How to Create the Perfect Gift Box for Employees

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Your employee gift boxes should be just as important as what you put together for your clients or customers. The truth is, the pressure should be greater when it involves employee gifts.

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After all, it’s your employees that work hard to help your business succeed. They’re your partners in making sure your business achieves success. They deserve to receive a holiday gift that’ll blow them away.

In this article, you’ll learn how to put together the perfect gift boxes and where you can get ideas for the best appreciation gift.

Gift Box for Employees

10 Tips When Putting Together Employee Gifts

Giving gifts is always a good habit to have. It shows the recipient that you value them. Not only are beautiful gift boxes for Christmas, but for your employees, you need gift boxes too. It sends an important message to them.

What that message is will depend on how you put the gift boxes together, what is inside them, and the circumstances around your gift.

If it’s a holiday gift, that would make it seem expected. But if it’s a gift to celebrate your employees’ personal or corporate milestones, that sends a different message.

You want your gift to send the right message of appreciation. If you want to do it right, here are 10 tips that you can follow.

Understand Their Preferences

Since you’re putting together employee appreciation gifts, make sure you’re giving them something that they would like. Try to get to know what branded products they want and see if you can put that in their gift box.

Giving gifts that fit your employees’ preferences and interests would tell them that you took the time to get to know what they like. That’s a huge deal for anyone.

Not to mention the fact that it’ll ensure that your employees will use your gift.

Use High-Quality Gift Boxes

Pay attention to the quality of the gift box that you’ll use to show your appreciation. While it doesn’t have to be too expensive, it should at least be made of high-quality materials.

The employee receiving the gift will notice this attention to detail. They’ll know that you’re not just giving them a gift for the sake of it.

High-Quality Gift Boxes

They’ll feel like you want your employees to feel your appreciation, making your gift all the more sincere and special.

Make It Personal

Do you know what will make your employee recognition gifts even more special? Personalize them. Add a handwritten note in the gift box to give the recipient a special message.

If it’s for new employees, give them a message of welcome. Make them feel like they’re already a part of the company even if they’ve only joined recently.

If it’s for a sick employee, send them care packages to let them know that their well-being is important to you.

Be Thoughtful with the Contents

Your gift box should be carefully thought out so it resonates with your employees. Everything that’s included in the employee gift baskets should be tied together. From the branded products to the gift tags – they should all send a cohesive thought of appreciation.

If you just throw things in there without thought, it might make your gift feel forced and insincere.

Promote Wellness and Self-Care

This is an important message to send every team member. Make sure your gift box shows your employee that you care about their well-being above all.

You have to remember that your team can help your business grow and thrive. If you have employees who are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, they won’t have the energy for the business.

Give them a gift that’ll help them care for themselves.

Add Team Building Elements

Your gift box is a great opportunity to promote team building among your employees. Give them matching shirts or jackets that they can use in the office. Having the company logo printed on the gifts will make them feel like they belong.

gift boxes with coffee

Even water bottles, mugs, or other branded gift items will make them feel that they’re part of the group. You can also include coffee, tea, or snacks that they can share while working.

Organize the Contents

Once you’ve figured out what you’ll put inside the gift box, you should arrange it in such a way that’ll give your employees an unforgettable unboxing experience.

This will ensure that your employee appreciation gifts will be received very well.

Arrange your gifts in an orderly and attractive way. Adding ribbons, tissue paper, and even a handwritten note will take the experience to the next level.

Time It Right

The truth is, every day can be considered an employee appreciation day. But timing your gift box well will make your gesture all the more worthwhile.

For instance, giving gifts is expected during the holiday season. But if you provide a Christmas holiday gift in the middle of the year, it’ll seem like you’re just disposing of extra gifts you had. It won’t feel authentic to your employees.

Make sure you consider the occasion when you’re giving gifts to your employees. The gift should fit the needs of the employee at that particular time.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Your commitment to being sustainable shouldn’t be implemented only in your business operations. Even when you give gifts, your employees should see your efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

image 165

The gift box that you should choose should also be made of eco-friendly materials. This is to encourage your employees and reaffirm the stand of the business to practice sustainability in their lives as well.

Get Their Feedback

When your employee recognition gifts are received, don’t just let them say thank you. Genuinely ask them what they think about the gift box. Don’t do this immediately. Wait a couple of days to inquire about how they are using your gifts.

Make this as conversational as possible so your employees will feel your sincerity in their approval of your gifts. This will help you understand how you can show your appreciation better.

8 Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts to Employees

A survey revealed that more than 50% of employees are more likely to stay in their jobs if they receive meaningful gifts from their employer.

While the gesture of giving an employee gifts is important, it has to be meaningful. Even if you only give them a holiday gift, that’s okay. As long as the gift boxes are something that your employees can use, they’ll be memorable for them.

Here are 8 other benefits that your business will enjoy if you make it a habit to give gifts to your employees.

Boosts Morale

Employee recognition is important in boosting their morale. Although you give them their salary as compensation for the work that they do, giving your employees gifts on the side is a great way to show your appreciation.

A gift box will tell them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to show them you can see their hard work.

Reinforces Company Values

corporate gifts box

Your corporate gifts can also be used to reinforce the values that your company has. Whether it’s respect, innovation, sustainability, or collaboration, this can be evident in your gift box.

Choose the right products so your employees will be reminded of what your business wants to represent.

Enhances Engagement

What happens when an employee receives a gift box? They’ll feel appreciated. When you’re appreciated by someone, you’ll want to make that person happy.

While that seems like manipulation, as long as you give the right gifts, your employees won’t feel manipulated at all. It’s the perfect way to keep them engaged and invested in the welfare of the business.

Strengthens Team Camaraderie

Showing your staff appreciation through a gift box is something that can also strengthen team camaraderie. At the very least, they’ll feel a stronger relationship with you as their leader.

But at the same time, giving them an employee appreciation day will raise their morale and make them want to cooperate and collaborate.

Promotes Positivity

The employee gift box will also promote positivity within the workplace. That’s a natural result of giving gifts. It’s why the holiday season is such a happy time. Getting a holiday gift makes anyone feel appreciated.

This is the atmosphere that you can create if you give gifts to your employees – especially if this is done to celebrate a milestone in the business.

Improves Company Culture

When you promote positivity through gift-giving, it can improve the company culture. The simple act of giving an employee a gift box cultivates a culture of gratitude. This will be translated, not just in how your employees will work harder in the business. It’ll also be reflected in how they’ll work with their colleagues.

Starting this type of culture will only improve as you keep showing appreciation through generosity.

Increases Retention Rate

gift box

The key to employee retention is making your team feel valued. They have to know that they are considered necessary in the business.

The habit of giving employee appreciation gifts may seem like a bribe to let workers stay. But if it’s done the right way, it won’t seem that way to your employees. They’ll appreciate the gesture of getting a gift box from you because they’ll feel like they matter.

The higher retention rate will help your business save on recruitment and onboarding costs. It also won’t disrupt business operations by the constant turnovers.

Uplifts Company Reputation

You’ll improve your company’s reputation in the industry through your gift box. The fact that every employee chooses to stay with you is already a big thing. But the habit of giving gifts will also prove to others that you’re a generous employer.

This will help you attract quality talent in the job market.

Put Together the Right Gift Box for Your Employees. Packoi Printing Can Help You Find the Right Design for Your Box.

Don’t hesitate to invest in employee gift boxes. It’s a small thing compared to the benefits that your business will get when you have happy and contented employees.

If you want to know more about your gift box options, Packoi Printing is here to help. We have experience in producing all types of special occasions and holiday gift boxes. 

Give us a call so we can discuss your gift box ideas. We’ll get back to you with a fair quotation as soon as possible.

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