Understanding Different Product Packaging Inserts

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Whether you are selling products in an online store or physical store, you should always package your products professionally. Always ensure that you have packaging inserts alongside your products. A packaging insert is specifically designed to enhance your branding and messaging for your product.

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Unboxing A Package With Inserts

With the right type of packaging inserts, you can reach new customers and make the existing customers feel valued. Packaging inserts are something that you should include on every package you put on boxes.

Perhaps you are wondering what are product packaging inserts and how can they help your business. In this article, we will dive into details and explain the different types of packaging inserts and how they can help your business grow. By the end of this article, you will have several packaging insert ideas that you can implement in your business, no matter the type of products your sell.

What are Product Packaging Inserts and Why are They Important?

A packaging insert is an additional item that businesses put on the package boxes before they are dispatched. Packaging inserts are vital because they assist e-commerce businesses to level up the shipping and fulfillment procedure.

In most instances, customers do not expect to have packaging inserts alongside their product when they open the box. So, using packaging inserts can help an online store reach new customers and enhance customer loyalty with the existing ones.

Another benefit of using packaging inserts is that they are cheap to produce and are a means of communicating your brand values. You always want to give customers comprehensive information about your product and what they can benefit from. Moreover, packaging inserts can be used to outline ingredients, how-to-use procedures for products, and other important information that can build customer loyalty.

Using packaging inserts is a cost-effective method to ensure that you build a lasting relationship with your customers. You will always make your customers feel loved and valued by including packaging inserts on your package.

What are the different types of packaging inserts you can have? In the subsequent section, we will dive into details on the different types of box inserts that you can use in your business.

The Different Types of Box Inserts That Can Be Found in Product Packaging

There are different types of packaging inserts that you can use in your product shipping boxes. The major types of box inserts always add value to your product. Here are some of the most popular packing inserts you can consider for your business.

Tips and Tricks Guides

This is one of the most popular types of packaging insert ideas you can use for your brand. A tips and tricks guide assists clients to get more value from your products. The information can include how to utilize certain products effectively as well as instructions on how to dispose of the product leftovers without harming the environment.

There are many businesses that utilize this type of trick to connect with customers and make the feel valued. When you design packing inserts, always have in mind what tips and tricks you can include. Customers are always looking for opportunities to gain more value with every shipment they receive. With a tips and tricks guide, you will build brand loyalty and retain customers because they will understand how your products work.

When creating packaging inserts with tips and tricks, consider including the following information.

  • Ensure that the information is always clear, readable, and friendly.
  • Use style and design that aligns with your brand. Some of the information includes safety precautions, how-to-use, and other valuable information that customers can benefit from.
  • Another important consideration is the type of materials to use. Whether you use rustic kraft paper, matte card, or lamination, always ensure that it aligns with your brand values. You always want to create something that customers can easily relate to your business.

Discount Offers

Another type of packaging insert idea you can consider is having discount offers. On this type of packaging insert, you include discount codes, sales offers, and other promotional materials that customers can benefit from. This is the right strategy to ensure that you enhance customer retention and customer loyalty.

Although discount codes and promotional campaigns can be delivered using email, social media platforms, and other communication channels, personalized packaging inserted with discount codes can achieve positive results for your business.

If you are an online store, you can use promotional inserts to include important information about discount codes, sales offers, and what customers can gain from the next purchase. With this approach, you will always have customer loyalty and ensure that your business continues to grow and expand. Discount offers on box inserts can be included as business cards and mass printed by designers like Packoi Printing.

Some of the discount offers you can include on your packaging insert are the following:

  • 30% Off on your next purchase
  • Get a Free Gift When Your Purchase Any Product
  • Get Free Shipping on Your Next Order
  • Get a $15 Store Credit For Your Next Order

Product Samples

Another type of packaging insert you can have in your shipping box is product samples. If you are introducing new products to your store or retail business, include free samples when customers purchase something from you. This is a great way of ensuring that you reach more customers and ensuring that you get the best out of your inserts.

By including product samples, you get the opportunity to cross-sell customers and introduce new products. Whether it is something your customers should know about or would want to try, this is an effective approach to attain these results. So, always have a free sample included alongside your products and ensure that customers feel valued with every product sample you send.

Small Gifts Inserts

Another type of packaging insert you can include alongside your boxes is a small gift for customers. With every package you ship to customers, you always want to enhance brand loyalty and give a memorable unboxing experience. The small gifts you include as packaging inserts can enhance customer satisfaction and act as a marketing tool for your other product lines. It is the basis to increase customer loyalty and ensure that your brand remains relevant to clients. Small gifts will encourage customers to purchase more products.

Thank You Cards and Personal Notes

Thank You Cards and Personal Notes

This type of packaging insert is simple and cost-effective. With thank-you cards and personal notes, you can meet customers’ expectations and increase your brand value. There are many ways you can always use to ensure that you stand out and your business grows. Customers always consider personal notes as thoughtful gestures from the sellers, which is a means of enhancing loyalty. The personal note is a unique form of custom box insert design that can help your brand stand out. It is a means of gaining competitive advantage against established brands because it shows why your business matters.

Product Review and Social Media Insert Design

Product Review or Share on Social Media Request

Packaging inserts can also come in form of a product review or social media share request. This is an important component that can enhance your brand. When designing packaging inserts, always have include details about your social media accounts and request customers to share their unboxing experience. With a product review or social media share, you can reach new customers, build loyalty, and expand your brand reach. Design packaging inserts that act as marketing channels for your business. The box insert can request reviews, social media share, and unbox videos and pictures for social media reach.

Shipping Label

Shipping Label or Return Form

For e-commerce retailers, it is important to have a shipping label and return form alongside the package. This is important because it shows customers what they should do when they are not satisfied with the product. Ensure that the package inserts have detailed information about the shipping or return process, and associated costs. An e-commerce store should delight customers with exceptional service and offer a low-cost return process. This is the basis of gaining repeat business from clients. According to studies, many customers can purchase products again when the return process is easy. So, make the customer journey easy when they want to return products. You can either make a return free or share the shipping costs.

Foam Box Inserts

Another type of box insert is the foam box insert. This is usually used on boxes shipping fragile products. With foam box inserts, you can protect packages from external shocks and ensure that you get the best outcomes from your business. It is an effective way of safely delivering products to customers. Box inserts can act as protective materials against external pressure and shock, especially when products are being shipped for longer distances. You can easily impress your customer base and give them a memorable customer experience with the right packaging inserts. With foam inserts, customers will know that you value their purchase and always aim to deliver products safely.


In conclusion, there are many types of packaging inserts that you can have in your boxes. Always aim to give an exceptional experience when the customer receives your package. The right packaging insert helps you stand out from the competition and gives you an edge in your business. Inserts on your packaging ensure that you build a lasting relationship with your customers.

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