Creative Paper Bag Design Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness

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Creating a strong brand presence is a must to thrive and succeed in a very competitive business landscape. One way to create such a presence is through brand awareness.

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There are many ways to increase awareness of your brand, and none of them is as effective and undermined as paper bag packaging. 

Paper bags are powerful marketing tools that offer practical packaging solutions and advertising opportunities. With the right design, you’ll have a walking advertisement that speaks your brand’s message loud and clear.

In this article, you’ll learn why custom-printed bags are beneficial and how to design the best paper bag to improve brand recognition.

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About Branded Paper Bag Packaging

A branded paper bag is a marketing strategy. It’s when you print your brand elements on paper bags as part of the company’s branding efforts to get more exposure for the business.

You can print the name or logo or both. You can use the brand’s color and typography. The more you use these brand elements, the more your target market will associate them with you.

Paper bags will get your brand the most exposure because of the way people carry them around. With the right design, you can maximize your reach and improve brand recognition.

Using unique designs and elements will make the paper bag stand out in a crowded marketplace. It can help differentiate your business from competitors.

It can also leave a lasting impression on the people that’ll see it.

This is why branded paper bags are powerful. It’s very functional, and yet it can improve your brand’s identity and awareness.

Importance of Brand Awareness

When people are aware of your brand, it doesn’t just mean they know about the name. It’s about recognizing the different brand elements that you use. It’s about seeing a particular color or font and immediately recalling your brand.

Awareness is more than just brand visibility. It’s about building a strong and positive perception of your brand and what it represents. It’s about establishing familiarity that leads to trust and loyalty.

Ultimately, brand awareness leads to customers choosing you over your competitors time and again. This leads to an increase in sales, customer retention, and incredible business growth.

The Role of Branded Paper Bags in Raising Awareness

Creating awareness around your brand involves different tools and marketing strategies. One of the most powerful tools you can use is your paper bag packaging.

A shopping bag with the company logo is not just functional. It’s also a great advertising platform to let people know that your brand exists. If you make your paper bags reusable, they’ll have even more exposure.

shopping bags

Something as simple as custom paper bags can help you get more customers. According to, 86% of consumers prefer paper bags over other types of packaging. In Europe, 33% of consumers choose paper over plastic (19%) and other materials (30%).

If you choose the right paper bag design, it can capture the interest of people. They’ll want to know more about your company’s products.

Why Use Paper Bags to Improve Brand Recognition

There are many ways to improve brand recognition. Why should you focus on using paper bag packaging?

The most obvious answer is that paper bags are popular packaging solutions for a lot of business owners.

But apart from that, here are 5 reasons why you should stick to a paper bag design to maximize awareness around your brand to improve brand recall and recognition.


Paper bags bring more cost benefits compared to other packaging solutions made of plastic or fabric. Wood pulp, the raw material used to create a paper bag, is less expensive than materials used to create other types of packaging.

Not only that, the manufacturing process to create paper bags is simpler and requires fewer resources. Lower production costs can help you save money.

Since paper bags are also lightweight, transporting them won’t cost too much to deliver and transport.

You can also order paper bags in bulk because they can easily be customized. You can pay a lower price for each piece if you order and print your brand on it in large quantities.

Design Versatility

The versatility of custom paper bags knows no boundaries. They can adapt to different functions and designs to align with your brand image.

To project a minimalist image, you can opt for a simple paper design. If you want elegance, use color and printing techniques that’ll represent that.

You can even use your paper bags to promote marketing campaigns.

This versatility allows you to implement creative concepts that will make your packaging stand out. The more it attracts attention, the more people will know about your brand.

High Customization

custom paper bags

Whether you’re using a white or brown paper bag, you can design it in any shape, form, thickness, color, pattern, and finish. You can choose different materials for the bag and handles.

The flexible materials open various creative possibilities that’ll allow you to transform it into a powerful promotion tools. The ability to create custom paper bags allows them to reflect the very essence of your brand. It can effectively showcase what your brand and products represent.

Of course, you have to choose the right elements to make this happen. Make sure these speak to your target audience so they appeal to their taste.

Functionality and Durability

Paper bags are not only visually appealing, but they’re also very functional and durable, too. Of course, that would mean you have to pick the right materials that’ll allow customers to use them for a long time.

The sturdiness assures customers that they can carry their items without fear that their paper bags will tear.

What’s great about durable paper bag packaging is it can be reused. The more customers use it, the more exposure it gets. This will aid in increasing brand awareness.

All this contributes to a positive experience with your brand. It’ll also reinforce their perception of the quality that you bring.


Consumers prefer to support brands that show a positive environmental impact. This is why using paper bags will not just increase awareness but it’ll also improve your image as a sustainable business.

The mere fact that you chose a paper bag design already works in building an eco-friendly reputation. Paper comes from a renewable resource, so it’s better than using plastic.

But if you use 100% recycled paper to create your bags, that’s even better. It’ll demonstrate your commitment to reducing waste.

Eco-friendly paper bags

How to Design Your Paper Bags to Maximize Brand Awareness

Designing your paper bag packaging to strategically focus on awareness isn’t just about putting your company’s logo on the paper bag. It’s about using brand elements that’ll leave a lasting impact in the minds of your customers. 

Here are the different ways you can maximize brand awareness through your paper bags.

Use Your Brand Colors

When you see a Tiffany blue paper bag, even from afar, wouldn’t you think of the Tiffany brand? What about the purple color of Cadbury? Did you know that Nestle tried to fight Cadbury for the color but failed? Now, Cadbury has exclusive rights to use Pantone 2685C for their chocolate and drink packaging requirements.

This is proof that using your brand’s color palette extensively is important. With enough use, it’ll eventually make people associate it with your business. The right color scheme can turn your paper bags into promotional materials. Even from afar, people will know it’s your brand just by looking at the color of your custom bags.

Create Patterns Associated with Your Image

Think about Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, Celine, and Gucci. Even if you don’t see the brand name in their paper bag design, the monograms or patterns they use are enough to establish recognition.

That’s something that you can try to achieve with your paper bags. Create a unique pattern that can be associated with your brand. Just like the above-mentioned brands use monograms that scream luxury, what patterns should you put in your custom paper bags to represent the image you want to portray?

Make these patterns synonymous with your brand so that when people see it on your paper bag, they’ll know it’s yours.

paper bags with image

Put Your Logo in the Right Spot

Don’t just put your company logos anywhere in your paper bag design. You have to be strategic with it. After all, this is the visual anchor that’ll connect paper bags to your brand.

Ask yourself: where will your eye-catching logo get the most attention? This will require you to create a mockup of the paper bag and model how to carry it in different ways. Of all the ways you can carry the bag, what position will ensure that your logo will get the most brand recognition?

If you put your logo in the right spot, it’ll be easier to create brand awareness.

Pick the Right Typography

The typography of paper bags communicates the personality and message of your brand. Make sure you choose a font that matches the overall aesthetics of your brand design.

Use serif typefaces to exude elegance. If you want to achieve both elegance and readability, go for Helvetica. Makutu is a very luxurious-looking font.

Sabs serif fonts are quite flexible and easy to read as well. This is ideal because if you’re printing both the brand name and message on the paper bag, it has to be legible.

If people can’t read it, that’ll bring a negative reflection on your brand.

Be Unique with the Size and Shape

To make paper bags stand out, it has to look different from everyone else. This doesn’t mean it has to look weird.

Your paper bag design should be unique enough to create its presence wherever it goes. Make it attract attention by going against what’s traditional.

Skip the corners and create a curved paper bag. Make it an imitation of your product. Usually, uniqueness is enough to spark curiosity and increase brand awareness.

At the same time, you have to choose the right size for the paper bag. Take into consideration the shopping behavior of consumers and the products that they usually buy.

Choose the Right Materials

Most paper bags are made of kraft paper. This is one of the best materials to use if you want to leave a positive environmental impact.

You can get one that’s as thin as the typical brown paper bag, or you can get the thicker materials used as a shopping bag.

If you’re not concerned about looking sustainable, it’s okay to use other materials. But you have to remember that right now, sustainability sells. So if you want to get more people to respect your brand, opt for environmentally friendly materials.

Even if you want to look luxurious or fun, there are eco-friendly ways to do it. As long as it fits your product and brand design requirements, it can help build positive awareness around your brand.

Consider Different Printing Techniques

No matter what paper bag design you choose, it’ll only be as good as the printing technique that you’ll use. This is why you have to explore various printing methods available. It’ll help you find the right printing process that’ll help you create your vision for the paper bag packaging.

Among the options that you can use for printing on paper bags include spot UV, embossing, foiling, etc. These can improve the visual appeal of your bag to make it more eye-catching.

Make It Reusable

Kraft paper bags

Making paper bags reusable isn’t just for practicality and environmental purposes. It’s also to increase the advertising potential of your paper bag design.

The more durable the paper bag is, the more that people will use it for other purposes. The more that it’s used, the better exposure your brand will get.

Choose the right materials and reinforce the handles to make sure the paper bag packaging is good enough for multiple uses.

Partner with the Right Packaging Supplier

To ensure that you’ll get the paper bag design that can help you increase brand recognition, you need to partner with the right company to produce it for you.

Choose a paper bag packaging supplier with specific experience and expertise in providing the materials and printing techniques that you prefer. It’s a plus if the company is an eco-friendly one. You can be sure that your paper materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests.

You can trust that these companies are reliable and efficient at what they do.

Let’s Start Working on Your Branded Paper Bag Design. Packoi Printing Is Always Ready to Help.

Creating the best paper bag design is just the first step in creating a marketing tool to improve brand awareness. The next step is finding the right partner to turn your vision into a reality.

This is what the expertise of Packoi Printing can bring you. As a paper bag packaging supplier, we’ve created various branded paper bags that helped improve the brand image of our clients.

You can be the next to benefit from our paper bags.

Give us a call so we can come up with a strategic approach to enhance brand recognition through paper bags. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote as soon as possible.

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