Top 10 Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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Custom packaging may be the last thing you need to impress your customers. There are ten Chinese manufacturers who offer better quality products at competitive prices.

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Most companies in China offer competitive pricing, sturdy packaging products, high-quality finishes, and an endless range of customization. How do you find the most suitable cosmetic packaging manufacturer for your cosmetic brand? Keep reading—this blog is what you need!

What Is Cosmetics Packaging and What Is It Used for?

Cosmetics packaging is intended to keep certain types of beauty and healthcare products safe. They’re made to fit in the product perfectly and provide durable support during transport, or simply, storage.

They also add aesthetic appeal and increase the marketing value of cosmetic products for particular brands. Also, cosmetic packaging helps create a unique brand image for a business so its customers can easily identify it in the market.

In China, many makeup packaging manufacturers offer customizable services, including custom-printed designs and packages with unique shapes. Since there are dozens of custom skincare packaging manufacturers, we decided to help you find a suitable company through a thorough reviewing process.

Brief Overview of Top Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturers

In the table below, we’ve listed our top 10 picks for custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. They’re the leading companies in the cosmetic packaging market, respectively.

The majority of our selection includes companies with over a decade of experience. Here’s a quick look at the top cosmetic packaging manufacturers:

CompanyEstablishment Headquarter
Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co. Ltd.1998Guangzhou
Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry Limited2003Shenzhen
Zhejiang Lantu Packaging Co., Ltd.1994Wenzhou
Shanghai DE Printed Box2011Shanghai
Shenzhen Lion Packaging Co., Ltd.2012Shenzhen
Innove Packaging1988Shenzhen
Sun Nature (Wuhan Sinicline Enterprise Co., Ltd.)2007Wuhan
Tai In Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.2010Shanghai
Chunglam Industrial Co., Ltd.1998Hong Kong
Dongguan Caihuan Paper Co., Ltd.1997Dongguan

Top 10 Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturers in China

It isn’t easy to choose the perfect cosmetic packaging manufacturer when your hands are already full of other business decisions. However, we’ve gone a step further to make the selection easier for you. By collecting notable information about each company, we’ve listed their main offerings and features.

Since packaging suppliers don’t usually deal in small quantities and you’ll most likely be spending a hefty amount of business finances, it’s important to get in-depth information about the listed companies. Check out what each cosmetic packaging manufacturer in China has in store below!

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Packoi Printing

Your search for the “one-stop custom packaging shop” ends with Packoi Printing. It’s a high-tech enterprise that is currently leading the custom packaging and printing market in China. It’s one of the top-tier cosmetics packaging manufacturers, mainly due to competitive pricing, short lead times, excellent quality, and reliable customer support.

There are many perks to working with Packoi Printing Co., Ltd. Firstly, the team of digital designers works with out-of-the-box methods. Hence, you can always expect unique graphic and cosmetic packaging design ideas. Secondly, Packoi is certified (and licensed) to use cutting-edge packaging and printing technology. This makeup packaging manufacturer only sources raw materials from reliable and verifiable sources.

Main Products

Service Features

  • Low MOQ
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reliable delivery timeframes
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2. Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry Limited

Bestyle Gift & Packing

Bestyle Gift & Packing is another player among top-tier cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. The company has been dealing with some of the most popular local brands and businesses in China. In fact, its line of cosmetic packaging is as versatile as it gets.

If you want a skincare packaging manufacturer that handles every step of the process, ranging from raw material sourcing to high-quality finishes, Bestyle Gift & Packing Industry Limited is the perfect fit for you. The company has a team of highly trained and packaging industry-vetted professionals to provide modern printing solutions.

Main Products

  • Custom cosmetic packaging
  • Custom-printed bags
  • Custom-printed rigid boxes

Service Features

  • Dependable client service
  • Short lead times
  • High-quality materials

3. Zhejiang Lantu Packaging Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lantu Packaging

If you’re looking for cosmetics packaging manufacturers that don’t cut corners and get done on time, Zhejiang Lantu Packaging Co., Ltd. is a close competitor of Packoi. Although both operate in different parts of China, Zhejiang has a solid reputation in Wenzhou.

It operates with a team of dedicated professionals that’s skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable. The cosmetic packaging manufacturer always puts clients in contact with its first-tier professionals. And that’s to ensure thorough consultation and a better understanding of the client’s needs.

On the other hand, Zhejiang has invested in modern printing machinery and packaging technology. And the error rate has been at its lowest for the last few years, thanks to a strict quality assurance system.

Main Products

Service Features

  • Experienced packaging specialists
  • Certified quality control systems
  • After-printing services

4. Shanghai DE Printed Box Co., Ltd.

Shanghai DE Printed Box

Whether you look at the list of custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers or any other, you’ll notice Shanghai DE Printed Box appearing often. Like Packoi, DE Printed Box has taken top rankings in the custom packaging markets across China.

You’ll find that the cosmetic packaging solutions at Shanghai DE Printed Box are rarely available from other manufacturers. The team of designers and packaging experts ensures brand-oriented results. That means you’ll always receive a highly customized batch of packaging that suits your product and brand.

It’s easy to contact cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. Even a phone call would suffice because they’ve got a team of dependable experts answering the queries of clients from around the world.

Main Products

  • Custom cosmetic packaging
  • Custom-printed gift boxes
  • Custom-printed corrugated boxes

Service Features

  • Call/online consultation
  • Product quality guarantees
  • Competitive Pricing

5. Shenzhen Lion Packaging Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Lion Packaging

Shenzhen Lion Packaging Co., Ltd. is a rising star among Chinese cosmetic packaging manufacturers. The company owns in-house manufacturing facilities and printing workshops. It’s where the team at Shenzhen Lion’s finest meets the needs of their clients down to the last detail.

Whether you require sturdy material-made packages with sophisticated designs or something simple but in large quantity, Shenzhen Lion Packaging can help. The packaging supplier relies on the core values of transparency, reasonable pricing, and unique printing ideas.

It’s easy to find a skincare packaging manufacturer that can supply a large quantity of packaging within a deadline. But it’s a completely different scenario to find a similar manufacturer with a low error rate. That’s where Shenzhen Lion Packaging Co., Ltd. comes in!

Main Products

  • Custom cosmetic boxes
  • Custom gift boxes
  • Custom mailer boxes

Service Features

  • Transparent production and printing
  • Dedicated senior technicians and designers
  • High-end finishes

6. Innove Packaging Co., Ltd.

Innove Packaging

Innove Packaging is the third-oldest company in our list of top cosmetics packaging manufacturers. The experts at the head of this prestigious packaging supplier have been in business for decades. However, it was only in 1988 that they established themselves officially.

Today, the company has thousands of square meters worth of functional factory space while more is under acquisition across different parts of China. Innovate Packaging has become a leading supplier of custom cosmetic packaging through innovative printing machinery and efficient production.

Although the experience speaks for itself through the quality of final products, the company also carries ISO and FSC certifications available for public display on the official site. Without any compromise on quality, this cosmetic packaging manufacturer has put strict quality assurance measures in place.

Main Products

  • Cosmetic paper packaging
  • Custom-printed boxes
  • Food retail packaging

Service Features

  • Team of custom designers
  • Low error rate
  • Prompt deliveries
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7. Sun Nature (Wuhan Sinicline Enterprise Co., Ltd.)

Sun Nature

Sun Nature is a growing branch of the Sinicline Packaging Group that has been operating in China for over a decade. This specific branch of the Sinicline Group has been active since 2007 and has perfected the art of custom packaging in Wuhan City, China. It has been tough competition for some of the cosmetic packaging manufacturers discussed earlier!

Sun Nature offers a wide range of custom packaging products. The company sources high-quality raw materials to create durable and sturdy products. In short, the packaging from Sun Nature can pass the toughest quality tests.

It’s the most competitive makeup packaging manufacturer out there. What’s the best part of working with this custom cosmetics packaging supplier? High-quality printing finishes at considerably reasonable pricing!

Main Products

  • Custom skincare packaging
  • Custom beauty product packaging
  • Paper sticker labels

Service Features

  • Premium brands clientele
  • Eco-packaging solutions
  • Strict quality supervision

8. Tai In Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

Tai In Printing & Packaging

The packaging specialists heading the prestigious Tai In Printing & Packaging Company have been in business for over 30 years. This cosmetic packaging manufacturer offers one-on-one consultations and ensures all clients share their requirements down to the very last detail.

What’s better is that the packaging experts and printing pros can match all the details in the final product. It’s one of the primary reasons why Tai In cosmetic packaging manufacturer holds long-term clients with high satisfaction rates.

Moreover, the leaders at the company are investing in innovative printing machinery that will change the packaging industry by a massive magnitude. The cosmetic packaging range is diverse and made from fine-quality raw materials.

Main Products

  • Custom-printed corrugated boxes
  • Custom-printed gift boxes
  • Custom paper boxes

Service Features

  • Factory direct-supply price
  • State-of-the-art packaging facilities
  • Recyclable products

9. Chunglam Industrial Co., Ltd.

Chunglam Industrial

This is one of the major makeup packaging manufacturers operating in China. Chunglam Industrial Co., Ltd. is based in Hong Kong, the capital of fast-paced economic activity. Being close to major suppliers and raw material markets gives Chunglam Industrial Co., Ltd. a competitive cost advantage.

The company has strict quality assurance measures in place to ensure every packaging unit is worthy of getting into the hands of your customers. Additionally, the company supplies a wide variety of packaging products, mainly for electronics and cosmetics.

There are multiple packaging facilities under Chunglam Industrial Co., Ltd. where skilled workers keep production at a steady pace. The cosmetic packaging manufacturer prides itself on short lead times, low error rates, and prompt shipping.

Main Products

  • Cosmetic packaging boxes
  • Custom boutique boxes
  • Electronic packaging boxes

Service Features

  • Transparent quality checking system
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Internationally-certified

10. Dongguan Caihuan Paper Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Caihuan Paper

Dongguan Caihuan Paper Co., Ltd is one of the biggest cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. The company competes actively with the major players in the packaging industry. The packaging specialists at Caihuan Paper Company have previously worked with renowned local cosmetic brands.

It offers a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) to help brands that are aiming for a product launch or market testing. On the other hand, if you want a massive order fulfilled, Dongguan Caihuan Paper Company can accommodate that as well.

Massive factories under this cosmetic packaging manufacturer run smoothly year-round with little to no production delays, thanks to timely maintenance and close inspections. The company offers reusable packaging products with fully customized printing.

Main Products

  • Custom cosmetics boxes
  • Custom watch boxes
  • Custom paper bags

Service Features

  • OEM & ODM production
  • Low MOQ
  • Free sample

How to Choose the Right Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturer for Your Needs

If you think all the above-listed cosmetics packaging manufacturers fit some criteria to become your packaging partner, think again. There are still some more factors that you must address in order to pick the most suitable supplier for your products.

cosmetics packaging

We’ve conducted additional research to highlight additional factors for consideration. A company with a high reputation isn’t always the best one to cater to your brand’s packaging needs. Similarly, a packaging supplier with short lead times could mean it doesn’t take large order quantities. Here’s more!

1. ISO Certification

There are two main types of ISO certifications that matter in the Chinese packaging and printing industry as of now: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The former ensures that your chosen company has achieved the industry standards for quality management in its major packaging and printing operations.

At the same time, ISO 14001 ensures that your chosen packaging supplier has achieved environmental management features as part of its services. In simple words, it means that a skincare packaging manufacturer is more environmentally responsible.

2. Production Capacity

The above-listed companies can cater to large order quantities, such as hundreds of thousands of units per month. Some of them can go even higher during seasonal spikes in cosmetic products!

However, you should have a clear idea of your packaging product requirements. In short, it’s better to know how many packaging units you’ll need and when. By creating a solid plan for your cosmetics brand, you can communicate effectively with your chosen makeup packaging manufacturer.

3. Printing Error Rate

Even though the error rate is low among the cosmetic packaging manufacturers listed above, you should still find one with the lowest of them all that suits your business needs. Printing errors can be disastrous for both the packaging company and its clients.

As a starter, you can review those companies closely that have teams of dedicated digital designers. A company that offers one-on-one consultation on top of that is even better. In the end, you want a company that delivers highly customized and brand-oriented packaging.

4. Competitive Prices

Pricing can be an influential factor in your decision. The price you pay for personalized packaging can directly impact the final price of your cosmetic products. Besides, offering personalized packaging to please your customers while upsetting them with higher-than-usual prices isn’t a beneficial trade-off.

Watch out for cosmetic packaging manufacturers that thrive on reeling in money from brands and businesses by offering false pricing. It’s easy to claim that your company has the most competitive prices by ignoring the hidden fees and service charges.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

At first, the idea of buying packaging products from manufacturers and suppliers located in China might seem like overkill for your brand. Nonetheless, several benefits exclusive to Chinese manufacturers that you won’t find with their counterparts in the USA or other countries can change your mind.

package box

1. Flexible Order Quantities

Chinese custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers control a considerable number of factories on average. In turn, that allows brands and businesses to have large orders fulfilled on short notice. Chinese custom box manufacturers have been in business for decades. Therefore, they’re well-suited to meet your flexible orders.

2. Low Prices

There are multiple reasons why we say that Chinese cosmetic packaging manufacturers offer low prices. For instance, China has a large workforce that’s skilled, trained, and knowledgeable. The availability of large workforces, combined with locally available raw materials and efficient manufacturing machinery, leads to low production costs. And that translates to lower prices for the final packaging products.

3. More Packaging Experts

China is home to one of the largest paper-based packaging and printing industries. The country has a rich history when it comes to paper-based packaging and paper printing business activities. You’ll find a wide range of packaging companies across China. While some offer retail packaging solutions, others are more focused on meeting the wholesale packaging needs of various industries.


Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd. is among the leading cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. It offers a full-service packaging experience, regardless of your industry. Packoi has catered to clients from the food, cosmetics, and jewelry industries.

If you’re looking for a reliable company that can handle sizeable orders and offers unmatched product quality with competitive pricing, Packoi is the partner you need. Contact us and get an estimate today!

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