Top 10 Pizza Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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Running a busy pizza franchise? Have a local packaging supply business? Here is where you can order quality pizza boxes. The article contains the ten best pizza box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Each company has been carefully picked based on reputation, product quality, and customer service. Read on to learn more!

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What is a Pizza Box, and What is It Used for?

The pizza box is made from cardboard. It is specifically designed to store cooked pizza. It is stackable, highly resistant, and thermally insulated. Moreover, the pizza box also provides room for advertisement as the brand logo can be printed on the top. It also makes pizza delivery pretty convenient. 

The cardboard used in pizza boxes is called corrugated cardboard. It is made from three layers of paper liners glued together. Also, pizza boxes are commonly used worldwide for all kinds of pizza. The most common use includes home deliveries and takeaways. This is because it is designed to keep the pizza fresh and in shape during transport.  

Top Pizza Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

The table below lists the top 10 pizza box manufacturers starting from the best: 

PositionCompanyLocation Employee
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. LtdGuangzhou100-150
2Shanxi Qianyuan Catering Packaging Co., Ltd.Shanxi100-150
3Dongguan Welm Eco Packaging Tech Co., Ltd.Dongguan100-150
4Guangzhou Vitality Printing Co. Ltd.Guangzhou150-200
5Foshan Ailisheng Technology Co., Ltd.Foshan50-100
6Dongguan NaiYa Packaging Products Co., Ltd.Dongguan100-150
7Yantai Xiangyu Packaging Co., Ltd.Yantai200-250
8Shanghai Hongmu Industrial Co., Ltd.Shanghai150-200
9Wenzhou Baofeng Printing Co., Ltd.Wenzhou200-250
10Guangdong Chuangxin Packaging Group Co., Ltd.Guangdong100-150

Company Summaries

Let’s dive deeply into each manufacturer to help you choose the right one for you!

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd

Packoi is a China-based custom packaging and printing products, specialist. It was founded in 1998 and thrives for excellence to this day. Interestingly, Packoi was founded on the brand vision to enable businesses of all sizes to afford branded packaging and marketing materials. 

As a result, the team at Packoi ensures your branded packaging and printing needs are duly met. All this while, you can focus on developing and growing the business. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of custom packages that cater to the needs of all businesses. You can also get in touch with their design team to build packages from scratch.

On top of it, Packoi ensures the use of sturdy materials for all package designs. Hence, this is it if you are looking for a reliable pizza box manufacturer. You can also order marketing materials alongside, such as booklets or brochures

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

Company Advantages:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Exclusive Branding
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Budget Friendly

Shanxi Qianyuan Catering Packaging Co,. Ltd

Qianyuan has earned a good reputation in the packaging industry. How did they achieve this? The manufacturer mostly worked on the customer first and the quality first philosophy. Therefore, the whole business model is designed around fulfilling customer needs with top-notch quality. 

Moreover, the manufacturer understands the challenges of modern enterprises. Thus, the manufacturer readily cooperates with businesses to solve their packaging needs. Currently, they have customers across continents and looking to expand. 

Also, another great thing about this manufacturer is its commitment to the environment. Qianyuan Catering is one of the first in its region to produce disposable and degradable paper packing. Additionally, they have 12 highly efficient modern production lines. 

Shanxi Qianyuan Catering Packaging Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Pizza Boxes
  • Cake Boxes
  • Salad Boxes
  • Packaging Boxes
  • Boat Boxes
  • Die Cut Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Quality Driven
  • Customer Frist Philosophy
  • Fast Delivery

Dongguan Welm Eco Packaging Tech Co,. Ltd

Welm Eco is a complete packaging platform for businesses. It was founded in 2012. However, their commitment and dedication led to exponential growth. Today, it offers all-around solutions to businesses worldwide. 

Moreover, the manufacturer has developed a strong trade and technical team. This reflects how it is an international client-focused manufacturer. You won’t find many companies that listen to the customer. However, Welm Eco is one of the rare gems. 

Also, as the name suggests, Welm Eco keeps the environment in mind. As a result, they put continuous effort into reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, almost all of their products are recyclable or biodegradable. 

With more than a dozen technical researchers with 30 years of production and a strong foreign trade business team, we can provide customers with various product issues in the industry.

Dongguan Welm Eco Packaging Tech Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Bakery Boxes
  • Pizza Packaging Products
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Custom Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Fast Production Set Up
  • Quick Order Turnaround
  • Good Customer Service

Guangzhou Vitality Printing Co,. Ltd

Vitality Printing is one of those companies that believe in leading tech and advanced equipment. On top of it, these guys have done everything to ensure first-class management at their production lines. 

Hence, their team takes care of all processes, including development, design, production, and printing. Moreover, the manufacturer takes immense pride in all its certifications and achievements over the year. 

Additionally, anyone who works with them will benefit because the company is always improving. They have some of the highest-class printing and packaging solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. How do they do it? Well, they have invested in all the latest and greatest machines from international companies. As a result, they are always ahead of the game. 

Guangzhou Vitality Printing Co. Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Corrugated Pizza Boxes
  • Paper Box
  • Carton Box
  • Food Box
  • Paper Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Low MOQ
  • Low Prices
  • Shorter Lead Time

Foshan Ailisheng Technology Co,. Ltd

Ailisheng Technology is next in line with both OEM and ODM services on the table. The manufacturer is located in Foshan city near air and road transport routes. Therefore, it is pretty convenient for them to produce and quickly ship the order. 

Moreover, the manufacturer has imported all production machinery from Germany. Thus, their production is not only efficient but effective. You can easily throw a bulk order their way and expect swift delivery in no time. 

Also, another great thing about Ailisheng is customer support. They treat customers as part of the business. What does this mean? Well, they are always open to advice and new ideas. As a result, every time you go to them, they will listen to you first. Once you are done, they provide the relevant situations customized to solve your specific needs. 

Foshan Ailisheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Paper Boxes
  • Corrugated Pizza Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Paper Handbags

Company Advantages:

  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Modern Factory Processing
  • Rigid QC Measures

Dongguan NaiYa Packaging Products Co,. Ltd

NaiYa Packaging is a highly experienced player in the industry. They have only five main products. These include paper boxes, paper bags, cards, adhesive labels, and color-printed stuff. There is further variety in all five kinds of products which you can find on their website. 

Moreover, getting in touch with their design team is extremely easy if you wish to place a customized order. They have set up a small yet efficient 6,000 square meters production line. However, since they are using heavy German machinery, the output is more than you can imagine. 

Lastly, they offer some of the best prices for packaging solutions. Nevertheless, keep in mind this is only for big bulk orders. Otherwise, you would have to pay the extra cost that they incur for producing smaller orders. 

Dongguan NaiYa Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Cake Box
  • Corrugated Pizza Boxes
  • Paper Bowl
  • Snack Box
  • Food Trays

Company Advantages:

  • Food Grade Certifications
  • Custom Order Facilities
  • Swift Order Delivery

Yantai Xiangyu Packaging Co,. Ltd

Xiangyu Packaging has a packaging solution for almost every industry out there. The enterprise began operations in 2005 and continues to go strong with exclusive designs. The best thing about their team is that they don’t let anyone go unsatisfied. 

Moreover, this is true even if they don’t have a packaging solution for your niche. Just tell them what you want, and they will figure out a way to get it done. Oh, and they get it right every time. 

As for reputation, they mostly work with long-term customers. This is reflected in the quality of products and services. On top of it, you can read customer reviews about how reliable, honest, and trustworthy they are. So much that they cover a good chunk of both national and international share for packaging products. 

Yantai Xiangyu Packaging Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Boxes with Die Cutting
  • Corrugated Pizza Boxes
  • Corrugated Shipping Boxes
  • Corrugated Shoe Boxes
  • Pizza Packaging Products

Company Advantages:

  • Experienced Staff
  • Industry Experts
  • Vast Range of Products

Shanghai Hongmu Industrial Co,. Ltd

Hongmu Industrial has 12 years of combined experience as its base. All of this is brought to the table by its core team, which has led the company to great heights in recent years. Moreover, the manufacturer works on a long-term vision. Hence, they have tremendously developed modern production and advanced technology teams.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has a fully equipped production plant. Therefore, they are doing lots of business every year, taking huge orders. On top of it, they are expanding rapidly, so you can jump on to become a customer and get served quality products on time. 

Lastly, they produce 4 main kinds of products. These include all kinds of paper boxes, gift boxes, jewelry cards, and color-printed manuals and instructions. You can opt for variations or customize them however you like. 

Shanghai Hongmu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Pizza Boxes
  • Insulation Box
  • Variety of Corrugated Boxes
  • Card Box
  • Gift Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Modern Production Approach
  • Exclusive Customization Team

Wenzhou Baofeng Printing Co,. Ltd

Baofeng Printing has more than two decades of packaging experience. The manufacturer started operations in 2000. To this day, the manufacturer is committed to the production of environment-friendly paper packaging products. 

They cater to customers from the fast-food industries, mainly in Europe and America. However, you can still reach out to them if you are from some other part of the world. All products supplied by them are food safety compliant, maintaining its reputation as a food packaging professional. 

Moreover, the manufacturer takes environmental impact pretty seriously. Therefore, the factory and the final products, are all designed to minimize environmental costs. 

Wenzhou Baofeng Printing Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Paper Bags
  • Paper Boxes
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Pizza Packaging Products
  • Corrugated Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Massive Production Unit
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fast Turnaround

Guangdong Chuangxin Packaging Group Co,. Ltd

Chuangxin Packaging Group was established in 2008. The manufacturer uses 100% new materials and turns them into finished packaging products. All products in their factory are in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 management systems. Thus, they always prioritize product quality and minimize environmental impact. 

The manufacturer has a good international reputation with customers in more than 20 countries. On top of it, all products are RoHS and SGS certified. Moreover, they offer some of the most competitive prices for the most premium packaging solutions. You can also get premium printing and branding as per your need. 

Guangdong Chuangxin Packaging Group Co., Ltd.

Main Products and Services: 

  • Cosmetic Box
  • Coffee Box
  • Cake Box
  • Pizza Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Low Prices
  • Superior Quality
  • Customer Service Excellence

How to Choose the Right Pizza Box Manufacturer for Your Needs?

If you are not carefully choosing the manufacturer for your product, you are making a big mistake. The right manufacturer will provide the right quality of products. This reflects directly on your company’s service and status. Consider the following four factors when choosing the right pizza box manufacturer for your needs:  

  • Production Capacity: as a business, it is vital for you to meet customer demand on time. Therefore, you should only work with a manufacturer that can produce your required quantity of product at the desired quality level. Make sure to talk about this beforehand and ensure you discuss future growth prospects in advance. 
  • Shipping Method: this has a lot to do with your location from the manufacturer. If you are located far, then air cargo is the quickest means. However, if you are located near a road or ship, the cargo would be cheaper and delivered quickly as well. Just make sure you are not overpaying on shipping to maximize profits in the long run. 
  • Product Certifications: most reliable manufacturers who trade internationally have the relevant certifications. However, ensure they have certifications that align with your region-specific requirements. On top of it, certifications are a must if you are working in the food or medical industry. 
  • Competitive Price: it doesn’t mean that you should go for the lowest price among the competition. In fact, competitive price is only here as a reference so that you don’t fall for too high or too low prices. Make sure whatever quote you get from the manufacturer; is in line with what other reliable manufacturers are offering. Too low prices can mean lower quality. At the same time, too high prices can mean you are being overcharged. 
pizza boxes

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Pizza Box Manufacturer

You must be wondering why a Chinese packaging manufacturer, right? Well, pizza corrugated box manufacturers in China are at the top of their game. These guys provide a fully custom experience with the best of everything. This includes all factors, including low costs, higher quality, quick turnarounds, customizations, and a variety of products. 

  • Economical Prices: China is the hub of world trade. You can get anything from this country at a reasonable price, and that is true for pizza boxes. Packaging manufacturers in China offer the best services for considerably lower prices as compared to manufacturers in the rest of the world. 
  • Vast Product Range: given the high competition in Chinese markets, there is always a lot to choose from. Moreover, Chinese manufacturers also focus on R&D and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Thus, they end up offering product varieties that are hardly found anywhere else in the world. 
  • Quick Turnarounds: most packaging businesses in China are B2B. Therefore, they have the right equipment and manpower to produce bulk orders in no time. As a result, you get to enjoy quick turnarounds and meet rising customer demands with ease. This is also beneficial if your business is relatively new and expanding rapidly. 
  • Premium Quality: manufacturers in China have vast experience, expertise, and tested raw materials. All of this combined allows them to offer a product that reflects premium. On top of it, their customer service is unmatched as they ensure all customer problems are handled carefully. 
  • Customizations: if you want your business to stand out, partner with a Chinese manufacturer. They are business-minded people who know what they are doing. Additionally, they have developed design teams to ensure customers worldwide get what they require per their specific needs. 


Pizza box manufacturers are in abundance. However, it is a delicate business since food is involved. As a result, it becomes essential to only work with someone reliable. The above list of the top 10 pizza box manufacturers is comprehensive in this regard. On top of it, the factors to consider when choosing a Chinese manufacturer to seal the deal are. 

Packoi Printing has partnered with numerous businesses worldwide. We are known for our exceptional service and product quality. As a result, if your business is in need of a reliable pizza box manufacturer or any packaging solution, you can always walk through our doors, whether by foot, email, or a simple call. Get in touch today!

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