Top 10 Custom Jewelry Packaging Supplies in China

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There are numerous jewelry packaging manufacturers that you can depend on when you need someone reliable to assist you with the work. At Packoi, for example, we always offer customers outstanding packaging solutions in all niches.

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Below, we list the best companies where you can get wholesale jewelry box packaging deals. Looking for jewelry packaging boxes for wholesale deals, gift packages of jewelry accessories, and other printed products for your jewelry business? This guide will offer comprehensive information to help you stand out and get the best.

Why Should You Order Jewelry Boxes From China?

There are several benefits associated with ordering jewelry boxes from China. Below, we highlight some of the best reasons you should always trust Chinese suppliers of high-quality jewelry box designs.

1. Cost-Effective

China is renowned for its cost-effective manufacturing capabilities, particularly fashion jewelry and packaging. With every product in the world, there is always a cost-effective alternative made in China. China’s labor and production costs are generally lower than in many other countries, providing affordable costs for making fashion jewelry packages and other jewelry accessories. This cost advantage translates into more affordable jewelry boxes, allowing you to maximize your budget. You can always find a fashion jewelry manufacturer in China to help you get quality products at a lower price.

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2. Wide Variety and Customization Options

Another benefit that can be gained from China is that it offers a vast array of jewelry box designs, materials, and finishes. Whether looking for traditional, modern, or unique styles, you can find diverse options to suit your brand or personal preferences. The customizations are of the highest quality, ensuring that your business gains a positive reputation with every sale. China manufacturers have a substantial variety of raw materials, ensuring that small businesses dealing with jewelry get competitive prices and high-quality jewelry packaging options.

It is also known that products made in China can be customized, ensuring that customers tailor the packages based on the company’s branding needs. This allows a small business to get custom jewelry packages at low prices. As a business owner, you can constantly tailor the jewelry boxes to your specific requirements, like size, color, logo printing, or interior compartments.

3. Manufacturing Expertise

China has a well-established reputation as a global manufacturing hub. Many businesses in every part of the world source their goods from China. Many readily available resources and other high-quality items and electronic products make manufacturing easy. This also influences the cost of production. It makes package design and manufacturing easy for businesses. Chinese manufacturers have extensive experience producing jewelry boxes. They are equipped with advanced machinery and technology. They possess the necessary expertise to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in production.

4. Scale of Production

eco-friendly jewelry boxes

You can always scale production with minimal costs when you make jewelry boxes and other accessories in China. The manufacturing capacity enables large-scale production, making it ideal if you need many jewelry boxes. Chinese manufacturers can accommodate your needs, whether you need a small batch or a large order. You can always trust Chinese manufacturers to get the best quality that will impress customers. The packages are designed with different materials, including cardboard, plastic, and other eco-friendly raw materials. Therefore, you can always scale production without increasing costs.

5. Supply Chain Efficiency

Another key benefit is that China has developed an efficient and well-connected supply chain infrastructure. They have experience exporting goods worldwide, which means they are familiar with the logistics of shipping products internationally. So, no matter what part of the world you are in, you can always get quality products from Chinese suppliers. They are the first-choice suppliers, specializing in packaging production for jewelry businesses. You can always be confident that you will get the best results with every order from these suppliers. With an efficient supply chain, you get a smoother and more reliable shipping process, reducing the chances of delays or complications.

6. International Trade Experience

Another reason you should order from China is that the country has been a significant player in international trade for many years. Manufacturers have experience working with overseas clients, guaranteeing positive outcomes for every order you make. This familiarity with global markets facilitates effective communication and ensures smooth business transactions. It will also ensure that you get professional services from suppliers with experience working with people around the world.

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7. Quality Control Measures

While conducting thorough due diligence when selecting a manufacturer is essential, many Chinese companies have implemented quality control measures to meet international standards. You can find manufacturers with certifications, such as ISO, CE, or RoHS, demonstrating their commitment to producing high-quality products. With these established measures, you will always shop confidently and ensure you get the best packages for your clients.

Top 10 Jewelry Packaging Suppliers In China

It is crucial to conduct proper research and verify the reputation and reliability of potential suppliers. Moreover, always establish clear communication channels to ensure a successful collaboration when ordering jewelry boxes from China. Below, we list the best companies you can always work with to get the best results for your packaging business.

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co, Ltd


When you are looking for packages at competitive prices, Packoi is leading the market. It has unique designs made using cutting-edge technologies available nowhere else. Whether you need eco-friendly jewelry packages or customized boxes for your business, you can always trust the company for the best results. The company also offers fantastic customer care services, giving you confidence throughout your order. It is undeniably the best packaging company in China because of its positive reputation in the market. Packoi is also known for other types of packaging, including mailer boxes, cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, marketing materials, and other types of branded items for businesses.

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2. Professional Packaging Services Co, Ltd

Although the company was established recently, it also ranks among China’s best jewelry packaging manufacturers. You can get quality and fashionable boxes that meet your business needs, ensuring you stand out from your competitors. The company utilizes diverse raw materials to make unique jewelry boxes depending on the customer’s needs. When you source from this company, you can always be confident that your needs will be addressed. Besides offering jewelry packages, the company provides customers with gift bags, printed packages, printed food packages, and other types of cardboard and folding cartons.

3. Shanghai QinQin Printing Company Ltd.

QinPrinting is also a reputable company that has taken over the packaging industry. Led by experienced individuals, the company serves customers from almost every part of the world. You can always get the best packaging designs with minimal costs. It is reported that the leaders have more than 20 years of experience working in the packaging industry, which implies that customers get the best results with every request. If you need something unique and outstanding for your jewelry packaging, you can always trust QinPrinting as one of the market leaders. It is a one-stop shop for almost all packaging solutions, including mailer boxes and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

4. Max Bright Packaging Ltd

Max Bright Packaging

This is another reliable packaging manufacturer that jewelry business owners can rely on. Every package is customized to suit the business’s needs, including a unique logo, color scheme, and other branding elements. You can always have personalized packaging for your jewelry to impress your customers and make a lasting impact. Max Bright packaging ranks among the best because of the reliability of its customer service. It is one of the professional packaging manufacturers available on the market. You can get gift boxes, custom-printed jewelry boxes, custom mailer boxes, and other packaging types.

5. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Custom Packaging is the best solution if you need a luxurious outlook on your jewelry packaging. You can always get the best jewelry box designs from the company because they possess the experience and knowledge to deliver the best. The quality of the finishes is perfect, aiming to make a lasting impact on the customer. The goal is to make each delivery memorable and ensure your business stands out. With their custom boxes and packaging solutions, you can easily scale your business and attain optimal results. You need to communicate the customization you need on your business, and you will get the best outcomes available nowhere else. You can get laminated jewelry gift boxes and other unique designs to make your packages stand out. Also, if you need jewelry storage and shipping boxes, you can contact Shanghai Custom Packaging for the best solutions.

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6. Shenzhen Tianya Paper Products Co., Ltd.

This is another leading packaging manufacturer from China. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge designs and amazing customer service. For over a decade, the company has satisfied diverse customers from almost every part of the world. This showcases the company’s commitment to quality and value. The company has invested in modern technologies and equipment, ensuring that every printing output is perfect. You can get jewelry, packaging, shipping, and corrugated boxes for your business. Perhaps this is the market leader in the packaging industry from China. Other types of products the company offers include bags, hangers, envelopes, and other paper products. You can get free digital samples, laminated stickers, UV coating, and proofing with every order. The company owners value customers, and you can always be confident of getting the best from every investment.

7. Shanghai Siyuan Printing and Packing Co., Ltd.

Siyuan Printing & Packing Company is a leading printing and packaging manufacturer from China. The company is known as one of the market leaders, effective in delivering innovative and creative solutions for businesses worldwide. This is one of the go-to suppliers if you need jewelry boxes, gift boxes, mailer boxes, or other shipping boxes. You can always get the best packaging solutions from the company.

8. Qingdao Vistapak Packaging Co., Ltd

Qingdao Vistapak Packaging manufactures packages for diverse companies located across the globe. Some of the outstanding services offered by the company include designing corrugated boxes, mailer boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, and other types of packaging. As a business owner, you can customize the boxes to suit your branding and customers. The goal is to make a lasting impression with every design. Therefore, be sure you will have this company’s best and most unique designs.

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9. Brilliant Printing Limited

This is another market leader in the packaging industry that can offer outstanding solutions for your business. You can always trust the company for unique jewelry packaging and to ensure you get top-rated designs similar to Packoi’s. The company operates with a sustainable industry approach, ensuring they get the best results from each investment. You can find endless luxury gift boxes and packages that suit your jewelry business.

10. AM Packaging Company

AM Packaging is the last packaging company that can help you get the best jewelry boxes. It is one of the most outstanding leaders in the market. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing center that can produce massive orders faster. With over 500 workers, you can always be confident that your orders will be handled as needed.


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