect choice regarding the contents.

This can be tough because your customers and clients may have different preferences. But if you put quality items in the gift box, it’ll surely be appreciated.

You can choose a theme for the contents of the gift box. You can make it fun. Or you can have a self-care pack. Put promotional items by putting your brand name on t-shirts and bottles.

a golded gift box with a bow

How will It be Sent?

As you’re thinking about the content of your promotional gift box, don’t forget how you will deliver it.

It’s probably easier for employees because you have to give it to them in the workplace. But if they’re working remotely, that could be more challenging.

Customers are more demanding, but you can send the gift box with the product they will purchase. For the clients and partners, if they’re far away, you’ll have to ensure the contents of the gift box are secure, so they won’t move around while they’re being delivered.

The Key to a Successful Promotional Gift Box

Nice looking gift box

Since you’re spending on promotional gift boxes, you naturally want to ensure it’ll be worth it.

That won’t happen if you don’t have the right strategy. That’s the key to creating successful gift boxes that the recipients will love.

Believe it or not, even creating your custom gift box needs planning.

You want to put quality kits and packages that’ll bring the right message to the recipient.

Remember, this will reflect on your brand. You want to make sure that it gives the right impression and it won’t compromise you in any way.

Let’s Create an Impressive Promotional Gift Box. Packoi Printing Has a Lot of Ideas to Share.

Creating special gift boxes isn’t something that happens. You have to plan it. You have to pick every item that you’ll put in the gift box to make sure they’re all high-quality products.

But one thing that’ll make this process easier is when you’ve partnered with the right company for help. Packoi Printing has the expertise and experience to help you create the best promotional gift box to give to clients, partners, customers, and employees.

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