Top 10 Custom Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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AFind ten perfect custom box manufacturers in China to provide unique custom packaging solutions for your company.

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Creating unique packaging boxes for your brand could help you gain competitive edges in the marketing department. Find out about the extraordinary perks of custom-printed boxes and where you can find affordable packaging online in China.

What Are Custom Boxes and What Are They Used For?

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes refer to shipping boxes and/or packaging boxes with completely customized shapes, designs, sizes, and forms based on a brand’s requirements. They subtly represent a specific brand in a market with hundreds or even thousands of competitors.

Companies and brands often utilize them to maintain a distinct impression from their competitors in the eyes of the general public. In simple terms, custom-printed boxes, such as shipping boxes and packaging boxes, offer multiple benefits.

A custom box is designed uniquely to fit a specific product and keep it safe until it reaches the customer. It represents the style and tone of a brand in its market. And as we established previously, custom-printed boxes serve aesthetic purposes better than generic packaging.

Overview of Top Custom Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

In the table below, you will learn about 10 custom box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Remarkably, these top-most competitive custom packaging companies are competing for the number one spot in China and the rest of the world.

PositionCompanyLocation Established (Year)
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. LtdGuangzhou1998
3Ming Tai Printing Company Ltd.Guangzhou2009
4Great Packing Co., LtdShanghai2010
5Xiamen Chief Color Co., LtdXiamen2005
6Welm Packaging Co., LtdHong Kong2012
7Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., LtdShanghai1997
8SunEco Box – Custom Eco PackagingQingdao1990s
10Max Bright Packaging Ltd.Dongguan2004

Top 10 Custom Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

In this section, you’ll briefly learn about the strengths and features of China’s top 10 custom-printed box manufacturers. Knowing each company’s specific areas of expertise can make a more lucrative and pocket-friendly selection.

Why do we list the top 10 and not just one or two? While some companies offer quick turnarounds and excellent customer support with low error rates, others offer faster deliveries, higher customization, and low costs.

So, you must weigh the pros and cons of the best of the best to find the best partner in the list of competitive packaging specialists.

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd

Packoi Printing website

Packoi Printing is the one-stop solution for companies with custom package printing needs. With a quick turnaround time and the expertise of dozens of experts, Packoi provides unrivaled print quality.

The company has stated a low MOQ for custom boxes at 300 pieces, while the MOQ for custom printed marketing material is 500. Experts give clients complete control over the customization of printed packaging.

Primary Products:

Service Features:

  • Full customization
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Quick turnaround
  • Extensive quality assurance

2. PakMaker


PakMaker is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and accepts wholesale orders for custom-printed paper bags, boxes, and cardboard packages. Clients can expect early deliveries by communicating their requirements effectively with the 24/7 customer support team.

The company has become a growing choice for national and international clients for custom-printed boxes and other personalized packaging products in recent years. You can get an instant quote for your custom box order and even get samples.

Primary Products:

  • Custom-made candy boxes
  • Custom Chinese take-out boxes
  • Custom packaging boxes (perfume)
  • Custom-printed cosmetic boxes
  • Custom rigid boxes

Service Features:

  • Competitive rates
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Faster deliveries
  • CE & GB 14866 Certifications

3. Ming Tai Printing Company Ltd.

PakFactory - Homepage

The custom packaging company owns manufacturing, printing, and finishing facilities in China. It sources high-quality raw materials and fuses them with brand-specific designs through certified processes. By utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology, the company’s clients enjoy low error rates.

Clients can consult with experts at PakFactory and get free quotes. The unrivaled benefit of working with this company is that it offers custom packaging products for major industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food.

Primary Products:

  • Custom corrugated boxes
  • Custom mailer boxes/bags
  • Custom folding cartons
  • Custom reusable bags
  • Customized display boxes

Service Features:

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Limitless customization options
  • Time-saving production and deliveries
  • Low minimums (MOQ)

4. Great Packing Co., Ltd

Great Packing - Homepage

Great Packing, headquartered in Shanghai in 2010, is a cost-effective custom packaging solution provider for clients worldwide. Brands can enjoy shorter lead times, cost-effective contracts, and specialized printing processes.

Choosing Great Packing ensures you work with a team of highly sorted and seasoned custom packaging product manufacturers in China. The company offers competitive prices, a low MOQ, and free samples.

Primary Products:

  • Custom corrugated bottle boxes
  • Custom makeup paper palettes
  • Custom makeup paper palettes
  • Custom paper bags
  • Custom rigid paper box

Service Features:

  • Short shipping time
  • Low-cost custom box samples
  • Excellent customer service
  • Brand-tailored designs and packaging specialist support

5. Xiamen Chief Color Co., Ltd

Xiamen Chief Color - Homepage

The company has been SA8000 and Sedex audited and FSC certified. For nearly two decades, Chief Color has been the source of sustainable material-produced custom packaging products. These include quality-printed custom boxes, paper bags, and cardboard boxes.

Xiamen Chief Color goes the extra mile to deliver luxury laminated paper bags and boxes to give your brand the look it deserves.

Primary Products:

  • Luxury laminated paper bags
  • Custom kraft paper bags
  • Custom foldable and printed rigid boxes
  • Custom folding cartons
  • Custom wine paper bag

Service Features:

  • Quality finishes
  • Seasoned packaging specialists
  • Reliable customer support team
  • Huge-scale customization

6. Welm Packaging Co., Ltd

Welm Packaging - Homepage

Welm Packaging is an organized, customized packaging solutions provider in China for all your needs. Regardless of your industry, the manufacturer can produce and supply finely printed custom corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, paper bags, and more.

You can get a free quote by consulting the experts at Welm Packaging. Cutting-edge tech and modern marketing tactics enable the company to produce brand-oriented final products.

Primary Products:

  • Custom blister packaging
  • Custom pizza boxes
  • Custom-printed gift packaging
  • Custom-printed paper bags
  • Custom mooncake boxes

Service Features:

  • After-sales services
  • Quick proofing
  • International quality systems and certifications
  • Shorter lead times

7. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Box Packing Solution - Homepage

Shanghai Box Packing Solution is one of the best custom box and paper bag manufacturers in China. Offering extreme customization features and online design consultation at competitive rates. BPS holds a firm ranking among the top-most competitive custom-printed box and paper bag suppliers.

The skilled workforce has earned a reputation for low error rates and quick turnarounds. Moreover, thanks to its affiliation with renowned shipping companies, BPS offers shorter lead times.

Primary Products:

  • Custom cardboard displays
  • Customer-printed paperboard boxes
  • Custom-printed paper bags
  • Custom double-walled corrugated boxes
  • Custom packaging boxes (printed and labeled)

Service Features:

  • 100% recyclable material
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Free design support
  • Expedited shipping

8. SunEco Box – Custom Eco Packaging

SunEco Box - Homepage

SunEco Boxes is among the first-rated paper packaging box manufacturers and suppliers in Qingdao, China. The company operates as a pioneer of paper packaging products. Through state-of-the-art production facilities and printing services, the company offers white boxes, color boxes, custom corrugated boxes, and more.

You can enjoy discounts on bulk orders, discuss endless box design varieties, and even avail yourself of minimum quantity orders at short lead times. Custom product boxes are the specialty of Sunoco Box.

Primary Products:

  • Custom fruit & vegetable packaging carton box
  • Custom-labeled color boxes
  • Custom shipping boxes
  • Custom PP-woven bags
  • Custom food packaging

Service Features:

  • Biodegradable material use
  • 30 years of experience
  • Client-oriented customization
  • Scalable order quantities

9. Belpax: Custom Packaging Specialist in China

Belpax - Homepage

Belpax has worked with some of the most popular and biggest brands in the world, including Disney and Marvel Entertainment. All clients benefit from Belpax thanks to its diverse range of products. From wood and plastic to paperboard and corrugated packaging products, the company delivers a wide range of options.

It serves nearly all types of industries, including food, cosmetics, and fashion. Furthermore, you can expect low costs and a low MOQ with short shipping delays and quick customer support. Overall, it’s a one-stop solution for niche-specific custom box and paper bag packaging products.

Primary Products:

  • Custom tin packaging
  • Custom wood packaging
  • Custom-printed plastic packaging
  • Durable corrugated boxes
  • Printed and labeled rigid boxes

Service Features:

  • Competitive prices
  • Instant structure designs and ideas
  • Reasonable MOQ
  • White or printed sample order (custom orders)

10. Max Bright Packaging Ltd.

Max Bright Packaging - Homepage

Unlike others, Max Bright Packaging serves a variety of industries with its custom box manufacturing and printing services. The primary services include producing paper bags, custom boxes, and carton packages with correct labels and fine color printing.

Due to responsive customer support, clients communicate effectively and discuss their requirements precisely. Hence, there are fewer errors and quicker production leads.

Primary Products:

  • Tin box varieties
  • Custom CBD and cannabis packaging
  • Custom-printed rigid boxes
  • Custom-printed spirit boxes
  • Custom jewelry packaging

Service Features:

  • FSC-certified material
  • Customized mock-up samples
  • Client-oriented planning and production
  • Short lead times
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5 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Box Manufacturer for Your Needs

Choosing a custom box printer and manufacturer shouldn’t seem like a challenge after reading about the most competitive packaging specialists in China. They deliver top-notch quality with sustainable material use, low cost of production, a lower MOQ, certified product processes, faster deliveries, and attractive designs.

Since you don’t want to leave room for error, you must weigh all the pros and cons to narrow down your selection. After all, investing in custom-printed boxes and custom packaging solutions means creating a public face for your brand that stands out from the rest.

Also, you should note that packaging can be reflective of product quality and standards. Going with sub-par packaging and generic box designs can save you money in the long run. Subsequently, it could also push you down the ladder of distinctiveness.

custom package boxes

To make things easy and help you choose the right custom box manufacturer in China, we’ve created a list of factors for consideration. These include location, capabilities, customization range, certification, material use, and, of course, the price.

Combining these factors and weighing them as per your brand’s needs can help you circumvent the packaging dilemma.

1. Location

Choosing a custom-printed box manufacturer in China could provide you with multiple benefits. Firstly, a highly competitive custom box manufacturing and supply landscape will lead to greater accessibility. You should choose a custom box manufacturer that’s close to your existing customer base or, at least, your primary base of operations.

You can ensure lower shipping costs and reduced lead times with better delivery time-lapses and ultimately, happier customers. When you choose a custom paper box manufacturer in China, you can rely on speedy shipping, competitively priced services, and a higher variety.

2. Capabilities

Does your chosen custom cardboard packaging manufacturer have the capacity to produce the required quantity with the same quality every time? Make sure you read online client feedback for the chosen custom box design manufacturers.

Also, check for any custom packaging online design tool features on the manufacturer’s site to review their box styles and final quality. If the printed cardboard packaging manufacturer is offering samples, make sure you order some based on your box specifications.

3. Customization Range

Custom shipping box manufacturers and custom product packaging manufacturers offer different varieties of styles, designs, and materials. Review the chosen manufacturers extensively to learn what each has to offer. Then, pick the suitable out-of-box packaging manufacturer based on your budget, quantity, and brand tone.

4. Certification

FDA-approved box

The box material must be FDA-approved along with a few other certifications. The environmentally charged consumer markets and industries are now more conscious of the damage dealt to the planet in the process of providing high-quality goods and services. With a highly aware consumer base, regardless of your industry, you must invest in the right custom packaging company.

Some companies offer online design tool services where you can preview the final look of custom boxes and packages made with sustainable materials. Make sure you review packaging companies and choose a certified custom box manufacturer.

5. Price

Lastly, for almost every brand, research the price range and quotes of your chosen custom-printed box manufacturer. Comparing the prices between a handful of the most suitable custom-printed packaging suppliers is a lucrative approach.

You will require high-quality packaging and custom boxes (gift boxes, mailer boxes, tuck boxes, rigid boxes, etc.) at affordable prices. Since you’ll be choosing from customized packaging box manufacturers in China, you’ll have to include shipping costs and delay times in the calculation as well.

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5 Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

Now that you’re aware of how to choose the right supplier out of the top 10 printed packaging box manufacturers in China, let’s learn about the benefits of doing so. Why are custom-printed boxes so important, and are they worth your company’s buck?

Personalized packaging is a form of style and commitment from a brand. Whether selling clothes, fragrances, or household items, your product’s packaging makes the first impression. For a truly custom experience for your customers, opt for a Chinese packaging box manufacturer. Here’s why!

1. Abundance of Experience

The earliest benefit of teaming with Chinese custom-made packaging box manufacturers is the abundance of experience. The manufacturers have been in the market for decades and keep up with almost all new marketing and packaging updates.

From the use of the latest sustainable materials and eye-catching design varieties to high-efficiency production processes and quick turnarounds, a Chinese printed cardboard packaging manufacturer can deliver eco-friendly boxes such as corrugated cardboard boxes as per your specific requirements.

2. Competitive Market-Based Prices

If you’re an e-commerce store, you should order custom boxes because they are now branding tools for thousands of companies around the globe. Companies create custom packaging, like Amazon, so that customers recognize them instantly among their competitors!

But since standing out in any industry has never been more difficult, investing in competitively-priced services can give you room to breathe. Due to large-scale production, low labor costs, and higher variety, you can enjoy low prices with Chinese custom-printing paper box manufacturers.

custom printed box

3. High-Quality/Sustainable Material Access

Material use is a vital aspect to consider because you don’t want your customers to notice your packaging and custom boxes for all the wrong reasons. For your information, excessive packaging material use and polluting production processes can earn you quite a lot of criticism.

At the same time, you should also ensure that running for eco-friendly boxes doesn’t mean opting for low-quality material. Since China has a diverse landscape and abundant natural resources, especially timber, you can expect most Chinese custom product packaging manufacturers to deliver superior-quality goods.

4. Quicker Turnarounds

Quick turnarounds, or “fast deliveries” is an adage. You can expect quick turnarounds on massive orders by contracting or wholesaling a Chinese-printed cardboard packaging manufacturer. Thanks to large-scale rush production and shorter lead times, most Chinese manufacturers are quicker than custom packaging manufacturers in the USA.

5. Personalized Packaging Experience

Chinese custom packaging box manufacturers use high-quality timber, efficient tech, and seasoned packaging specialists to provide a completely tailored experience for your brand. Compared to Western counterparts, the majority of custom packaging manufacturers in China guarantee a low error rate while ensuring full adherence to your specifications.

In a nutshell, a Chinese custom cardboard packaging manufacturer will understand your business and goals to produce an intricate packaging model that suits your needs. Make sure you order custom boxes with the right manufacturer and utilize the chance to get samples before a massive contract.


Before you approach a Chinese custom cardboard packaging manufacturer, assemble your ideas and box-style designs to get started quickly. With Packoi Printing, you’ll be acquiring high-quality products with excellent customer service to mark your presence through unique retail packaging.

Packoi Printing encompasses state-of-the-art printing and production facilities with trained and passionate packaging specialists. If you want the best custom boxes to move your products safely and appeal to your customers, make sure you choose the best custom paper box manufacturer.

Contact Packoi today and enjoy a reliable stream of ideas and designs with certified material use and quick turnarounds!

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