Packaging for E-Commerce: a Beginner’s Guide

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In online sales, "e-commerce packaging" often refers to the custom packaging in which goods are delivered to buyers. E-commerce packaging shipping boxes are becoming increasingly crucial to the unpacking experience for most customers as the e-commerce sector grows because of covid-19.

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Several companies are now wholly personalizing their delivery boxes to differentiate themselves from the competition. No one can deny the importance of e-commerce packaging. It helps to build a strong brand identity and increase customer loyalty.

E-commerce packaging might mean a few different things, and it’s essential to consider them all. The safety of your goods should be your priority when selecting a packaging option for online sales. And isn’t that what all packaging is supposed to do? That is not all; shipping boxes also help with your brand identity.

Want to know more about e-commerce packaging and what makes it so crucial for e-commerce? Keep reading!

What is E-Commerce Packaging, and Why is It Essential?

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Having distinctive packaging for your online store might boost sales. Making the incorrect decision can lead to damaged goods, reduced brand relationships, and lost customers. Amazon’s stated goal of “Frustration-free packaging” is an excellent example of the standards that should be upheld when designing packaging for online sales.

It entails making e-commerce packaging that generates less trash, can be opened with little effort, and provides enough protection during transport without significantly increasing the price tag.

Working with packaging specialists during the design phase makes it possible to fit all this information into a single package. Consulting a professional specializing in packaging may be helpful for getting advice on which materials to use and what message to send to customers.

The primary function of e-commerce packaging is to safeguard the contents during transport. It may seem obvious, but choosing the correct shipping container is essential to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in one piece. 

The packing ensures that your product arrives at the consumer in pristine condition, keeping them satisfied and saving you the trouble of processing a return. Second, the E-commerce packaging may show your company’s dedication to quality and customer service. Your first thought may be, “How can a box accomplish that?” The key to success is in how you convey your material.

Careful packing is just as important as the package your product comes in. Does it come with enough filler material (such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, kraft paper, and so forth) to ensure safe delivery? What do you need to prove your purchase (receipt, catalog, incentive offers, and so forth)? The question is whether it was sealed correctly and safely. Do those details matter that much? Absolutely.

But what happens if a consumer overlooks a little flaw? Not just that, but also beyond doubt. Lastly, the container may act as your company’s mobile billboard. We’ll explain why this is noteworthy after the jump. The Ecommerce packaging your product comes in is essentially a billboard for your company.

It can survive as long as the box or other shipment components do. Reusing your packaging in any way gives you more exposure to your brand. Consider the packaging practices of some of the most well-known names in online shopping. You should also know the shipping costs and shipping materials. Be sure to discover the most popular packaging materials. It will help you find the proper e-commerce packaging and commerce-ready packaging. You will soon know how e-commerce packaging helps.

The Different Types of Packaging and Their Benefits

Now, let’s move on to the different packaging material and their benefits.

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Paperboard Boxes:

Paperboard is a lightweight and sturdy paper-based material. It’s very malleable and can be sliced and molded into any form. Due to its qualities, it may be utilized effectively in customized packaging. These are very cost-effective.

Wood or recycled paper fibers are converted into pulp before being bleached to create this. There is a wide range of paperboard packaging grades available to meet various needs.

Corrugated Boxes:

Digital printed corrugated boxes relate to what is widely known as cardboard. Many people’s minds automatically go to corrugated packaging boxes when they hear the word “cardboard” since this material is used to make the enormous boxes used for shipping, shoes, and storage.

Many people are unaware that wide varieties of corrugated packaging boxes are available, each with its strength and protection. Corrugated boxes are a great choice!

Plastic Packaging:

From spacecraft to paper clips, plastic is everywhere. Traditional materials like wood, leather, glass, porcelain, and so on have all been supplanted by plastic. Plastic box packaging has numerous benefits in which.

They may be recycled and are typically significantly more durable than paperboard boxes. To avoid spoilage and infection, it’s best to store food in airtight plastic containers. As a bonus, plastic containers won’t leak or spoil in the cold or heat.

Rigid Boxes:

Rigid boxes are fabricated using heavily compressed paperboard, making them four times thicker than the paperboard fabricating regular folding cartons. Rigid boxes are more costly than other packaging materials, like paperboard, corrugated boxes, or cardboard.

Rigid packaging is commonly created by hand and does not need the use of costly or large equipment such as dies. These are very cost-effective.

Chipboard Boxes:

Electronics, medicine, food and cosmetics, and beverages are just some of the many other products that benefit from chipboard packaging. Recycled paper is used to create a paperboard called a chipboard. It’s simple to shape, fold, and cut. An economical packaging choice for your goods.

Poly Bag Packaging:

You may think of a poly bag as a pouch made of thin and flexible plastic film fabric. It’s a typical packing that may transport many things, including food, flowers, trash, chemicals, periodicals, and more.

Aluminum Foil Packaging:

Common custom packaging for coffee and tea is foil-sealed packaging. Why? As a result, the density of the items is maintained, the taste is preserved, and the product’s shelf life is extended.

Foil-sealed bags are used to store and transport food as well as clothes and bedding.

How to Choose the Right Type of Packaging for Your Business

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Below are key factors to consider as you plot out your e-commerce packaging design. You should consider all these factors as you work to create the best possible typical shipping box or custom packaging for your product.


The first step in every package design project is to establish a budget. This will limit your ability to employ pricier or more exotic materials to create an eye-catching design. Be sure to check out your competitor’s packaging.

Methods of Transport:

After settling on the product’s look, think about its practicality. The most beautiful custom packaging in the world is useless if the contents don’t work. It will help you reach your target market effectively.

Materials and Long-Term Viability:

You should pick packaging materials for your goods with the same care you would use for yourself. The correct amount of storage for the right product is crucial, just as you wouldn’t want to live in a house that’s too large or too small.


Being thrifty with package dimensions and design can reduce costs; for example, if your product is available in four different sizes, you may only need to create two distinct custom e-commerce packaging sizes.

Making a Product Recognizable:

While it’s crucial to consider and include costs, logistics, material, and package design in your overall custom e-commerce packaging strategy, keeping your target demographic in mind at every step of the process is even more critical. Success in package design may be achieved by always remembering to consider the needs of the intended consumers. It will help you reach your target market effectively.

Tips for Packing and Shipping Your Products

Now, you must have had a fair idea of e-commerce packaging. Let’s look for some additional tips:

Pack the Item in a Sturdy Custom Box

When sending items that qualify as parcels, a cardboard box is preferable to a plastic or cloth bag since it provides more excellent protection for the item during transit. One that isn’t worn out, ripped, or bent is preferable, but a brand-new one is best.

Stuff the Custom Boxes with Padding

If you’re using packing peanuts, styrofoam, bubble wrap, or paper to cushion your goods during transport, leave a space of two to three inches around all sides of the box when you set it inside.

These insulate the product from harsh knocks and keep it from shifting around in transit. Before you cushion electrical items with foam, bubble wrap, or crumpled paper, cover them with anti-static packaging material.

Seam Tape the Edges

Use custom packing tape or self-seal adhesive strips to seal the seams once you’ve packed everything inside to ensure your package doesn’t fall out of the box in transit. Duct or other packaging tape is adhesive and robust enough to seal your package through delivery.

If you need to make changes or add to the contents, keep the top lid open and tape it shut at the very end. Please ensure that you have added all the labels and information. You need to provide several labels and explanations with your shipment. The self-seal adhesive strip will help you out here.

Weigh the Package

After you’ve finished custom packing and labeling the cargo, you may weigh the box to verify whether the reported weight and actual weight match. The carrier may charge you more if the package weighs more than expected.

Common Mistakes Made When Packing and Shipping Products

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Following are the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid while packaging and shipping products:

  • One of the most common and long-lasting blunders is not including your packaging firm until later in the process.
  • It could make sense to purchase boxes online. However, if you don’t have access to professional counsel and a structural designer, you may waste money on blunders.
  • Incorrectly estimating current lead and turnaround times.
  • Better prospects may pass you by if you stick with antiquated packing methods. Time and money might be saved, for instance, by using modern materials.
  • Having to work with a packaging staff that lacks expertise.

Avoid these mistakes to make your production and shipping process easier.


Since online shoppers can only engage with your items via static product photos, it’s harder to establish your brand’s unique selling proposition. Because of this, consider how your flexible e-commerce packaging will affect your consumers from when it arrives in their mailboxes until they unbox your product. These are very cost-effective as they also give an idea about your brand identity.

The unpacking process is a meaningful part of your business and the goods’ initial impression of potential buyers. In online sales, “e-commerce packaging” often refers to the containers they deliver to buyers. Several companies are now wholly personalizing their delivery boxes to differentiate themselves from the competition. It will help you reach your target market effectively.

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