How to Pack a Gift Box That Any Recipient Can Appreciate

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There’s a feeling of excitement when choosing the gift wrapping paper or the gift boxes you’ll use to create a perfect present. Gift-giving is one of the most positive and uplifting things you can do. You’ll feel good about yourself, especially when you know that the recipient appreciates your gift.

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How can you make sure that your gift will impress people?

In this article, you’ll learn tips on how to pack a gift so the person receiving it feels nothing but appreciation for the gesture.

Why Is a Properly Packed Gift Box Important?

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The spirit of gift-giving may be strong during the holiday season – but it’s not the only time that you can do it. Giving gifts can happen any time of the year.

You can give gifts on someone’s birthday, anniversary, or when they’re celebrating milestones in their lives.

Giving gifts means you have to think about what’ll happen when the recipient opens them. It’s not about you. While it’ll make you feel good, the intention is to make the person receiving it happy.

To make that happen, here are 6 simple steps that you should follow.

Step 1: Think About the Contents of the Gift Box

Don’t start looking for the best wrapping paper yet. You must think about what you’ll put in the box.

This will require you to know the recipient very well. What are their hobbies? What would they want to receive on their special day?

The closer you are to the person, the easier it is to answer this question.

But what if you have no idea what the person likes?

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Personalized VS Generic Gifts

When you have no clue about a person’s personal preferences, you can give them something that aligns with their career. Or, if you’re doing this for your VIP clients, think about why they patronize your brand. You can take clues from that when you’re thinking about what to give as gifts.

If personalizing it is impossible, there are many things that you can give.

Food is a safe gift to give. Office essentials are another. Something they can use around the house is another idea for you to try.

Step 2: Choose the Container

Once you know what to give, it’s time to choose a container. Will you use gift boxes? Gift baskets? Plain cardboard boxes that you’ll gift wrap?

If you intend to give fragile items like wine or anything enclosed in glass bottles, you must be careful with the container you choose. You don’t want the gift to break before it reaches the recipient.

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Do You Need Wrapping Paper?

Gift wrapping is a simple way to make anything look festive. Wrapping paper comes in several designs and can be folded in different ways. You can learn about some design trends for gift boxes.

There are even techniques where you don’t even need double-sided tape to close it. There’s a clever way to make the folded edge tuck into the bottom flap of the wrapper so it won’t unwrap on its own. Research clever wrapping techniques so you can be creative about this.

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to printed wrapping paper. Plain kraft paper can still work if you add ribbons and stickers – something you can do later as you put together your gift.

Gift Box Options When You Don’t Want to Use Wrapping Paper

If you don’t want to be bothered using wrapping paper, that’s okay. You don’t have to wrap gifts if you can put them in boxes.

A printed rigid box can be festive enough on its own. A plain kraft box can also be decorated. So don’t obsess about the wrapping part.

A gift can look just as exciting with just a box. Or you can use a gift basket so the recipient will immediately see what they received.

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Step 3: Think About the Fillers

Using fillers is common when you’re putting together a gift to send. Whether your container is a box, basket, or paper bag, you can use this to protect your gift.

There’s also something about pulling out excess paper on top of the gift to make the unboxing experience more exciting.

If you have enough paper lying around, like newspaper or tissue paper, use it as fillers.

How to Use Paper as Fillers

Tissue paper is one of the most common papers used in gifts. It’s light, eco-friendly, and easy to cut.

You have the option to just bunch the tissue paper at the bottom of a box or basket before arranging your gifts around it.

Or you can cut paper into shreds instead of just bunching them up.

There are other options in case you don’t like to use tissue paper. If you have unused newspapers lying around, use that. Make sure you cut paper into even strips so it looks messy but neat at the same time.

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Step 4: Add Tags and Ornaments

Using gift wrapping paper isn’t the only way to make a present look visually appealing and exciting. You can create a fun-looking box, basket, or bag with the right materials.

You just have to use your creativity and use the occasion to give you clues on what you can put as an added decoration.

If you add the right elements, you can use newspaper as an acceptable wrapping paper.

Different Ways to Decorate a Gift

From hang tags and ribbons to stickers and labels, there are many ways to fix up your gift without using wrapping paper.

Just make sure that the design of the tags and stickers coincides with what’s being celebrated. So if you’re sending a graduation, wedding, or product launch gift, choose designs that show you’re congratulating the recipient.

At Christmas time, use mostly red and green. Choose ornaments that pay homage to the season.

If you’re giving on behalf of your business, put a brand label on it. That way, the recipient will know who the gift is from and attractive gift box will promote your brand.

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Step 5: Personalize the Gift with a Note

If you used a tag as decoration, why not add a handwritten note to make the gift more personal? Or if the wrapping paper you used is plain, you can write the note there.

Make sure the note is addressed to the recipient. If you know them personally, write something that describes your relationship with them. Let them know that you pay attention to who they are. They’ll surely appreciate that because it makes them feel special.

If the gifts are generic, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a small note to make it personal as well. Write an inspiring message or a heartfelt thank you note.

The gesture would be appreciated, especially if it’s handwritten.

Step 6: Secure the Gift

Once you have everything set up, the contents are complete, and the gift wrap is in place, it’s time to secure it.

The whole idea is to ensure that the gift won’t fall apart while it’s on its way to the recipient. Even if you put it in a shipping box, the wrapper and everything holding it together will stay put.

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Tips to Keep a Gift Secure

There are many ways to keep a gift secure. You can use double-sided tape to secure the wrapping paper and make sure it doesn’t unwrap itself.

Or you can use a ribbon. Tying it in a simple bow and cutting the ribbon ends for a bit of a design would also work.

If you’re wrapping gift baskets with clear plastic, tie them with a ribbon. If it’s a wide one, cut the ribbon ends, too. This is better than securing it with double-sided tape.

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Putting together the perfect present will help you strengthen relationships with the people around you and those you transact business with. Make sure you know how to give a gift that people will cherish and remember you by.

Let us know if you’re looking for the perfect box to put your gifts in.

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