5 Tips to Create Eco-Friendly Brochures

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Promotional materials, like brochures, are meant to help your business grow. It’s not just about increasing revenue. It’s also about improving your brand’s image. One way to make that happen is by promoting your company’s eco-friendly practices. Use your brochure to spread the word that you’re committed to a more positive impact on the environment.

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In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of being eco-friendly and how to create a brochure promoting your sustainability efforts.

Why Create an Eco-Friendly Brochure?

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The main reason to create an eco-friendly brochure is that it’s a necessity. The plain truth is that we’ve messed up the planet so badly that everyone has to start putting effort into helping repair it.

Environmentalists have been screaming about this in the last few decades and people are starting to listen.

In addition to creative brochure design ideas, research shows that there are other factors that will attract customers. For example, consumers are willing to patronize companies that are committed to being more environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint.

What does this have to do with your brochure?

That means if you’re in the process of creating a new brochure or thinking about improving the current one, make sure it’s created with a more positive environmental impact.

This could mean a lot of things.

You can choose an environmentally-friendly paper to create your brochure. Or you can partner with a company that has eco-friendly print practices.

Whatever you choose, ensure it’s evident in your brochure. That way, your customers will know about your efforts. They’ll know that you can be trusted to help the environment.

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5 Ways to Make Your Brochure More Eco-Friendly

Without a doubt, choosing a more eco-friendly way to create brochures is a must. It’s not just about doing your part to save the environment.

It’s also about creating a brand image that your customers would want to associate themselves with. It’s about getting their loyalty by proving that you’re genuinely socially responsible.

This is why having an eco-friendly brochure is important. It can promote your business in a way that’ll benefit your brand image in the long run.

The question is, how can you make promotional materials like your brochure appear more sustainable?

Here are 5 tips that you can follow.

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Add an Eco-Friendly Message

Although your brochure is meant to provide information about a specific part of your business, you can still add a hint or two about your sustainability efforts.

It doesn’t have to take up a huge part of your brochure. You can put a logo that’ll tell people you used 100% recyclable materials. Or that the brochure is FSC-certified. That means the production process is sustainable and you used organic materials to create the brochure.

Even a small note on one corner of the brochure that says “You’re holding an eco-friendly brochure. Know more about our eco-friendly efforts on our website” should be okay. Just don’t forget to add a link that’ll give readers the option to know more.

Give them information about how they can also have a more positive environmental impact.

Use Recycled Paper

Choosing recycled materials is one of the best ways to be more eco-friendly. When you talk to your printer, ask them for options to use recycled paper to print your brochure.

Try to do your research about the specific paper types that you can use. Some suppliers in the paper industry claim to use “sustainable paper” but they don’t give you 100% recyclable paper. Either that or they don’t source their paper responsibly.

To be safe, choose a printer that’s FSC-certified. That way you’re sure that the paper products they use are responsibly sourced and they follow strict eco-friendly regulations.

Opt for Non-Toxic Ink

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If you’re choosing eco-friendly paper for your brochure, you have to make sure you’re ink is also in the same league.

Even if you use 100% recyclable paper, it won’t do any good to the environment if you’re not using environmentally-friendly ink. This refers to petroleum-based ink. This is very toxic to the environment. Using it won’t help you practice sustainability.

To compliment your eco-friendly paper, make sure you’re using vegetable-based inks. Soy-based inks are also gaining in popularity right now.

Check your options with the printer.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Brochure Printing Process

Part of being sustainable is making sure that your brochures go through an eco-friendly printing process. You have to ask your printer about the processes that they follow.

Make sure that their printing methods are safe and low in carbon emissions. Ask them where they source their paper products. Inquire about production wastes and how they deal with them. Work with companies that contribute to a cleaner environment.

You should also ask about the turnaround time. This will also contribute to their carbon footprint and you want to be aware of that.

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Partner with a Certified Supplier

If you want to ensure that you’re using recycled paper and environmentally-friendly inks, choose to work with a green printing company.

Check for certifications like the FSC certificate. If a company has this, it means they get their paper products from responsibly managed forests.

It also means they follow strict standards that help strengthen the circular economy.

For instance, if you work with an FSC-certified company, you won’t have to question their methods. The certification would tell you that they are being sustainable and their materials are all eco-friendly.

What’s also great about FSC-certified companies is they can allow you to use the FSC logo. But you’ll have to be specific in asking them about that.

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Are You Looking for an Eco-Friendly Printer for Your Brochure?

Having an eco-friendly brochure will benefit your business in two ways. It’ll help you attract an eco-conscious market and you get to help save the environment.

Creating an eco-friendly brochure isn’t complicated – but only if you work with the right printer. Since brochures are usually made of paper, stick to an FSC-certified printer.

Packoi Printing is an FSC-certified company that has expertise in creating, designing, and printing brochures.

Let’s discuss options to help you create eco-friendly marketing materials. Give us a call and we’ll get back to you with a fair quotation in no time.

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