How Wholesale Catalog Printing Can Lead to More Business

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There are thousands of ways to generate more business for your company. One of these ways is printing catalogs to showcase your products. When you print catalogs wholesale, you can easily reach out to customers without incurring a massive expenditure. Before we dive into the details of what you should print catalogs, let's get some details on what catalog printing is.

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What is Wholesale Catalog Printing?

Catalog printing is a convenient way of showing customers what you offer including the pricing. Catalog printing involves pictures of the products and their wholesale prices including discounts if any. It may seem like a very expensive way of doing business but wholesale catalogs printing is affordable. The printed catalog is portable and showcases a list of items of your business. This is an effective promotional strategy that allows you to reach more customers at minimal costs.

How Can it Help My Business Grow?

Wholesale catalogs are cost-effective and contain elaborate descriptions of the products or services. It can help businesses grow in the following ways.

Increase Sales

Every business offers a wide variety of products and aims at growing sales. The printed catalog displays the products including the offers which businesses offer from time to time. It’s a great way of boosting sales as it attracts potential customers into buying the products. In addition, a catalog reminds your customers about the products you offer which in turn leads to more sales.

Creates Awareness

Example of Printed Catalog

Printing catalogs for your business is a great way of placing your products or services in one convenient place. Customers during their leisure time tend to view catalogs for products and later they make purchases. Furthermore, catalogs have a way of bringing in potential clients who come across printed catalogs.

Brand Awareness

Technological advancement continues to challenge brands to diversify and utilize all marketing tools necessary for brand growth. Printed materials continue to serve as effective marketing tools for creating brand awareness. Potential customers learn about what you offer through catalogs. Besides, product descriptions enhance the customer base leading to more sales.

Better Planning

The product catalog contains images that display the product price, process, and shop details. Customers find it convenient when they can view all the pages for their purchase in one convenient place. The business owner plans better when each client can refer to the catalog reducing time consumption as it clearly shows what’s available or not. In addition, the business mailing of catalog reminds the consumers about the products and offers thus knowing which product to give more attention to.

Online Marketing

Every day businesses are striving to make their appearance online. Digital printing is a convenient way where businesses to take advantage of advertising their products. The company need only to print information and make it visible to customers. The customers can view digital catalogs at their own convenient time and make more informed decisions about the purchase.

Product List on a Catalog

Why Choose a Professional Printer For Your Wholesale Catalog Printing Needs

Designing a wholesale catalog requires a professional printer who is able to meet your quality needs. Tips to guide you include; deciding what to include, how to do it, the costs involved, and when the catalog is needed. A professional printer is able to meet your quality requirements without compromise. In addition, one can deliver wholesale printing within the time frame. Quality work leads to increased client traffic which increases sales. Professional printers have the capability of delivering the design layout as expected and ensuring the catalog sizes are well-fitting.

Professional printers provide professional images which are essential for your business. Imagine having a catalog with poorly printed images. This can negatively affect your business. The benefits of having a professional printer include cost-effectiveness, professional services, and minimal turnaround.

Cost-effectiveness implies that the printers are able to offer bulk catalog printing within the shortest time possible. On the other hand, professional services from printing catalogs to displaying the information for your product descriptions ensure that you get the best branding components in your promotional materials. Whole printing also offers minimal turnaround time for delivery, which makes operations smooth.

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Wholesale Catalog Manufacturer

There are many factors to consider before selecting a company to handle your catalog needs. You need to carefully analyze the below factors and choose a company that meets your needs effectively and efficiently. These factors include:


Every organization’s goal is to maximize profit and minimize expenses. You must choose a company that offers quality services at affordable rates. Do not go for a cheap company but focus on aligning your quality with the budget allocated for printing catalogs. A good product catalog includes all the products, their description, and their professional image.


When doing business you always prefer a company that can deliver within the shortest time possible. For a company to deliver within the timeline it must be well established and Chinese manufacturers are well known for such great services.


Product catalogs serve the business as marketing prints. A good company must create great booklets, follow the layout and make things clear. No customer would want to view a catalog that is confusing. Besides, the company must ensure the company value is a priority.

With these factors in mind, here are some of the core benefits of choosing a chines manufacturer.

Custom Design and Layout

China is a home of innovations and unique designs. When creating catalogs for your company sourcing directly from China can never go wrong. These manufacturers have all the requirements to produce flyers and catalogs. The manufacturer’s capabilities enable them to design as per your catalog requirement and at a great price.

Commercial Printer


Manufacturer from China has access to printers that offers a wide range of printing services. These include no size limitations or color space choices. A growing company requires a manufacturer who can deliver with minimal limitations in handling the style, look and feel.

Personal Touch

A printing company that is able to offer custom-made printing catalogs wins in the ever-changing environment. Manufacturers from China have resources that enable them to offer a wide range of services from personalized services to digital marketing materials. Manufacturers from China focus on first understanding your company’s needs to advise what is best.

Competitive Rates

China manufacturers print catalogs at affordable rates. They have the capability to produce bulk catalog printing which reduces costs for your company. Other benefits include; fast service, great choices for the paper, and a standard catalog.

How to Design a Great Catalog That Will Stand Out from the Competition

Designing a great catalog is simple but can be tiresome. You do not have to worry, the guidelines below will be of great value when you are looking for catalog designs for your company.

Catalog Size

Deciding on the size of your catalog is the first important choice. What size is best for your products and which fits for a particular product? Familiarize yourself with the sizes of the catalog and determine which one fits your product. For instance, the sizes for small products vary from huge products like appliances. The various sizes include 5 by 8.5, 6 by 6, 6 by 9, 5 by 11, 9 by 12, or 12 by 12 catalog sizes in inches.

Planning the Structure

Catalogs are used as marketing tools for increased sales. You must select a structure that fits all your needs and has unique features which can attract customers’ attention. Make sure you consult a professional company.

Lay out a proper description of your product and miss no product on your catalog. A good product description explains each product use and To make it outstanding gives in-depth descriptions.

Product Information

Describing each product information clearly and capturing all requirements. The product information includes the name, barcode, product number, and features.

An outstanding cover and order form that is simple but adequately contains all the information. Make a point of proofreading the catalog before submitting it to your company printing. Following these guidelines will make the catalog competitive.

Tips for Distributing Your Catalog and Getting the Most Out of It

There are several tips for distributing your catalogs and ensuring that you get the best results. The list below is what you should keep in mind when distributing your catalogs.

  • Identifying your potential customers
  • Designing a catalog as per your audience
  • Feature in the most profitable product
  • Invest in a good style that reinforces your product catalog
  • Design for economy-affordable rates and include promotional offers
Catalog Manufacturer

FAQs About Wholesale Catalog Printing

How Do You Design Good Catalogs?

Designing good catalogs requires you to identify a good designer and printer. You need someone who can design and print at the same time.

What is the Best Paper for Designing the Catalog?

The best paper is one that aligns with your business values. You can use recycled paper to enhance the sustainability of your brand. Talk to us to get the best guidelines on paper choices.

Can Digital Catalogs Increase Sales More Than Printed Catalogs?

The effectiveness of either depends on the distribution channel and how your business operates. if you sell digital products, a digital catalog might be ideal. On the other hand, printed catalogs are appropriate for businesses that sell physical goods. In some instances, you can use both.

How Do I Get a China Manufacturer Who Can Meet the Customer Requirement and Print Needs?

You can get the best china manufacturer by researching and reaching out to potential printers. Always evaluate all manufacturers based on your needs and expectations.


Wholesale catalogs are easily shareable, especially in this era of digital growth. They serve as convenient places for advertising, show professionalism, and help reduce distribution costs. Furthermore, they are easily accessible online, and creating requires minimal time. Catalogs with minimal pages covering all product information tend to be cost-effective and easy to print.

If you are looking for a reliable catalog printer, you are at the right place. Reach Packoi Printing today and get the best catalogs at wholesale prices. We also offer a range of other printing services, including custom boxes, promotional materials, and gift bags. Contact us today to get a quote on your catalog.

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