Top 10 Jewelry Box Manufacturers and Suppliers In China

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Have a jewelry business but struggling to find the packaging that speaks for your brand? Your worry has been heard! In this article, we have listed down the top ten jewelry box manufacturers in China. All manufacturers have industry experience, skilled teams, and a reliable work history. Continue reading to find the right manufacturer for your business needs!

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What is Jewelry Box and What is It Used for?

A jewelry box is sturdy packaging that protects jewelry ornaments from any damage. Modern jewelry boxes offer a mix of aesthetics, convenience, and a premium feel. They keep the jewelry in its place, all the while keeping foreign elements out. On top of it, jewelry boxes help promote a brand image with the right printing.  

As a result, jewelry businesses worldwide utilize the benefits of jewelry packaging. Additionally, manufacturers realizing the opportunity of business offer incredible packaging solutions that help businesses develop a unique image just from the packaging. This is partly due to the premium looks and feels of jewelry boxes that customers look for. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s get familiar with the best manufacturers of jewelry boxes!

The Top 10 Jewelry Box Manufacturers in China

The table below gives a quick overview of each manufacturer. Learn the names before we learn what each can do for your business:

Company Summaries

Skimmed the table? Now let’s quickly go over the summary for each manufacturer so that you can choose the most suitable manufacturer for your business needs: 

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.

Packoi Printing

Undoubtedly the best of this list, Packoi Printing offers one-stop packaging and printing solutions. The company was founded in 1998. As a result, you can imagine the products they offer with such vast industry experience. 

Additionally, they also offer printing and marketing solutions alongside the packaging. Therefore, customers always applaud them for offering complete packaging solutions while they work on growth. 

Moreover, the manufacturer has ensured that it has all international certifications. Not just that, but the team at Packoi stays up to date with the latest trends worldwide. As a result, they offer region-specific trendy packaging solutions to customers. 

Also, it is extremely easy to reach out to their design or sales team. This helps a lot with custom orders because these guys listen. 

Main Products and Services:

Company Advantages:

  • Instant Quotes
  • Quick Delivery
  • Low Min Order Limit
  • Superb Customer Service

Dongguan Max Bright Packaging Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Max Bright Packaging

Max Bright has headquarters in Dongguan, China. The company was established in 2004 and, over the year, has worked with 356 customers in 48 countries. As a result, it is safe to say Max Bright is a reliable manufacturer that offers packaging solutions to businesses globally. Some big names they have worked with include LG, LOREAL, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

At the core, the team at Max Bright finds drive based on the first impression of a product. Since packaging is the first thing a customer comes across, their vision is to help their customers excel in this regard. 

As a result, they have a highly professional design and branding team. Together they ensure all customers who work with them have a lasting impact with packaging and branding. Hence, if you need to find a unique value for your business, their packaging solutions can do it. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Rigid Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Paper Tube Boxes(Round Boxes)
  • Tin Boxes
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Corrugated Paper Boxes 
  • Jewelry Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Timely Deliveries
  • Tested Products
  • Inclusive Process

Guangdong Guangli Jewelry Packaging Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Guangli Jewelry Packaging

Guangli provides specialized jewelry packaging solutions. This includes both professional OEM jewelry boxes as well as display props. Moreover, the manufacturer has customers both in the national and international markets. 

Additionally, the company owns a 2000+ square meters exhibition hall. Here, they showcase thousands of packaging styles and designs for customers. However, their catalog is not limited to just that. If your brand requires something unique, you can always order a customized order. 

Also, customers who have worked with this manufacturer praise their reliability and long-term business partnerships. Hence, the company works on a mutual benefit philosophy where they help the business grow in return for sustainable and loyal partnerships. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Jewelry Box
  • Jewelry Pouch
  • Jewelry Display
  • Jewelry Bag
  • Watch Box

Company Advantages:

  • Niched Products
  • OEM Services
  • Business-friendly

Shenzhen Senlarry Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Senlarry Packaging

Senlarry Packaging started as an eyeshadow palette packaging provider. However, the company matured into a complete jewelry and cosmetics solutions provider. Therefore, today they have a wide catalog of jewelry boxes you can choose from. 

On top of it, Senlarry is a responsible business both for the customers and the environment. They follow all the best practices to enhance user experience and minimize environmental impact. 

Additionally, they strongly believe in innovation and product differentiation. As a result, if you approach them with a unique and individualized request, they will never turn you down. Instead, their design team will motivate you and offer better, improved solutions to your specific needs. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Paper Boxes
  • Paper Bag
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Folding Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Industry Experience
  • Team Service
  • Consistency
  • Great Craftwork

Shenzhen Shenfutai Design Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shenfutai Design Packaging

Shenfutai Design is another dedicated manufacturer of jewelry displays and packages. They mainly produce gold coin boxes, gem boxes, jewelry display racks, and bags. Moreover, the manufacturer has over a decade’s experience making them industry experts. 

Additionally, when it comes to customizations, you can personalize the box design and the logo. On top of it, the manufacturer accepts both OEM and ODM orders. What’s more, the manufacturer ensures all products comply with SGS standards. 

The manufacturer runs a 5000+ square meters production unit. It is entirely based on modern equipment and tech solutions. As a result, they produce efficiently, ensuring all orders reach customers promptly. Additionally, the company has dedicated a good chunk of investment to becoming industry innovators. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Jewelry Box
  • Diamond Box
  • Jewelry Organizer
  • Jewelry Bag
  • Jewelry Display Stand

Company Advantages:

  • ODM and OEM Services
  • SGS Standards
  • Industry Innovators

Dongguan Sanjiang Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Sanjiang Packaging

Sanjiang Packaging is another big name in the Chinese packaging industry. The manufacturer bags 15 years’ experience, reflecting the product quality. As of now, they mainly cater to the packaging needs of the jewelry, cosmetic, and fashion industries.  

Moreover, they ensure 100% product inspection before every shipment to stay on top of quality standards. As a result, they have an equal 100% customer satisfaction rate. You can read the reviews to see how customers enjoy working with them. 

A good thing about this manufacturer is its interest in long-term business relations. Thus, if you need a reliable supplier focusing on business growth, check out these guys. They have a solid reputation both in the national and several international markets. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Jewelry Box & Case
  • Cosmetic Box & Case
  • Watch Box
  • Gift Box

Company Advantages:

  • Experienced Team
  • Fast Delivery
  • Environmental Care

Yiwu Muxi Packaging Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Muxi Packaging

Muxi Packaging was founded in 2011 as a one-stop packaging solution. As a result, the manufacturer has set up a large production unit from the beginning. The factory area covers 10,000 square meters, which is great for a big packaging business. 

On top of it, the manufacturer has hired the best talent to operate the massive production plant. They have dedicated teams to review different functions such as design, development, marketing, sales, R&D, etc. As a result, the collective efforts of all have taken the company to great heights in just 10 years. 

Also, even though they are just a small team of just above 100, their management system is great. Moreover, the talent and expertise of the staff have allowed them to take complete control of such a large production setup with ease. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Ring Boxes
  • Gift Box
  • Jewelry Box
  • Christmas Gift Box
  • Paper Box

Company Advantages:

  • Huge Production Site
  • Specialized Team
  • Full Customizations

Guilin Fadeli Packing Co., Ltd.

Guilin Fadeli Packing

Fadeli Packaging is a comprehensive jewelry and gift packaging business in China. The company was founded in 2004, and over the years, they have acquired a big team of over 300 professionals. As a result, you can imagine the scale of business they do every year.

Moreover, they always want to expand and add more people to their client list. The company is known for consistent product quality and timely deliveries. Additionally, the manufacturer innovates regularly to become the industry leader in jewelry packaging.

On top of it, they have a 130000 square meters plant, one of the biggest in the industry. As a result, they can easily take in bulk orders and still produce efficiently.

Main Products and Services:

  • Jewelry Box
  • Watch Box
  • Wooden Box
  • Gift Box
  • Paper Bag

Company Advantages:

  • Industry Experience
  • Big Team
  • Quick Delivery

Guangzhou Junye Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Junye Packaging Industry

Junye Packaging provides authentic and premium packaging solutions. However, their next focus is design since they have already mastered packaging. As a result, working with them gets you the best of both worlds: premium packaging and superior designs. 

Moreover, to ensure absolute QC, the team at Junye starts inspection as soon as the raw materials enter the factory. As a result, they catch any faults or issues at the root level. This minimizes product faults at the later stages of the process. Nevertheless, they still inspect every product at various stages of the production process, including before shipping. 

Additionally, the company has ISO:9001 quality management certification. On top of it, their customer service team has incredible reviews. Hence, customers keep going back to them for more work.  

Main Products and Services:

  • Paper Packaging Boxes
  • Paper Bags, Tags
  • Velvet Jewelry Bags
  • Jewelry Boxes

Company Advantages:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Senior Design Team
  • Professional Logistics

Shenzhen ITIS Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen ITIS Packaging

If you talk about packaging industry leaders in China, then you can’t miss ITIS. The company started operations in 1999. They have an 8,000 square meters factory. However, the manufacturer stands out because ITIS regularly upskills and trains its employees. 

Moreover, the manufacturing team handles everything from development, design, production, and the final delivery to your doorstep. Additionally, they have the latest technical equipment ensuring premium quality outputs throughout their time in the industry. As a result, it is one of the most reliable packaging solutions providers of modern times. 

Lastly, they offer some of the best prices for ODM and OEM orders. Hence, customers love their products and service and are committed to making premium packaging affordable for everyone. 

Main Products and Services:

  • Packaging Box
  • Gift Box
  • Jewelry Box
  • Paper Bag
  • Paper Card

Company Advantages:

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Regularly Trained Team
  • Product Warranty

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Box Manufacturer for Your Needs

Learning about all the custom jewelry box manufacturers was one thing. It would be best to emphasize choosing the right wholesale jewelry box packaging manufacturer. But how can you do that? Well, you must look out for some key factors when making decisions. This is vital to the success of your business both in the short and long run. The key factors include: 

  • Experience: it makes sense to work with an experienced manufacturer. You don’t want someone who you can’t rely on. As a result, always look for a manufacturer with at least 15+ years of experience. There are some exceptions when a manufacturer builds up a good reputation in less time. However, in that case, ensure they have good customer reviews and a reputation in the industry. 
  • Reliability: if you are running a business, working with a reliable manufacturer is essential. It not only helps with timely deliveries. It also offers someone you can rely on when there is excess demand. As a result, always look for a manufacturer with reliability as a trait. They will always help you in need and go out of their way to satisfy the customers. 
  • Customer Service: ever had to deal with bad customer service? We all know how frustrating it can get. Thus, working with someone with good customer service only makes sense. This is especially true if you want to develop a long-term business partnership. As a result, always review customer service policies and read customer reviews before working with any manufacturer. 
  • Product Warranty: working with a reliable and experienced manufacturer guarantees a good product. However, if the manufacturer also offers a product warranty, that reflects their confidence in the product. As a result, having a bit more credibility never hurts. Therefore, if a manufacturer offers a product warranty, always prefer them over someone who does not. It is wiser to work with a manufacturer with confidence in its products than with someone without confidence. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Jewelry Box Manufacturer

China produces everything. However, if you look at the most thriving industries in China, then packaging stands at a high level. As a result, you can benefit from choosing a Chinese personalized jewelry box manufacturer. But what are these benefits? Have a look at some of the most prominent ones: 

  • Variety: manufacturers in China offer incredible variety. When we say variety, we mean products that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. But how does this happen? Well, the Chinese market is dense. As a result, manufacturers regularly invest in innovative products to stay on top of the competition. Therefore, they end up offering unique and exquisite product catalogs. 
  • Quality: high competition in the market also means better quality. Hence, the Chinese market sees a lot of competitors fighting for market share with premium quality products. This is great for businesses looking to offer the best products to customers. 
  • Competitive Pricing: working with a Chinese manufacturer gets you higher profits. How? Again, the highly competitive Chinese packaging industry leads to lower prices for higher-quality products. As a result, businesses earn higher profits, especially if they place bulk orders. Just research to find a reliable manufacturer who doesn’t charge you more than the market price. 


To conclude, you will find a wide range of jewelry box manufacturers USA to work with. However, working with a Chinese manufacturer comes with several benefits for businesses. On top of it, now you don’t even have to go through the hassle of finding a reliable manufacturer. We have done the job for you. The above list of top jewelry box manufacturers is comprehensive and well-researched. 

Still confused? That’s okay because we have the right solutions for you at Packoi Printing. Talk to our experts for consultation on your jewelry packaging order. We help customers develop and design personalized packaging solutions that speak the vision of their business. Simply reach out to us and get things done quickly! 

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