How to Design Custom Black Boxes to Promote Luxury in Your Brand?

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Imagine black shipping boxes. Or black mailer boxes. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s unusual. It looks different. But it also looks expensive. So if you want to promote luxury in your brand, use custom-printed black boxes. Whether it’s for a physical store or e-commerce packaging, a custom black box can help your product exude elegance and luxury.

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In this article, you’ll learn more about black boxes – why they’re important and how you can create luxurious packaging for your product.

7 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Black Boxes for Packaging

black packaging box

You don’t see a lot of black shipping boxes around. You may see a black mailer box once in a while, but most of what you’ll see is either brown or colorful boxes.

What does this tell you? It means black custom boxes aren’t the most common of colors.

This is because colors can be used to communicate a message. It can symbolize happiness, romance, innocence, and even power.

Black as a color is usually associated with something negative. Death. Chaos. Destruction. 

But that’s not the case in the world of retail. Black can communicate the value of your brand.

So if you’re hesitating to use black as a color, here are compelling reasons why you should consider using it for your products.

It Stands out

Imagine this for a moment. You walk to your door and see several stacks of shipping boxes you ordered. One of them is colored black.

Which of these boxes will your eyes land on first? There’s a high chance that your eyes will immediately land on the black box. The color will draw your eyes in.

That’s because black as a color usually stands out in the world of packaging. That’s a huge win. You want your product to be more visible so it has a higher chance of being noticed and bought by consumers.

You don’t even have to put a lot of print on it. A mailer box with silver foil stamping will still stand out, even if it’s just a small one.

black packaging box

It Makes a Bold Statement

A primarily black box makes a bold statement. It sends a powerful message about what your brand is willing to do. It tells your target market that you’re not scared to go against the norm. You’re not afraid to try out new things.

Despite the prevalence of using bright colors in packaging, you’ve chosen to be brave and go a different route by using a black box.

This is a good reputation for businesses. It tells people that you’re willing to do what it takes to meet your goals. You’re more open to being innovative if it means you can meet the needs of your target market.

It Builds a Luxurious Brand

Black is a neutral color that can overpower and stabilize brighter shades.

That’s why a solid black box feels powerful, unattainable, and extravagant. It’s exclusive and it gives off a classy and elegant vibe. Something that only a few can afford.

Is that type of reputation that you want your brand to have? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and use black as a packaging solution.

Don’t limit yourself to using black for your product packaging. You can also use it as the primary color of your shipping boxes – even your mailer boxes. The inside of the box can also be black.

Feel free to add hints of color and metallic elements. It’ll increase the value of your product as a whole.

black packaging box

It Allows You to Set High Prices

Since black represents luxury, you’re licensed to set high prices for your products. The custom black box immediately makes your product look upscale.

Of course, you’re still going to be fair with your pricing. But since the packaging makes it look expensive, you can set it high on the product price range.

The premium feels that the black box brings makes it easier for customers to accept the higher prices that you’re asking for the products. If you use premium-quality materials, people won’t question your prices. Even if you set high prices for your other products, people will know they’re getting their money’s worth.

Ensure you also send your product in a black shipping or mailer box. That can also increase the value of the package further.

It Heightens the Unboxing Experience

If you see a group of shipping boxes in different colors, which one will excite you more? The traditional brown box or the custom-printed black box?

If you’re like most people, it’s the black box that’ll surely excite you.


Because black exudes a premium vibe, you know that what’s inside is something luxurious and expensive. It’s like an incredible experience is promised when you open it.

That’s what a black box can bring. It heightens the customer’s unboxing experience. Even if they haven’t opened it yet, they already know it holds a product crafted well and made of high-quality materials.

This is how you give your customers a memorable experience. The next time they encounter your brand, they’ll remember this positive feeling.

black packaging box for clothes

It’s Versatile

In the past, it was hard to think of black as a versatile color. It seems like you can’t use it on happy occasions.

But if you look at it from an aesthetic point of view, you’ll realize that custom black boxes can be designed to be versatile. The customization options allow you to use it for just about anything.

Whether it’s meant for food, wine, jewelry, or luxurious clothing and accessories, custom-printed black boxes can come in all sorts of shapes. It can also come in custom sizes.

You can have blackmailers or shipping boxes. Rigid boxes can also come in black. Even cost-efficient cardboard boxes can take on a luxurious look by using black as their primary color.

It’s Not Expensive

Although a black box can elevate the value of any product through its premium feel, the actual box is not expensive. You might even pay the same amount if you buy in bulk.

For instance, you can get bulk orders of black shipping boxes for your products. This will help you get a lower price per piece.

Like other colored custom packaging boxes, the cost will be higher or lower depending on the size, design, and material preferences. The bigger the box or the more expensive the materials are, the more costly it’ll be.

The color won’t affect the price – unless you consider the coating or lamination.

black packaging box

6 Design Ideas for Black Boxes

A solid black box is already powerful on its own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add designs to make it even more impressive.

Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to the design of your black product packaging or mailer boxes. Create a custom black box that’ll show the personality of your luxury brand.

As mentioned, black is a versatile color. You can pair it with other design elements to enhance the overall look of your box.

Here are 6 ideas that you can use to put together an impressive design for your black box.

Go for Black and White

The combination of black and white will never get old. There are many ways to do this.

You can have your product packaging dominantly black with white text printed on the surface. The text could be the product name or a reference to your brand.

If you’re using a mailer box, you can have it printed in black outside while the inside is completely white. It’ll be a nice surprise to see the inside as a different color when they open it.

Use a minimal white design printed on the outer packaging. Think of intricate graphic designs that you can print all over the surface. Make sure the design represents the product or your brand.

Combine Glossy and Matte Finish

black and golden packaging box

You can use the finish of your custom black box as the design of your packaging.

For instance, you can give your black box a matte finish. There’s something about a matte finish that’s incredibly appealing. It’s like the power that the black color exudes is muted in a very classy way. It gives your box a different kind of premium feel.

As for the design, you can print the text or graphics with a glossy finish. Even if the text is in black, it’ll be visible because the glossiness will rise over the matte finish.

Or you can do it in reverse. The glossy finish will be for the whole box while the design will have a matte finish.

Put a Hint of Metallic Colors

The thing about custom black boxes is that you can put just a hint of color and it’ll pop out. If this is a design that you’d like to explore, take it to the next level by using metallic colors.

Use gold or silver foil stamping to bring custom black boxes to life. You can have the foil stamping all over the packaging. Or you can just stamp the brand name or logo on the packaging. 

Make sure you research different printing options so you can use metallic colors properly. Apart from foil stamping, you can also look for a printing company that has a special metallic ink printer.

Using the right printing strategy makes all the difference in getting the best-looking black packaging for your product.

Make It Black Inside

Here’s an idea you can use – make the inside of your packaging black. 

The idea is to create packaging by using another color to dominate the design. It could be pastel, neutral, metallic, or bright colors. You can have a solid color, an all-over print, or silver foil stamping. Then, you’ll add a hint of black to reflect what the customers will see when they open it.

You can apply this to the design of your mailer box. Or you can use black for your custom inserts. Or you can have a different custom-printed black design.

When they see the inner black box, it’ll make the color of your product stand out.

black packaging box

Add Kraft Labels

This is a great way to make your custom black boxes look more sustainable. The eco-friendly qualities of kraft paper will show customers that you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly with your packaging.

How can you put this together?

Print the information on kraft paper using eco-friendly ink. Then, use a vegetable-based adhesive to stick it to the black packaging. Position the label so it can also secure the opening of the box.

Doing all these will ensure that the kraft paper won’t have toxic materials on it. That’ll increase the chances that it’ll be recycled once the packaging is thrown away.

Using the kraft label to close the box will also reduce the materials that the packaging will use. This is also a great way to stay sustainable.

As for the design, the brown color of the kraft paper will stand out against the black surface of the packaging. Feel free to apply this to other box types like shipping boxes.

Use Wood and Black Together

This may not be ideal for a mailer box but you can apply this idea to the actual product packaging. If your black box is made of sturdy material, you can opt to use a wooden lid to cover it.

There are two benefits to using wood as part of your black packaging.

First, wood exudes elegance and sophistication. It can support the luxurious image that your black box is trying to build for your brand.

Second, wood is sustainable. If you want to attract eco-friendly consumers, show them that you’re making an effort to use sustainable materials.

6 Tips to Design Custom Printed Packaging in Black

black packaging box with ribbon

How can you tie that with your product and brand if you’ve decided to use black for your product packaging, shipping boxes, and mailer boxes?

While the ideas presented in this article have been used by other companies, that doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative with your packaging design.

You can choose a new design to create your custom black boxes.

But to make sure that it’ll benefit your brand, follow these 6 tips.

Think about the Logo

Using black as the dominant color of your custom box design is great. But it tends to overpower darker shades.

So if your brand logo uses a dark color, it might not be visible against a black box.

There are two ways you can deal with this problem.

First, you can print your brand logo with gold or silver foil. This will make it stand out against the black packaging – which is also good if you apply this to shipping boxes. You can also use brighter shades if that fits your brand image.

Second, you can use a different finish for the logo. So if the black packaging has a matte finish, make the brand logo glossy. If the packaging is glossy, make your logo matte. The subtle branding would make your packaging look sophisticated.

Use the Right Type of “Black”

Choosing the right box design should start with the color selection. You might be surprised but you have to decide on the right type of black to use on your packaging, custom inserts, and shipping boxes.

If you combine several black boxes, you’ll realize that they don’t always have the same shade. Some are darker, and others have a certain shine, making the color black appear richer.

Why does this happen?

The color black is created when you mix all colors. In the printing world, you get the color you want through the CYMK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black or key).

Printing black doesn’t just mean eliminating CMY and turning K 100%.

Sure, you’ll get black but it’ll be regular looking one. This won’t cut it if you’re trying to promote a luxurious brand. You want to use a rich black shade that combines the CYMK palette.

Not only that, the color black you’ll end up with will be determined by the finish, lamination, and packaging material.

Discuss your options with the printing company so they can discuss the possibilities that you can opt for.

black packaging box

Make It Scratch-Proof

A primarily black box looks good but it’s prone to scratches. When black shipping boxes come in with visible scratches on them, that won’t make your brand look luxurious.

It’ll give customers the impression that you don’t care about handling their packaging. It’ll make them hesitate to buy more from your brand.

What can you do about this?

Discuss with the packaging supplier how to create custom boxes that minimize scruffing or scratches on the black surface. Maybe it’s in the finishing and the material.

Go over your options to ensure that your packaging won’t be damaged even if it’s not handled the same way as fragile items.

Know the Different Printing Options

The quality of your black box will depend on the printing method that’ll be used. The most common option for custom-printed boxes is standard offset printing. This method prints with translucent ink.

The problem with translucent inks is that they are absorbed into the black surface of the box. You won’t be able to see it properly. So if you want standard offset printed boxes in black, you have to talk to the printer and see if they use translucent inks.

If they do, then make sure they print a white layer first, then have the printed translucent inks over it. That way, you’ll get the right color on the standard offset printed boxes – even if it has a black surface.

black packaging box

Choose the Right Materials

Custom packaging boxes can be made of various types of materials. If you want your packaging to promote your luxury brand, you must be careful with the material you choose.

So if you plan to use cardboard boxes, make sure they come from the right sources so you can be sure of their quality. Cardboard can be designed to look luxurious even as shipping boxes.

Find the balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Give It Some Texture

Here’s a great design technique for your custom black boxes. Give it some texture. This isn’t for shipping boxes but it might be something you can do for mailer boxes.

How can you give boxes texture?

Elevate your brand name or logo. Emboss your designs. It could be a pattern that the customer can feel once they hold the box in their hands.

Sometimes, it’s the small surprises that make all the difference in creating a memorable unboxing experience.

What Are the Different Custom Boxes in Black

Now that you have an idea about the design of your black box packaging, it’s time to consider the type of box you’ll use.

Although black boxes are versatile, you must still be careful with the box type you’ll use. Remember, you’re also using this box to promote your luxury brand. The type of box you’ll choose will greatly affect how you can achieve that.

Here are the 4 options that you can choose from.

black packaging box

Corrugated Cardboard

This is probably the most cost-efficient of all your options. Cardboard boxes are incredibly flexible and easy to customize as well. Learn more about corrugated box designs here.

The corrugated material is ideal for both product packaging and shipping boxes. You might want to choose a stronger or thicker material if you want to use them as the outer box packaging. This ensures that the shipping boxes will protect the product inside.

Mailer Boxes

A mailer box acts as the product packaging and shipping box at the same time. These can also be considered subscription boxes.

When you’re planning the design of a mailer box, make sure you consider the fact that it’s the only protection that products have when it’s out for shipping.

Custom boxes meant for shipping should be made of sturdy materials. Don’t forget to create mailer boxes to have inserts and dividers so the products that’ll be shipped won’t get jostled.

Rigid Boxes

This is the ideal packaging box for luxurious brands. This custom box is made of thick material that combines firm paperboard and layers of leather, fabric, or other special papers.

As you’re developing the design, make sure you include custom inserts in the plan. Although the rigid box is strong enough to protect the products inside, you still need to keep them from hitting each other.

Gift Boxes

Packaging that doubles as gift boxes is very practical. Since you’re putting extra effort into designing your custom-printed boxes, why not make it convenient for your clients by making them giftable? Get some ideas for gift boxes that your VIP clients will appreciate.

Choose the design that you’ll print on the box and minimize the branding. That way, customers can just add a tag or a ribbon to the black box. It’ll be ready to be sent as a gift.

Let’s Start Creating Your Black Box Packaging

Creating custom boxes in black is a great way to promote your luxury brand. But you want to educate yourself so you’ll know the design possibilities that can make your packaging stand out.

If you’re ready to create your custom boxes, find a packaging supplier with the experience and expertise to help.

Packoi Printing can help you design the right packaging for your luxury brand. We’ve got a lot of options for you to choose from.

Send us your design ideas, and we’ll give you a fair quotation as soon as possible.

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