Effective Solutions to Create Secure and Stylish Shipping Boxes for Candles

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Candles are popular products among consumers.

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According to the National Candle Association, this is a multi-billion-dollar industry that uses approximately 1 billion pounds of wax every year. People love buying candles to help deal with stress and improve relaxation.

Shipping Boxes for Candles

But here’s the challenge: Candles are very fragile. If it’s dropped, the candle loses its shape. If you want to impress your customers, make sure you pay close attention to the type of candle box packaging that you’ll use to deliver it.

In this article, you’ll learn more about candle boxes, specifically the type of shipping box that you can use to ensure that they get delivered securely and in style.

3 Must-Have Features of Custom Candle Boxes

Before creating candle shipping boxes, it’s important to focus on what the product needs. After all, your priority is to protect the product and make sure the customer gets it in good condition.

Candles come in different shapes, forms, and sizes. You have tealights, votives, pillar candles, etc. They’re also made of different types of wax, like beeswax, paraffin wax, and many more. This means your candle box should meet the specific needs of the candle’s design.

Before you come running to packaging experts for help, here are 3 things that’ll help you design the right candle boxes for your needs.


Given the nature of candles, it’s not surprising that the product box should be heat-resistant. If the box is exposed to high temperatures, that will seep into the box. The wood and the wax that make up the candle will get soft because of the heat. This will compromise the design of the candle.

Make sure your custom candle packaging boxes will protect the product from any heat sources from outside. One option that you can choose from is paper-based packaging. These are cooler and will protect the product from direct sunlight.

candle packaging boxes

Moisture Protection

Candle boxes should also be protected from moisture. Humidity can compromise the original form of candles, so your best chance to defend them is by using packaging materials that can keep moisture away.

If you’re using paper-based materials, it’s better to use laminated ones so they have an extra barrier against unwanted moisture.

Damage Prevention

Although candles look solid, they’re still considered fragile. This is especially true for those that are inside glass containers. And the reality is, you don’t know how the shipping company will handle your product.

How can you make sure your product will stay protected while in transit?

Use high-quality materials for your candle boxes. Don’t cut corners to save on packaging costs. Do your research and find ways to cushion the product so damage will be prevented. Use shredded e-flute corrugated material so you can keep all your materials eco-friendly.

7 Tips to Create Secure Candle Packaging

How can you create packaging boxes that can secure your candles and, at the same time, impress your customers?

Here are some tips that you can use as you design your candle boxes.

Keep It Compact

One way to secure your product is to make sure it doesn’t move while inside the candle box packaging. This requires you to choose custom sizes that match your candles. Make it as compact as possible.

compact candle packaging

Measure the product and choose the cardboard material size based on that. Leave only a few millimeters so you can wrap the candle with tissue paper and avoid having it rub on the walls of the box.

Use the Right Inserts

If you’re shipping a collection of small candles in one box, use a packaging insert to minimize movement during delivery. This will keep the candles from hitting each other while inside the product packaging.

You also have the option to use a custom-molded tray for the products you’ll put inside the candle packaging. Or you can have a simple rectangular tray and then fill it with shredded paper.

Put Enough Protection

Using corrugated material for your candle boxes is a great option because its walls are thick enough to absorb unforeseeable impacts during delivery. Since it’s paper-based, you can also rely on it to regulate the temperature inside so your candles are protected from external heat.

Feel free to use other cushioning materials to increase the protection around your candles.

Make It Visually Appealing

Delivering candle boxes without damage is already impressive enough – especially once the customer opens the box to see the product design.

But that’s not the only way you can impress your target market. You can already do that with the product packaging design. Use creative patterns, customized stickers, and stamps to bring out the unique design of your branding.

Add Labels and Warnings

image 157

Given the fragile nature of your products, make sure your candle packaging boxes include labels and warnings about the contents. This way, shipping companies will know that they should handle your product carefully.

Opt for Sustainable Materials

Customers are impressed by sustainability nowadays. If you can create your candle boxes using paper-based materials, this can help you maintain a sustainable reputation. You can choose to use eco-friendly kraft paperboard or corrugated material. These aren’t just good for the environment. They’re also sturdy enough to protect your candles. Make sure you also choose eco-friendly materials for your fillers.

Consider Shipping Guidelines

Finally, your candle packaging should take into consideration the shipping guidelines of your chosen company. For instance, the USPS has specific rules when it comes to shipping fragile items.

You might be required to put specific stickers or labels so their shipping crew will know how to handle your shipping box properly.

If you’re shipping overseas, make sure you do your research about their shipping guidelines as well. These will have to be implemented in the design of your box.

Design Ideas to Ship Candle Boxes in Style

Although we are talking about shipping candle boxes in this article, that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull-looking brown box. You can give your custom boxes some life so you can ship your candle products in style.

Here are a couple of suggestions that you can use to impress your customers at first sight.

Colorful Mailer Boxes

The great thing about candles is that you can design them to come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The same is true for the candle packaging. You can customize it in any color you want.

Colorful Mailer Boxes

Choose the right colors that’ll make your mailer boxes look eye-catching. Have one color outside and another colorful design inside. Mailer boxes may be small and compact, but with the right color combination, they can make a powerful statement with just one glance.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cutting is one way to decorate candle boxes. It allows customers to get a peek at what’s inside. Cut the window creatively so it doubles as the actual design of the box. For instance, you can make it look like a flame.

Just be careful with the positioning of the die-cut on the box. Remember, your candle shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Consider the journey of the product so you can be sure it’ll be safe from too much heat exposure.


This is a 2-piece box that opens like a drawer. You slide the part that has the candle in it to get the product inside. You can secure it with a ribbon or stickers to keep it from sliding open during delivery.

Create this box to be made of durable material so customers can reuse it for storage purposes.

Rigid Box with Magnetic Closure

custom candle boxes

Another way to make your custom candle boxes stylish is by using rigid materials and then adding a magnetic closure. The rigid box will protect the candle inside, while the closure will give it a luxurious feel.

When customers open it, they’ll feel like they’ve been given a very valuable gift. That’s a great impression to have of your brand.

Add-Ons to Make Your Candle Box Impressive and Secure

Apart from the stylish candle boxes, you also have a couple of add-ons that can liven up your package even further.

Here are some of the ways you can decorate it so it’ll look like a candle gift box.

Custom Packaging Tape

Have a candle packaging tape customized with your brand name or logo. This will make your shipping box look unique. If you can make it colorful, the box can be plain and brown, and it’ll still stand out and look impressive.

Branded Ribbons

candle boxes with ribbons

Adding branded ribbons can make candle boxes look elegant and luxurious. It shows how special the package is because you didn’t use a generic ribbon. It’s also another advertising tool that can help promote your brand.

Monogrammed Tissue Paper

This may seem excessive, but if you have the budget for it, create monogrammed tissue paper. Use your brand’s logo and name. This will make your candle gift box look more special. People will find more value because you showed them that you’re willing to protect your product in style.

Fitted Packaging Inserts

Since candles are quite fragile, use packaging inserts that are molded in the shape of your products. This will give your candle packaging an extra layer of protection, especially if you’re shipping multiple candle products. The packaging insert will keep them from rubbing against each other and getting damaged.

Thank-You Note

Finally, don’t forget to add a thank you note to your candle boxes. You can tie this with the ribbon so it serves as the tag. Or you can put it inside, delicately nestled on top of the tissue paper wrapped around the candle.

This will make your customers feel connected, especially if you give them a handwritten note.

Packaging a luxury candle order

Create Stylish Candle Boxes that Are 100% Secure While Shipping. Let Packoi Printing Help with the Design.

One of the reasons people love buying candles is because they want to feel good about themselves. They want to be able to relax and smell the soothing fragrance as the wax burns out.

You can set that tone through your candle packaging. Design it so people will immediately feel good about receiving your package.

If you need help coming up with the right box for your candle products, Packoi Printing is here to help. We’re experienced in designing all types of boxes for different products.

Give us a call so we can discuss your ideas. We’ll get back to you with a quote in no time.

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