Custom Bakery Boxes Wholesale To Give Your Brand a Boost

When selling baked goods, the right packaging is important not only for keeping your items fresh. The right beautiful bakery box will also get your customer’s attention and make sure that they remember you and your brand. Here’s what to look for when shopping for bakery boxes wholesale.

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Personalized Bakery Boxes To Help Your Products Pop

There are many baked goods brands out there, which is why your product needs to stand out with a memorable packaging design. Buying the right bakery wholesale saves money without compromising style. 

Promote Sharing: When customers see bakery items in beautiful packaging, it can encourage shoppers to share their unboxing on social media. This will help more people notice your product and your brand and can help you get more customers.

Creates First Impression: Packaging is the first thing you see when you try a new product. Therefore, establish a strong first impression with branded bakery boxes so that your consumers are impressed before they ever test your goods.

Builds Brand Identity: Branded wholesale bakery boxes are the ideal way to make sure your customers start recognizing your brand. You may start ensuring that everyone recognizes your business and your mouthwatering goodies by using a prominent logo box.

Buy Bakery Boxes Wholesale from China to Save Cost

One of the benefits of buying wholesale bakery boxes from China is the price. Buying in bulk means a low price, but it doesn’t have to mean low quality.

When your company needs a box that will keep your items fresh, and display them beautifully, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, these types of custom logo boxes can be expensive if you aren’t careful.

Buying bakery boxes wholesale will save on the purchase price, but it will also cut back on shipping costs and eliminates the middleman involved with shipping—meaning a faster and more efficient process for you.

Buying wholesale bakery boxes provides affordable convenience, without sacrificing on quality, so you can get the beautiful, custom logo bakery boxes you want, without breaking the bank.

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Why Make Your Wholesale Bakery Boxes with Packoi?

Here at Packoi, we truly care about our customers. This is why we create beautiful, luxury bakery boxes at affordable prices. We take pride creating custom wholesale products that will help our customer’s companies stand out.

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Why Choose Packoi?

Here at Packoi, we know that you have lots of options when shopping for your bakery boxes. It is our goal to make sure that every piece of packaging we create is of the highest quality. Other benefits of partnering with our brand include:

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Our bakery needed quality boxes to ship our donuts in, but we had a very limited budget. Packoi more than delivered and we can’t get over how beautiful our boxes came out! Highly recommend."
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Molly B.
Austin, TX
"Wow. I cannot say enough about how easy it was to work with Packoi. Our company needed new shipping boxes for our cookies fast. Not only did Packoi deliver, but we couldn’t believe how beautiful the final product was."
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Parker W.
Monterey, CA
"We run a croissant business that ships locally and is growing. In order to display our croissants beautifully, we needed a box that was bold, fun, and would make a statement. Packoi helped us come up with an efficient design that still stayed within our budget. !"
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Lane M.
Denver, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that some of our customers have questions about ordering with us, here are the answers to some of our most common FAQs.

Yes! If you need to feel, see, or test the size of your packaging first, we can send you samples so you feel confident about your order.

The minimum order is only 300 pieces. We offer our products at a lower MOQ than other companies, so you don’t have to order thousands of boxes in order to enjoy wholesale savings.

Packoi charges $79 for one packaging design on one die template.

Send us your ideas, inspiration photos, or logos you want for your box and we can start working with you to create custom artwork. Already have a dieline design? Even better! We can start from there and tweak and perfect your product until it is just what you want.

We offer unlimited revisions on your dieline design. Part of our custom artwork process means customizing every little detail of your packaging until you are completely happy with the final product.

Submit a request for custom design and include package types, materials, dimensions, and print information. Once we have all of the information we need, we start working on your design and send you a PDF mockup of your packaging.

Yes, we can print in Pantone colors. Our standard prices include CMYK printing, but we are happy to upgrade to the custom color options you want.

Always send your artwork in a dieline file that we can edit in Adobe Illustrator. Make sure you have a separate layer in your AI file when you send it over. This will help us edit and tweak your design for a perfect fit on your box.

Yes. We can print on your existing box. However, you need to send us the product first so we can make sure that we can print what you have.

Make sure that you send us preferences on sizes, structure and what your wholesale bakery boxes will be used for. Then, we will get to work and make sure that you structurally have the bakery box you need for your products.

Wholesale Bakery Box Resources and Articles

If you need more information on wholesale bakery boxes, contact us here at Packoi or check out our different resources and articles on the wholesale purchasing process.

Wholesale Bakery Box Ordering Process

Ready to get started with your wholesale cookie boxes? Here’s how the process works:

1. Get a Quote

Step one is to contact with your plans, and we will provide you with a detailed quote on the overall cost of your custom boxes.

2. Request Sample

Once you’ve decided on the type of bakery box you want, we will send you a sample with your design on it so you can feel and see your product in person.

3. Place Your Order

Once you feel confident in your product, it’s time to place your order. We only have a 300-piece minimum for our orders to help save you costs.

4. Start Production

Once you have placed your order, we will start production on your wholesale bakery boxes.

5. Quality Inspection

Before we ship your new bakery boxes, our team will perform a quality inspection on your products to make sure that they are perfect and of the highest quality.

6. Shipping

When your order is done, we will quickly ship your bakery boxes right to you so you can start using your new packaging products right away.

Get Started with Your Custom Bakery Boxes

It is our goal to make sure that our ordering process is simple, straightforward, and easy for our customers. If you’re ready to get started, just contact us today!

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