Top 10 China Bakery Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers 

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Running a large bakery franchise? A proud owner of a local bakery shop specializing in fresh warm cakes, cupcakes, and pastries? You would probably know that proper presentation is as important as the items themselves. This article precisely lists the right packaging manufacturer for your bakery. Here we will discuss the top ten bakery packaging suppliers in China so keep reading!

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What Is Bakery Packaging, And Why Should It Matter To You?

Bakery packaging is a specialized packaging solution that ensures bakery items arrive at their destination looking as tasty and fresh as they did in the shop. The most common materials used for bakery packaging include wood, plastic, and paper. However, most companies go for eco-friendly material, i.e., paper.   

Bakery items are treats for your customers. This is exactly where bakery packaging comes in. Proper packaging will ensure that your clients will feel a certain way about your signature baked goods. Likewise, the packaging is one of the most important aspects of the baking business since your goods are enjoyed outside the shop, not inside. Moreover, the rightly marketed packaging promotes the brand message as well. 

Top Ten Bakery Packaging Manufacturers in China

The table below summarizes the top ten bakery packaging suppliers in China:

PositionCompany NameHeadquartersEmployees
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd.Guangzhou100-150
2Fuzhou Sencai Paper Products Co., Ltd.Fuzhou30-50
3Fujian Juhui Printing Co., Ltd.Fujian150-200
4Hengshui Huasu Packaging Material Co., Ltd.Hengshui150-200
5Yiwu Anteng Packaging Co., Ltd.Yiwu50-100
6Suqian Green Wooden Products Co., Ltd.Suqian100-150
7Jinan Xinshunyuan Packing Co., Ltd.Jinan250-300
8Chengdu Yebekea E-Commerce Co., Ltd.Chengdu50-100
9Guangdong Changxing Printing Service Co., Ltd.Guangdong200-250
10Yiwu Yili Mutai Trading Co., Ltd.Yiwu100-150

Company Summaries

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these companies, handpicked by our experts!

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd.

Packoi Printing

Packoi printing is one of the oldest packaging manufacturers in China. It was founded in 1998 and has more than two decades of industry experience under its belt. Since its birth, the company has focused on making the best packaging for all kinds of businesses while providing premium customer support.

You already know just how important packaging is for a baking business. The entire brand image needs to be communicated with the right packaging. So, your packaging should be customized to do exactly that. This is what Packoi specializes in. 

Packoi understands the difficulties businesses face with supplier communication at the other end of the world. Consequently, they have made sure that the support team works around the clock to solve your packaging problems. With an in-house team of expert designers, Packoi is a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. 

Main Products and Services

Company Advantages

  • Low MOQ Requirements
  • Fast Shipping
  • Custom Design Team
  • Bulk Orders
  • Professional Staff

Fuzhou Sencai Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Sencai Paper Products

Established in the year 2004, Sencai paper products is a well-reputed manufacturer of bakery packaging. The manufacturer has headquarters located in Fujian in, China. Moreover, the company has a total team of 30-50 people. However, don’t be fooled by its small team, as Sencai only hires the most talented people for the job. 

Additionally, the company specializes in paper packaging solutions for bakeries. Also, one of the best things about them is that they are environmentally conscious. Similarly, they also make sure that the technology used in their factories leaves a small carbon footprint. Still, have doubts? Their entire production process is transparent, so you can just hop online and check it out for yourself!

Moreover, their customer support team has a 99% response rate with less than 3 hours in response time. This shows how committed they are to ensuring that their customers always come first. 

Main Products and Services

  • Paper Box
  • Paper Bag
  • Customized Paper Bags
  • Bakery Packs

Company Advantages

  • Design Services
  • OEM Services
  • Quick Response

Fujian Juhui Printing Co., Ltd.

Fujian Juhui Printing

Next on the list, we have Juhui Printing, a manufacturer that specializes in food packaging only. It has 5 certifications in food packaging and a total production capacity of 93 million units per Annum. Their value proposition revolves around full customization, an agile supply chain, and quality control. As a result, they have set themselves apart from the other manufacturers. 

Moreover, Juhui understands the complexities behind food packaging. From ensuring that the food is protected as it is delivered to your customers to competing for the attention of shoppers on the shelf, Juhui is committed to ensuring it nails the food packaging life cycle. 

Moreover, they go one step further to make sure that you, as a customer, won’t feel like your voice isn’t being heard. Their customer support, design, and product teams will schedule a quick call with you to understand your requirements and create your customized product in record time. 

Main Products and Services

  • Paper Cup
  • Paper Box
  • Fast Food Packaging
  • Takeaway Food Box
  • Kraft Bowl

Company Advantages

  • Sample Based Customization
  • Design Based Customization
  • OEM Services

Hengshui Huasu Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Huasu Packaging Material

Huasu Packaging is a professional bakery and paper packaging manufacturer in China. It specializes in the production of food-grade paperboard, food-grade plastic, food-grade carton tray, and other related products. All these go out for the bakery industry, retailing industry, and food processing industry. 

Moreover, the company has an established reputation for its quality products, always delivered on time. On top of it, they offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Additionally, since its establishment in 2014, the manufacturer has been committed to researching and developing high-quality paper products. 

The company has a strong R&D team with more than 50 engineers and technicians. Hence, they drive towards researching new technologies and materials to ensure that they produce the best quality products.

Main Products and Services

  • Fruit Box
  • Egg Trays
  • Cake Box

Company Advantages

  • Professional Service
  • Delivery in Quick Time
  • Complete Customizations
  • Specializes in Food Packaging

Yiwu Anteng Packaging Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Anteng Packaging

Anteng Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bakery packaging, paper packaging, and other related products in China. As a result, the company supplies a wide range of packaging customer needs worldwide. 

Moreover. the company was established in 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million Yuan. It has two factories with an area of about 50 thousand square meters, roughly 75 employees, and an annual production capacity exceeding 4 million tons. 

On top of it, their factory has advanced equipment, such as a double-layer machine for coating paperboard and an automatic printing machine for printing labels on paperboard. Moreover, they also have a high-speed laminator for laminating film to create bags or boxes and other machines that are widely used in the industry.

Main Products and Services

  • Food Packaging Bags
  • Pet Food Packaging
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

Company Advantages

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • OEM/ODM Services
  • Sample Based Services

Suqian Green Wooden Products Co., Ltd.

Suqian Green Wooden Products

The company has an excellent reputation in the industry for being a trustworthy business partner. However, the manufacturer is relatively new compared to others and was founded in 2016. Nevertheless, the business was created to provide a customer- and product-first approach. Thus, this allowed them to quickly establish themselves as one of the leading companies in the industry of bakery packaging manufacturing. 

Moreover, the manufacturer has evolved over the years to understand the challenges of the modern enterprise. They have also invested significantly to improve their research and development process. Also, it is one of the most efficient companies on our list, with only more than 100 employees. 

Furthermore, Green Wooden mainly serves the North American market, with around 50% of their sale coming from the continent. Similarly, the wider Oceania region and Europe come as secondary markets with a 15% share each. Moreover, the company has 4 production lines and 14 supply chain, partners. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Disposable Wooden Sushi Boxes
  • Disposable Quick Cupcake Baking Mold
  • Wooden Fruit Blooming Box
  • Dried Fruit Cake Packaging
  • Wooden Round cake Box

Company Advantages:

  • Fully Customizable 
  • Research and Development 
  • Export Focused

Jinan Xinshunyan Packaging Co. Ltd

Jinan Xinshunyan Packaging

The company has been manufacturing bakery packaging products for 12 years, starting in 2010. With a keen focus on quality control, Xinshunyan Packaging has been a trusted partner for long-term clients. Hence, they have a reputation as one of the most flexible packaging-based printing and processing enterprises. 

​​Moreover, the company is located in Ningjia Port Industrial Park, Zhangqiu District, Ji’nan, Shandong, China. The plant area covers 10 thousand square meters. Additionally, the manufacturer also has EC21 membership and has been working with international clients for a decade. 

Xinshunyan Packaging mainly serves Western Europe, which serves 26% of its market. It is also the supplier to the domestic Chinese market, with 20% of its sales coming from China. Moreover. They also serve the Asian Market, with 12% of its revenue coming from the continent. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Environmental Protection Packaging Products
  • Airtight Bakery Packaging Products
  • Paper-Based Bakery Packaging Products
  • Kraft Paper Bag 

Company Advantages:

  • Design Based Customization
  • Sample Based Customization
  • Low MQQ Requirements. 

Chengdu Yebekea E-Commerce Co. Ltd.

Chengdu Yebekea E-Commerce

Chengdu is one of the few companies on the list with comprehensive product solutions. Besides taking customized orders, the manufacturer also invests heavily in research and development. Thus, they have produced innovative products over the years. Moreover, despite being recently created in 2017, they already have a solid customer base taking their products to customers worldwide. 

Also, it is one of the most efficient companies on the list. With just around 50 employees, the company generates revenue of millions of dollars each year. Another interesting fact about Chengdu is that they have their own internal quality control teams. 

Additionally, a large chunk of Chengdu’s customer base lies outside of China. For instance, Northern America comprises 18% of Chengdu’s total sales, followed closely by Europe, with 15% of the sales. It is the largest supplier to the Middle East with 10% of the sales coming from the region. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Mickey Mouse Rose Bouquet Gift Box
  • Velvet Bridesmaid Proposal Box
  • Candy Storage Boxes
  • Wooden Valentine Chocolate Boxes
  • Bakery Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Quick Shipping
  • Efficient Production
  • Customizable solutions

Guangdong Changxing Printing Service Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Changxing Printing Service

Changxing was established in 1992 and has been providing printing services for over 30 years. They have been doing business with companies such as Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a variety of products and services to their customers such as labels, stickers, boxes, cartons, etc. 

Moreover, they can also provide the necessary materials to develop their products. On top of it, Changxing Printing has more than 30 years of experience in this field. Hence, they are well-known for their high-quality products and excellent service.

Furthermore, their main business includes the production of bakery packagings, such as bread wrappers, cake boxes, and pastry bags. In addition to this, they also offer other services such as printing and design for their customers.

Main Products and Services:

  • Logo Paper Coffee Cups
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Custom Cardboard Gift Box
  • Cardboard Egg Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Agile Supply Chain
  • Quality Control 
  • Best Raw Materials

Yiwu Yili Mutai Trading Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Yili Mutai Trading

The company was established in 2006 with headquarters in Yiwu, China. It has two factories, one in Shanghai and the other in Yiwu. Moreover, they manufacture all kinds of bakery packaging for their customers, which include supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, and hotels. Moreover, they have over 30 years of experience, making them an A+ credit rating supplier on 

Additionally, Yili Mutai has been working with a number of international companies to expand its customer base. Moreover, they have also invested heavily in research and development to ensure they can offer their customers the best quality products.

Furthermore, North America is the biggest buyer of the company’s products with 40% of the total company sales coming from the continent. This is followed by the middle east and Asia with 15% and 10% respectively. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Bakery Paper Bags
  • Cardboard Cartons
  • Bakery Tins And Cans
  • Cake Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • R&D Capacity 
  • Trade Capacity
  • Production Capacity  

How to Choose the Right Bakery Packaging Manufacturer for Your Needs?

Not sure what to look for in a bakery packaging manufacturer? Here are some important factors to keep in mind: 

  • Material Quality: When it comes to bakery packaging, one of the most important factors is the quality of the material. There are many types of materials that can be used for bakery packaging. These include paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and plastic. Thus, you must go for a manufacturer that offers a variety of packaging materials. On top of it, they must offer them premium quality. 
  • Quality of Service: The bakery packaging market is a large and growing industry. As such, the competition between manufacturers is fierce. You need to do your homework to pick the right bakery packaging manufacturer for your needs. Hence, Quality of service that includes cost, quality, turnaround time, customer service, and more must be considered. Before shopping for a manufacturer, you must know what you want from your bakery packaging.
  • Product Variations: The bakery packaging is the most important part of your product. It has to protect the baked goods from outside elements while also displaying the products inside. Moreover, the packaging must also attract customers and make them want to buy it. As a result, you must consider things such as how much you can afford, what kind of design you want and what size will fit your baked goods. All of this comes with a manufacturer that can offer product variations.

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Bakery Packaging Manufacturer

Packaging is an essential part of any product. It provides the first impression, and it is what will determine whether customers will buy your products or not. There are many benefits to choosing a Chinese company if you are looking for a bakery packaging manufacturer.

  • Experience: Chinese bakery packaging manufacturers have advanced technology and years of experience in this field, which means that they can provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices. They also have excellent customer service and can work with you to customize your packaging to suit your needs.
  • Competitive Prices: In light of the competition, manufacturers in China offer incredibly affordable prices. As a result, the end customer benefits since they get to make high profits, especially from bulk orders. 
  • Shipping: not only do Chinese bakery packaging manufacturers deliver quickly, but they also ensure the whole process goes around smoothly. This means they have special trade agents who handle the customs and everything else. As a result, being their customer, you get to enjoy tons since they take care of shipping the bakery packaging products to your doorstep. 


Packaging is a crucial part of any bakery business. It needs to be eye-catching, and at the same time, it should be able to preserve the quality of the baked goods. Hence, businesses can use packaging as a significant marketing tool that communicates information about the product to consumers and helps them make purchase decisions. Carefully considered bakery packaging will not only help sell products but also enhance their image as well as that of the company.

If you want to excel in the industry, you can’t find a better partner than Packoi Printing. At our headquarters strongly believe in a mutual benefit philosophy. If our products can help you experience exponential growth, there is nothing better than that. Talk to our customer support experts today!

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