Top 10 China Gift Packing Box Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Coming up with the ideal gift box design for your product to please your customers is a huge win. Do you know what's better? Finding a reliable and budget-friendly gift box manufacturer! Personalized packaging, such as custom-printed gift boxes and paper bags, can increase brand recognition and please your customers by providing unique unboxing experiences. To help you get there, we’ve compiled a list of the top gift packing box manufacturers in China.

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What are Gift Packing Boxes and What are They Used for?

Gift boxes are sturdy decorative boxes in which people pack gift items. They offer better protection and durable support to gifts compared to wrapping paper. Since they’re used for packing gifts, they have a beautiful appearance to incite curiosity.

The overall application of a gift box is to incite curiosity in the recipient. Although the item inside the box is a real gift, the gift box that covers it can be a treat for the eyes. Gift packing box manufacturers create an endless variety of such products to appeal to a wider audience.

Whether it’s a family member surprising another or a company celebrating with its employees on a special occasion, gift boxes add to the overall joy and excitement. Holiday gift boxes are a way of showing appreciation for something or someone.

Today, many gift packing box manufacturers let customers order products/services for their loved ones through the internet. What’s more, the majority of those companies have added a gift-wrapping service to add a touch of personalization to their services.

An Overview of the Top Gift Packing Box Manufacturers in China

We have overviewed some of the leading brands and companies in China to bring together a list that will help you find the perfect packaging partner. Whether you’re looking for a food gift box packaging manufacturer or a luxury box manufacturer, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the list of the following gift packing box manufacturers in China that are leading the markets when it comes to creating personalized gift boxes and custom-printed packaging products.

CompanyEstablishment Headquarter
Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co. Ltd.1998Guangzhou
Shanghai Leisa Printing Technology Co., Ltd.2014Shanghai
Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd1998Shanghai
Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd2015Dongguan
Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry Limited2003Shenzhen
Dongguan Caiye Packaging Co., Ltd.2003Dongguan
Xiamen Homer Trimmings Co., Ltd2000Xiamen
Sunvandar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.2002Shenzhen
Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co., Ltd.2017Guangzhou
Innove Packaging1988Shenzhen

Top 10 Gift Packing Box Manufacturers in China

Manufacturing companies and suppliers are vital cogs driving the Chinese economy. Since being in China grants easy access to raw materials and a large workforce, the overall COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) take a plunge which favors businesses and brands like yours in the form of low prices.

What else do the following gift box manufacturers offer other than competitive pricing and high-quality finished packaging products? Here’s what we found out for you:

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Packoi Printing

This gift packing box manufacturer started in 1998 and quickly rose to prominence for its high-quality finished packaging products across China. Packoi Printing expanded its range of products from corrugated and cardboard boxes to mailer boxes, shipping boxes, paper bags, and gift boxes.

Packoi also invested in high-tech printing equipment to provide custom-printed packaging products to suit a wide variety of needs. Over two decades of experience, the company has built a strong client base in China and across dozens of countries.

The packaging specialists have set low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) which means clients can order a short sample before a big order to test the quality. In addition, Packoi is among the certified and licensed gift packing box manufacturers.

Primary Products

Service Features

  • Low MOQ
  • Customized printing
  • Quality-tested boxes

Shanghai Leisa Printing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Leisa Printing

Leisa Printing Technology is a runner-up in the gift packing box industry in China. The company has perfected the art of presenting unique gift boxes to clients across the globe. It has domestic, as well as, international clients acquiring personalized packaging services.

One of the main perks of siding with Shanghai Leisa Printing Technology is that it offers competitive pricing along with reliable customer support. Additionally, the gift box manufacturer has invested in cutting-edge printing tech to facilitate custom gift packing box orders from clients.

The team of professionals at the large manufacturing and printing facilities complies with a general screening process to ensure all raw material is high-quality. Consequently, the final products from this luxury box manufacturer also undergo quality assurance to ensure clients receive the quality they’ve paid for.

Primary Products

  • Custom gift boxes
  • Custom corrugated boxes
  • Custom paper bags

Service Features

  • Quality guarantees
  • Direct manufacture pricing
  • Free quote/consultation

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Custom Packaging

It’s one of the longest-running gift packing box manufacturers in China. Whether it’s kraft paper bags or highly customized gift boxes, Custom Packaging has got you covered. The packaging specialists have left no room for error when it comes to planning, scheduling, and delivering products.

They’re always on time and ensure hassle-free shipment through their highly experienced logistics management experts on board. What’s more, the company has been in the business for over two decades.

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd. brings unique packaging solutions that align with your brand, products, and business goal. If you require assistance, this luxury box manufacturer offers online consultation and provides instant quotes for orders.

Primary Products

  • Custom-printed display boxes
  • Custom-printed paper bags
  • Custom-printed gift boxes

Service Features

  • Prompt delivery
  • Short lead time
  • Large production capacity

Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd

Detai Printing & Packaging

Detai has become one of the leading gift packing box manufacturers mainly due to its versatile varieties of packaging during holidays. With over twenty years in the packaging and printing industry, the company has excelled in quality printing and package customization.

The company uses cutting-edge printing tech and packaging machinery to lower production error rates, such as the Heidelberg printing machines. Therefore, Detai has secured a loyal client base in domestic and international markets.

It has a sizeable production capacity and produces nearly a million packaging units per month. So, large orders aren’t a problem at all. Detai also offers a wide variety of finishes and lets you customize the gift boxes according to your requirements. Lastly, what makes it different from most gift packing box manufacturers is its real-time customer service.

Primary Products

  • Custom paper gift boxes
  • Custom display boxes
  • Custom paper jewelry boxes

Service Features

  • Dedicated designers team
  • Versatile paper box varieties
  • Short lead times

Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry Limited

Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry

It’s the one-stop shop for all your gift packing box needs. Whether you want to order a large batch of cigar gift boxes or wine gift boxes, Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry has got your back. It’s a wholesale fancy packaging boxes manufacturer with a versatile range of gift boxes.

All products coming out of the packaging and printing facilities go through multi-step screening processes to ensure consistent quality across the production line. Also, there’s a team of digital designs who’ll get your gift boxes printed with every single detail in your requirements.

Bestyle is among a handful of gift packing box manufacturers that source raw materials from certified and licensed suppliers. In addition, the company holds transparency across the major production and printing processes to gain higher client satisfaction.

Primary Products

  • Custom cardboard gift boxes
  • Custom rigid gift boxes
  • Custom luxury boxes

Service Features

  • Latest certifications (ISO and FSC)
  • Reliable customer support
  • Wide box range

Dongguan Caiye Packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Caiye Packaging

It’s a pioneering company in competition with the best gift packing box manufacturers in China. The main headquarter is located in Dongguan city which remains open throughout the week, i.e., Monday to Sunday.

The company relies heavily on the latest printing technology and has introduced KBA106 and KBA142 printing machines into the business over the years. The team at Dongguan Caiye packaging Co., Ltd. has strict quality assurance processes.

Caiye Packaging utilizes fine-quality raw materials to produce durable and sturdy gift boxes. Moreover, the company has flexible communication channels to direct your needs straight to the design team and packaging experts. Moreover, Caiye is also an excellent food gift box packaging manufacturer, especially during holidays and celebrations.

Primary Products

  • Custom folding boxes
  • Custom-printed corrugated boxes
  • Custom-printed gift boxes

Service Features

  • Low wastage (environmentally friendly)
  • Customized stamping
  • High-quality customization
  • Xiamen Homer Trimmings Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Homer Trimmings Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Homer Trimmings

Xiamen Homer Trimmings Co., a high-tech enterprise, relies only on modern printing machines and packaging ideas. The team of gift box designers is filled with young talent. Using 3D software and effective communication with clients, the company has seen a major drop in its error rate over the years.

If you were looking for a food gift box packaging manufacturer with a wide range of products and factory pricing, you’ve found the perfect partner. Xiamen Home Trimmings Co., Ltd. produces everything in its massive packaging and printing facilities.

After sourcing raw materials from reliable suppliers, the team conducts a strict screening to ensure the production of sturdy gift boxes. Moreover, the design teams working with this wholesale fancy packaging boxes manufacturer follow the clients’ gift box requirements down to every single detail.

Primary Products

  • Luxury paper gift bags
  • Holiday gift boxes
  • Custom-printed labels/tags

Service Features

  • Low MOQ
  • Environmental-friendly packaging
  • After-sales service

Sunvandar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Sunvandar Printing & Packaging

Although Sunvandar printing officially launched in 2002, the leading experts at the head of this gift box manufacturer have been operating in the packaging industry for over 30 years! The experts are well-suited to handling the needs of a diverse set of brands and businesses, all from different industries.

At Sunvandar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., custom printing is a highly regarded virtue. Furthermore, printing errors rarely occur because the design team comprises seasoned professionals. The pros pay attention to detail so you can finalize a gift box design for your customers in time.

The company has several packaging and printing facilities under its ownership which help it sustain a sufficient production capacity year-round. Hence, you should expect short lead times and nearly no production delays with this luxury box manufacturer.

Primary Products

  • Custom paper gift bags
  • Custom-printed gift boxes
  • Custom cardboard boxes

Service Features

  • Instant customer support
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Seasoned digital experts

Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Minglai Packaging

In Guangzhou, Minglai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a reliable gift box manufacturer providing packaging products at competitive prices. Compared to gift box manufacturers in the USA, Minglai Packaging Co. has a higher production efficiency which guarantees timely deliveries.

Minglai Packaging Co. has been in the industry for over 15 years and offers unique packaging solutions with custom printing services. Although the company mainly caters to small and medium-sized Chinese businesses, it’s open to brands abroad.

Not many gift packing box manufacturers have flexible operations to accommodate seasonal spikes in the demand for packaging products without compromising on quality. ButMinglai Packaging Co. has!

Primary Products

  • Gift boxes
  • Food boxes
  • Paper bags

Service Features

  • Short lead times
  • Market-competitive prices
  • Low MOQ

Innove Packaging Co., Ltd.

Innove Packaging

Innove Packaging has taken the last spot among the most competitive gift packing box manufacturers on our list. It has all the facilities you would require for high-quality gift packaging with custom-printed designs and logos. The company addresses clients’ requirements as a top priority and reduces error rates by using cutting-edge printing tech.

On the other hand, Innove Packaging has a team of compassionate and knowledgeable representatives to answer all your queries by phone or email. You can get a quote for your gift box order on the same day. In addition, you can also request a small sample order to review Innove’s product quality.

The company brings a wide variety of packaging to the table. You can choose between small plastic cases, paper bags, and paper gift boxes. The factories under the ownership of this dependable gift box manufacturer have robust quality control regulations to keep your order safe from any defective units.

Primary Products

  • Custom paper gift boxes
  • Custom paper bags
  • Custom cosmetics packaging

Service Features

  • High-quality printing
  • Customizable packaging designs
  • Dedicated customer support

How To Choose the Right Gift Packing Box Manufacturer for Your Needs

We know you have more questions than the list answers. Fortunately, all the companies we’ve listed are easy to find on the internet; a simple Google search will do! Conversely, we also understand that picking the perfect packaging partner can be quite a challenge.

To make the process of choosing a mini gift box manufacturer easier, we’ve compiled a small list of factors that you can consider before making an important decision. Here’s what to know!

● Certification

One of the first things you need to check is the level of certification held by your chosen mini gift box manufacturer. ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications are the most important badges Chinese gift packing box manufacturers can hold.

One shows that the company complies with quality management standards while the other one relates to environmental management, respectively. You can also check if the company providing services to you is affiliated with any shipping company, and if so, then check if it’s doing so legally.

● Variety

If you’re a brand requiring gift packing boxes to impress your customers or perhaps, expand your packaging methods, chances are that you will require an endless stream of ideas. A wholesale fancy packaging boxes manufacturer that has a skilled team of digital designers and printing experts can be a massive win.

Such a team can create new ideas that not only align with your brand and products but also improve your overall market appearance. Check the packaging varieties that the abovementioned companies are offering, and then choose the one that suits your current, as well as, future endeavors.

● Lead Times

Gift packaging is a booming industry, especially around holidays and days of celebrations. Therefore, it’s in your business’s best interest to team up with a gift box supplier that can guarantee short lead times and hassle-free deliveries even during the busiest business days.

Also, consider checking for shipping company affiliations with your chosen gift box manufacturer. Sometimes, finding a manufacturer that also provides logistics support management can save you time and money.

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

After you choose a Chinese box manufacturer, you can rest easy that production capacity will not be a problem. Why is that? With the growing number of high-tech enterprises in China, gift packing box manufacturers are guaranteeing sufficient production capacities to accommodate seasonal order spikes. Here are additional benefits:

● Competitive Prices

As the adage goes, China is the world’s factory for a reason. It has access to a range of raw materials. Large workforce, and an endless supply of high-tech machinery. In fact, a good proportion of modern tech developments take place in China.

How does that help you? All those factors combined, lead to lower costs of production. In turn, Chinese luxury box packaging manufacturers charge competitive prices.

● Sufficient Capacity

In China, manufacturers keep opening new factories to produce more units within less time while enjoying economies of scale. Consequently, this leads to lower costs of production and higher production capacity, meaning manufacturers and suppliers can cater to a massive quantity of orders.

● New Markets

Business experts know that manufacturing is cheaper in China. Low costs of producing goods translate into better profit margins, resulting in potential customer gains and higher sales revenue due to competitive pricing.

But, did you know that working with a Chinese gift box manufacturer could also improve your chances of entering new markets? China is a major corridor for global economic activities, spanning over a large proportion of the Asian continent.


You’ll find dozens of gift packing box manufacturers in China, but only a few come close to the level of services and products that Packoi Printing Co., Ltd. offers. We’re a high-tech enterprise operating out of Guangzhou, China.

Instead of cutting corners, we bring out-of-the-box packaging and printing solutions for our clients. Our team of experts is ever-ready to assist you in finalizing a gift box design.

Contact us today and get a small sample order delivered to your company for a thorough quality assessment. We know quality matters to you as much as it matters to us.

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