Top 10 China Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Running a cosmetic business? Need to find a reliable cosmetic bag manufacturer? Look no further. Cosmetic bag manufacturers and suppliers in China are the best in class. This article will discuss the 10 best makeup bag manufacturers so you can choose the one to work with. Remember, we have carefully picked each wholesale cosmetic bag manufacturer based on customer reviews, product quality, and industry experience. 

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What are Cosmetic Bags, and What are They Used for?

Cosmetic bags are portable makeup bags used to carry makeup securely. It has enough space to store a number of cosmetics depending on the size. Moreover, it also comes in various garment materials. Additionally, it has a zipper for easy access to the cosmetics inside. 

Women often carry cosmetics bags in their handbags. This allows them to use makeup anywhere they want while traveling. On top of it, due to the portability of cosmetic bags, they have high demand in the makeup industry. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for manufacturers to jump into the business and make good profits. 

The Top 10 Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers In China

Finding the best-in-class cute cosmetic bag manufacturer for your business can be daunting. Fortunately, the following table consists of the top makeup bag zipper manufacturers in China:

Company NameHeadquartersEmployees
Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.Guangzhou100-150
Shenzhen Kingstar Bags and Cases Co., Ltd.Shenzhen150-200
Yiwu Justop Bags And Cases Co., Ltd.Yiwu100-150
Guangzhou Bomeirui Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Guangzhou150-200
Shenzhen Weiming Bags Co., Ltd.Shenzhen100-150
Ningbo Heguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.Ningbo50-100
Xiamen Packrich Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd.Xiamen50-100
Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd.Shenzhen100-150
Shenzhen Jiaxinda Packing Products Co., Ltd.Shenzhen150-200
Shanghai Himmers Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.Shanghai100-150

Company Summaries

Ready to know more about the manufacturer you want to do business with? Here’s a summary of each company:

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.

Packoi Printing

Packoi Printing has been operating since 1998. The manufacturer founded the company with the vision to provide affordable packaging solutions to businesses worldwide. Fast forward to today, they have achieved the vision with a highly diverse product catalog. Moreover, they ship to customers worldwide, so you can place an order from anywhere in the world. 

Furthermore, Packoi offers a mix of classy, sturdy, and luxurious packaging solutions. Also, they have the best-in-class customization team. Thus, you can expect some exclusive cosmetic bag customizations to represent your brand. 

Lastly, Packoi ensures zero compromises of product quality. However, while doing so, they also make sure their packaging solutions are sustainable. As a result, the manufacturer takes the environmental impact of the business quite responsibly. 

Main Products and Services:

Company Advantages:

  • Fast Shipments
  • Professional Service
  • Smooth Customization Process
  • Economical Pricing
  • Eco-friendly Products

Shenzhen Kingstar Bags and Cases Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kingstar Bags and Cases

Kingstar Bags and Cases was privately founded in 2002. The manufacturer specializes in designing and producing cases and bags of all kinds. This also includes an extensive catalog of cosmetic bag collections. Moreover, Kingstar is a trusted brand since the manufacturer has worked with big companies, including Sophia and Matt, Ferrari, etc. 

Besides, the QC measures at the Kingstar factory ensure consistent premium quality. The whole process has several steps where the QC team inspects for optimum results. As a result, greater attention to goods leads to better customer retention and satisfaction. Also, their design team offers exceptional support when it comes to custom orders. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Tote Shopping Bags
  • Backpack
  • Cooler Bags
  • Waist Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Strong QC
  • Trusted Brand
  • Customer Retention

Yiwu Justop Bags and Cases Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Justop Bags and Cases

Justop Bags and Cases was founded in 2006 as an international brand. Since its inception, the brand has earned a solid reputation in the international market. Moreover, the manufacturer only does wholesale business. Thus, you will find some of the lowest prices in their stores. This is also true for custom orders which they take quite responsibly. 

On top of it, the manufacturer offers competitive prices for low MOQ as well. This allows small businesses to afford premium cosmetic packaging solutions. Additionally, they ship products to more than 50 countries with the capacity to add more customers. Thus, it is a great opportunity for any business to start a long-term partnership with a premium brand. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Toiletry Bag
  • Box Storage
  • Storage Box
  • Box Organizer
  • Laundry Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Strong Trade Network
  • Delivers Pretty Quick
  • Offers Customizations

Guangzhou Bomeirui Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bomeirui Manufacturing

Bomeirui specializes in the manufacture of fashion packaging products. This includes cosmetic bags, pouches, assorted bags, card holders, etc. They have an extensive range of businesses that want to create unique catalogs for their customers. 

Moreover, the company comes with vast industry experience. Thus, they know all the latest trends in your specific regions. This allows them to help businesses stay ahead of the competition with innovative styles and designs. 

Eco-friendliness is another area of excellence for this manufacturer. The company ensures it only produces sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment. On top of it, they have one of the most robust quality management systems in the industry. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Package Case
  • Leather Goods
  • Bags
  • Cosmetic Case
  • Eva Boxes
  • Package Case
  • Leather Goods

Company Advantages:

  • Trendy Products
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Extensive Range of Products

Shenzhen Weiming Bags Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Weiming Bags

Weiming Bags is popularly known in the industry for being cosmetic bag experts. The manufacturer has 18 years of experience, and their product quality, design, and precision reflect that. On top of it, their professional staff has a combined experience of three decades. As a result, they have a lot of creative work going on, which you can benefit from. 

Moreover, the manufacturer takes quality control pretty seriously. So much so that they have quality control measures set up for every stage of the process. And once the product is ready, there is a final inspection before the order is sent out to the customer. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Cosmetic Bag
  • PVC Cosmetic Bag
  • Eva Bag
  • Cotton Bag
  • PVC Beach Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Niched Products
  • Robust QC Measures
  • Product Warranty

Ningbo Heguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Heguan Packing Products

Heguan is located in Ningbo and operates as a professional printing and packaging solutions provider. The manufacturer stands out from the rest based on industry experience and highly skilled staff. On top of it, they have a 3000 square meters production plant specifically dedicated to customized production. 

As a result, they make sure to listen to customer needs before anything else. For this, they have trained a professional design and development team. This team works with you from start to the beginning allowing you to get the exact product you want. 

Moreover, strict quality control measures have allowed the manufacturer to earn a good name among customers. This is one reason why they keep coming back for more. Hence, the manufacturer has good customer satisfaction and retention rates. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • Gift Paper Bag
  • Flower Paper Bag
  • Ivory Board Paper Bag
  • Carry Paper Bag
  • Cosmetic Bags and Cases

Company Advantages:

  • Highly Trained Professional Staff
  • 100% Custom Catalog
  • Speedy Delivery

Xiamen Packrich Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Packrich Imp. And Exp.

Packrich is known for being a pro-environment packaging solutions provider. The company was founded in 2000 and has gained rich industry experience over the years. Moreover, the manufacturer envisioned a company that uses the industry’s most economical and eco-friendly products. Hence, you will find a variety of garment bags and cases as well as non-woven bags and cases. 

Additionally, the design team at Pakrich firmly believes in fine craft. As a result, all their products have exquisite designs complemented by superior quality and durability. Moreover, with an ever-growing export marketing, the company is rapidly expanding. Hence, if there was a time to take advantage of their unique designs, it is now. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Non-woven Bridal Cover
  • Grocery Tote Bags
  • Backpack
  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Paper Bags
  • Paper Box

Company Advantages:

  • Unique Designs
  • Growing Market
  • Economical Rates

Shenzhen Charming Luggage Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Charming Luggage

Charing Luggage is another bags expert who has a variety of products in its portfolio. The company was founded 11 years ago by industry experts with an aim to provide niched fashion products. However, they stood out from the competition on the basis of affordable prices. As a result, a small business can benefit from its economical prices and higher-quality products. 

Moreover, the manufacturer attaches great importance to craft. As a result, they have a strong design team that puts their heart into every project they work on. You can throw any custom order their way, and they will deliver with a classy craft that helps businesses stand out. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Waist Bag
  • Backpack
  • Tote Bag
  • Cosmetic Bag
  • Toiletry Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Low MOQ

Shenzhen Jiaxinda Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiaxinda Packing Products

Ever seen those delicate pouches that carry jewelry and makeup? Jiaxinda develops and produces them. They only have seven years of experience. However, in those seven years, the manufacturer has learned everything about the industry through deep research. As a result, today, their cosmetic bags and pouches compete effectively in the international market. 

Moreover, they have customers in almost every part of the world. This is a great feat for a manufacturer that only started seven years ago. As a result, it reflects in their professional services and high customer satisfaction rates. 

Lastly, the manufacturer takes an active part in R&D and innovation. They believe that only innovation can lead to a better and cleaner planet. Hence, all their products are eco-friendly, minimizing the environmental impact. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Cotton Pouch
  • Velvet Pouch
  • Jute Pouch
  • Jewelry Pouch
  • Cosmetic Pouch

Company Advantages:

  • Modern Production Techniques
  • R&D Focused
  • Innovative Products

Shanghai Himmers Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Himmers Industrial & Trading

Himmers Industrials specializes in the development and production of a variety of bags. These include backpacks, cooler bags, cosmetic bags, etc. With almost a decade’s experience, they know the ins and outs of the industry. Hence, you can expect them to deliver quality products with high market demand. 

Moreover, they have professional design and technical teams. Additionally, these teams are equipped with modern technology to ensure production is efficient. The manufacturer also ensures that the team stays up to date with the latest industry trends. Thus, they take an active part in exhibitions and seminars globally. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Backpacks
  • Cooler Bags
  • Cosmetic Bags & Cases
  • Shopping Bags

Company Advantages:

  • Efficient Bulk Production
  • Great Customer Support
  • Highly Experienced

How To Choose The Right Cosmetic Bag Manufacturer For Your Needs

Doing business involves a lot of risks. However, business owners can take precautionary measures to minimize those risks. Choosing the right cosmetic bag manufacturer helps eliminate the risk of unreliability. But how can you do that? There are some key factors to consider when choosing the right large makeup bag zipper manufacturer for your needs. Let’s look at each separately: 

  • Industry Certifications: every industry requires certain certifications for products. For instance, the food industry requires FDA approval to ensure the products can be used for food items. Similarly, the cosmetic and fashion industry also requires certifications that dictate the level of quality of the products. As a result, you must ensure the manufacturer you choose works in line with all the relevant certifications. You can check your region-specific requirements by making a simple Google search. 
  • Manufacturer’s Reputation: a key factor because manufacturers with bad reputations only mean bad business. Hence, if you want a smooth partnership and exponential growth for your business, look for a reputable manufacturer. A great way to figure this out is by reading customer reviews in detail or case studies by the manufacturer. They give you an idea about the quality of products they sell as well as how they deal with customers before and after the sale. 
  • Production Capabilities: by production capabilities, we mean the efficient output produced by a manufacturer. This is important because you don’t want to work with a manufacturer who can’t produce the quantity you need in time. As a result, always check the production capacity and see if they have space for additional orders by you. Discuss these things in advance to avoid any inconvenience in the long run. 
  • Product Standards: you don’t want to be working with a manufacturer that does not offer the right standards of products. By standards, we mean quality. Since there the packaging industry is pretty dense, there are a lot of variations when it comes to product standards. As a result, decide on what you want and then look out for potential suppliers who offer that standard. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Cosmetic Bag Manufacturer

It’s always a pleasure to work with Chinese manufacturers. Partly because manufacturers in China have a strong business approach. However, in this case, the packaging industry, especially dealing with cosmetic bags is booming in the country. You can find a variety of experienced companies offering incredible products. Here are some highlight benefits of working with Chinese makeup brush bag manufacturer:

  • Warranty on Products: product warranty indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in the products. Hence, it allows you to trust them too. Fortunately, all reliable Chinese manufacturers offer product warranties. They know their product and have the confidence that it will satisfy the customer. Otherwise, a manufacturer would never offer a warranty on the products. Also, make sure to check customer reviews about warranty claims. Some manufacturers offer horrible warranty-claiming services. 
  • Quality Assurance: Chinese makeup bag organizer manufacturers have strict QC measures at every step of the production process. As a result, there is hardly any room for defects and issues. Hence, customers always receive perfectly premium final products. In case of human error, they offer to replace or exchange the product. This also happens free of cost with most reputable manufacturers. 
  • Affordable Prices: if you are running a business, you would want lower prices. Luckily Chinese hanging toiletry bag manufacturers have a wholesale business approach. As a result, they offer some of the best prices that you can find worldwide. Therefore, it helps businesses grow quickly with greater revenues and profits. 
  • Premium Raw Materials: Chinese manufacturers source the best garments and clothing materials. They have it both in national industries as well as imports from the neighboring country Pakistan. As a result, only premium raw materials go into your products. 


To conclude, running a successful business requires working with professional and reliable partners. On top of it, packaging is the first good impression you can have on your customer. This holds more importance in the cosmetics industry due to the nature of the business. As a result, choose the manufacturer wisely and keep all key indicators in mind.
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