Cosmetics Packaging Designs to Boost Your Sales

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Cosmetics packaging designs can boost your sales. You have to remember that people are visual beings. That means we are highly influenced by the way things look. So, if you can make your custom cosmetic boxes aesthetically appealing, you’re one step ahead of your competitors in the cosmetic industry.

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In this article, you’ll learn more about cosmetic packaging design and box trends and what it takes to create the right one that’ll increase your revenue.

5 Cosmetics Packaging Box Trends That’ll Never Get Old

If you want to design cosmetic packaging, you have to start with the box. Although the boxes are meant to protect cosmetic products, it’s has become so much more than that. 

Now, cosmetic companies design their packaging to ensure that they will stand out.

That means on its own, your cosmetic box can tell its own story. In fact, with the right design, it can even be a stand-alone marketing tool that’ll help attract more customers to buy.

With that said, you can understand why it’s important to choose the right elements that’ll form your cosmetic packaging.

To get you started, here are 5 box trends that you can use for your cosmetic packaging.

Kraft Boxes

Standing out doesn’t always mean you have to be extravagant. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to make new customers take notice of your cosmetics brand.

This is why using a kraft box as the packaging of your cosmetic or beauty products is a good idea. 

If you think that a plain kraft box won’t be enough to grab people’s attention, you can always add organic elements that’ll tie your packaging design to whatever is inside.

Creative Pouches and Bags

Cosmetics Packaging Box

While boxes are the usual go-to packaging for cosmetic companies, no rule keeps you from deviating from the norm. Feel free to use pouches and bags.

Of course, you’ll have to consider the product. If the product is made of glass, a pouch or bag might not be ideal because there’s a chance your product will break.

But if this isn’t a problem because your product isn’t fragile like lipstick, eye shadow, powder, etc, then going this route is acceptable. Just make sure you choose the right material. Something durable and easy to carry.

Make sure you have add-ons like creative tags or ribbons to tie the packaging to your cosmetic brand.

Magnetic Boxes

This is a great cosmetic packaging option if you have a luxurious brand. These boxes have magnetic strips along the sides to close. It can be a bit expensive, but that’s to be expected – especially from luxury cosmetic brands.

These magnetic boxes use thicker materials. This means it’s ideal for fragile products. It’s perfect for perfumes, makeup, beauty, and skincare products that are encased in glass.

Choose the design of this box carefully so your target audience will buy it. You might even succeed in making your customers keep the box and reuse it for something else even after they’ve used the product.

Cut-Out Boxes

The great thing about cut-out boxes is you can give your customers a peek at what your product has to offer. This is a sure way to tickle customer interest in your product.

This will also protect the box and the product because the customer won’t have to open the box to look at the product inside. They don’t even have to take it out.Just make sure the design of the product and the box complement each other so there’s harmony in the overall look.

Scented Boxes

Here’s a packaging that screams cosmetics. You can use a scented box to house your product. It could be a welcome surprise for your customers.

They’ll be intrigued by the product only to have a whiff at something when they pick it up.

Of course, the scent that you’ll use should be something associated with the product. This is a great idea for perfumes. It’ll leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

It’s also something unique that not all cosmetic businesses will do. So this will make you unique in the eyes of your customers.

7 Cosmetic Packaging Designs You Should Try

Apart from the type of box that you’ll use, it’s important to choose the proper design. There are a couple of things that you want to consider.

First, the cosmetic packaging design has to tell your brand story. Second, it has to be in harmony with the product inside. Third, it has to be visually appealing enough to attract your target market.

To give you ideas, here are 7 cosmetic packaging designs you can choose from.

Highlight Your Logo

Cosmetics Packaging

Simplicity is still a part of your options for your cosmetic packaging design. You can simply highlight your brand logos and make it the focal point.

Print it in the middle and add decorative elements around it. Or play with the typography. 

This will keep your cosmetic packaging from looking too overwhelming. It’ll just be all about your brand story and cosmetic business.

What’s great about this option is your customers can immediately recognize your company – making it an effective way to stand out. 

Add Labels and Stickers

Labels and stickers are a great way to customize generic cosmetic packaging boxes. So, this is a great option if you’re trying to be cost-efficient in your packaging budget.

What’s even more appealing about this design option is it’s very versatile. You can opt to print the design on it or instructions and information about the cosmetic product.

But in case the label or sticker can’t cover the entire surface of the box, make sure that the design blends well with the texture and color of the box. 

That way, there’s still harmony in the overall look of your cosmetic packaging design.

Put Organic Elements

If your company is leaning heavily towards environment-friendly advocacies, then using organic elements will reinforce your brand story.

It can be as simple as putting dried flowers and trigs wrapped in twine. Or it could be the use of kraft boxes with earthy designs.

This will help you connect to your customers – specifically the ones who support eco-friendly causes as well.

Place Luxurious Details

This is an option for luxury cosmetic businesses. You can turn your cosmetic packaging design into a luxurious piece. 

This is possible by using high-quality packaging materials – like magnetic boxes. If you combine that with embossed designs, it can look very luxurious.

What’s awesome about this option is you have an excuse to price your cosmetic product a bit higher than usual. The box would justify it in the minds of your target audience so they’ll most likely buy it even if it’s a bit expensive.

Use Striking Colors

Using striking colors in your cosmetic packaging design is a great way to make your product stand out. But if you want to use this design strategy, make sure that the colors you’ll use will still be in alignment with the product itself.That means you have to choose the colors that are in the container of the product.

Another option is to base it on your brand colors. You can choose bolder shades of your brand colors so you can set your cosmetic packaging apart.

Include Artworks

Artworks can tell a story. Why not use it on your cosmetic packaging so it tells your brand story?

You can create a unique artwork or you can get an existing one that applies to your cosmetic product. If you decide to create a unique artwork, let it be a combination of your brand and product. 

This is something that you can use for a long time – especially if your customers end up liking and connecting with it. 

So go ahead and invest in a unique design that everyone will automatically identify with your brand.

Apply Hot Foil Stamping

Make your cosmetic packaging design shine – literally! You can do this by using hot foil stamping to make your cosmetic package stand out.

This is a technique that imprints your design on the box by using an ink pad and a metal die that’s heated. While it looks impressive, it’s quite economical.

It’s great for products like make-up and luxurious skin care products. Like if your skin care uses gold, you can use gold foil as an accent in your packaging design.

Steps to Create the Best Cosmetic Packaging Design

Cosmetics Packaging

If you want your cosmetic packaging design to help boost your sales, you have to follow specific steps when you create it. 

Remember, all the other businesses in the cosmetic industry are hoping to attract the attention of your target audience. You want to make sure that you will be the one that gets selected by new customers.

This isn’t something that you can decide on a whim. You need to go through every process so you can be sure that you’re choosing the right option for your cosmetic packaging design.

Know Your Target Market

If you want to get the attention of potential customers, you have to get to know them first. This is why before you think about your product packaging design, think about what goes on in the mind of your customers.

Ask yourself, who are the ideal clients who’ll buy your make-up products? Skin care products? Beauty products?

Once you’ve identified who they are, it’s time to dig deeper into what they want to see and get from you. Do they want something fun? Luxurious? Flirty?

The answer to all these questions will help you create the right cosmetic packaging design that your target market can identify with. The goal is to have cosmetic packaging that resonates with them.

Identify Your Brand Position

Once you have a clear understanding of your customers, it’s time to incorporate your brand into the packaging. 

Make sure that there’s brand recognition when your customers see your product packaging. That way, they know from afar that without a doubt, the product is yours. If they recognize it, they’ll feel compelled to approach it and take a look.

This is why you have to make sure the design screams your brand. Not only that, but the materials you’ll use should also represent the brand image you want to have. So if you have eco-friendly advocacies, use materials that’ll reinforce that.

Put Together an Inspiration Board

The next step is to take all your notes about your customers and brand then put it all on an inspiration board. Throw all your ideas into that mood board so you have a visual representation.

Seeing all the photos and ideas on one board will allow you to piece together the elements that’ll complete your packaging design. You can see if your brand personality will shine through.

You can also try to incorporate the precise shapes, fonts, colors, images, and graphics that you’ll use in that mood board – then remove them if you don’t like how it looks.

That’s the benefit of using an inspiration board. You can piece together all the visual elements and then remove them if they’re not aligned with your vision for your cosmetic packaging design.

Choose the Type of Packaging

After you’ve put together the design elements, you have to decide on what type of packaging you’ll use. Of course, a big influence on your decision is the product that you’ll put in it.

Skincare products will probably will different from lip balms or whatever makeup packaging you’re designing for. This is why you have to consider the product you want to sell.

Remember, your packaging is still meant to protect your beauty products. Make sure you’re choosing the right packaging that can do that – while providing you with enough space and material to bring your vision to life.

Set the Packaging Dimensions

Cosmetics Packaging

Again, this will depend on what cosmetic product you’ll put in it. The packaging dimensions should be big enough to house the product. But it shouldn’t be too big that you’ll unnecessarily spend on putting fillers just to make sure the product won’t move around.

Another consideration when setting the dimensions is the overall design. Like if you’re using artwork, make sure the packaging has a space big enough to allow your customers to appreciate the graphic design.

Make sure you also keep your budget in mind. The expense of the material of the packaging will depend on how big it is.

Create the Visual Design

At this point in the design process, it’s time to finalize the cosmetic packaging design. Put everything together to see if all the elements you added go well together. This includes the colors, brand logo, images, graphics, text, etc.

Create a mock-up of your design ideas.

If you are already in touch with the packaging supplier, ask them for a mockup. Then see if it’s the one that you want to use are your cosmetic packaging.

You should also consider the actual material and printing technique that you’ll use for the packaging design. That way, you can foresee how your customers feel when they get to hold your cosmetic packaging.

Do You Have a Cosmetics Packaging Design in Mind? Let Packoi Printing Turn It Into Reality.

Creating the packaging design of your cosmetics product is very simple. As long as you know the elements that you want to put in it and the options that you have, it’s easier to choose what to use.

In case you need professional assistance, Packoi Printing can help. Feel free to send us your ideas or discuss your vision with us. We’d love to sit with you to discuss your options.

Get in touch with us. We’ll have your quotation shortly after you provide us with the details of your cosmetics packaging.

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