7 Sustainable Packing Trends That’ll Make Your Company Soar High This Year

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If you want your company to grow this year, it’s time to get serious about sustainable packaging. More people are becoming eco-conscious, opening a huge opportunity for your business to position itself for growth.

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Research shows that when given a choice, consumers will opt to support green businesses. So if you can create product packaging that promotes sustainability, there’s a higher chance that you’ll attract customers and make them want to buy.

If you want to make that happen, read on. This article will give you insight into the latest sustainable packaging trends that’ll appeal to your target market and lead to more sales.

7 Packaging Trends That’ll Strengthen Your Sustainability Efforts

Sustainable Packing

Your packaging plays a huge role in your business. Since it’s the first thing that people see on the shelf or display table, it’s your chance to make them want to buy your product. Even online product packaging is important because it’s the first physical interaction that consumers have with your brand.

If you want more people to become loyal customers, you have to create packaging that resonates with their values and beliefs.

One way you can do that is by showing your target market the environmental impact of your packaging. Instead of using single-use packaging, show them how you’ve carefully selected the materials to be more eco-friendly.

Explain to them how they can recycle your packaging to keep it out of landfills. Give them instructions on how to reuse it.

If people know that they can contribute to helping save the environment through your packaging, they’ll take an interest in your brand. It’s a great strategy to win more loyal customers.

Do you want to know how you can make this happen? Here are the 7 sustainable packaging trends to watch out for.

Design to Be Reused

Sustainable Packing

Reusability is a great trend that you can implement for your product packaging. Choose a sustainable packaging material that’ll allow you to design it to be reused.

Think about what the beverage industry is doing. Some of them use glass containers that can be returned like Coca-cola bottles. Once the beverage is consumed, people can return the empty glass bottle. Then these bottles will be collected and sent back to Coca-cola so they can be cleaned, sanitized, refilled, and then sold once more.

This is just one of the many ways you can implement reusable packaging in your business. If you sell perfumes, give customers the option to bring empty perfume bottles to your store to be refilled. Give them a huge discount so customers will get into the habit of refilling their containers.

Other sustainable materials can be designed for reusability. Metal tin cans, wood, and even plastic bottles are options you can consider.

Limit Your Packaging Waste

Sustainable Packing

One of the ways you can practice sustainability is to ensure that you minimize your packaging’s carbon footprint. This can be achieved if you minimize your packaging waste.

Here’s how it happens.

As your packaging goes through the supply chain, it produces carbon emissions. When it’s created, delivered, and thrown away, all these lead to carbon emissions.

If you minimize the layers in your packaging, you can lower your carbon footprint.

The question is, how can you limit your packaging waste?

Get rid of the clutter. Minimize the elements you’ll add to your packaging without compromising the product’s safety and your brand’s image.

If you already have durable outer packaging, don’t put a plastic film anymore. If your packaging has print on it, don’t add stickers.

Sometimes, minimalism makes a stronger statement to support your sustainability efforts. The fewer packaging layers, the fewer the waste and carbon emissions.

Opt for Plant-Based Packaging

Plant-Based Packaging

What makes packaging dangerous to the environment is the practice of throwing them after customers take the product out. That’s the problem that biodegradable packaging is trying to solve.

While you can always design your packaging to be reusable, sometimes, that’s not always possible. At the same time, you also have to consider the fact that the recycling process produces carbon emissions. Sometimes, it’s even greater than new materials.

Given these facts, using plant-based packaging seems like the most eco-friendly option because it’s biodegradable. That means this packaging is made of materials that’ll naturally decompose.

Biodegradable packaging material usually comes from organic resources. When it’s plant-based, it’s usually called compostable packaging.

For example, packaging that’s made of cotton fabric is biodegradable. When turned into compost, bacteria will naturally decompose it without leaving any toxic residue behind. Other compostable materials include hemp, mushroom, and cornstarch.

If you use these materials for your packaging, make sure you give your customers instructions on how to use them. That way, they’ll know how to properly dispose of or use the packaging as compost in their yard.

Use Sustainable Ink

Sustainable ink printing bags

One of the most underrated sustainable packaging trends is the use of environmentally-friendly ink.

If you notice, most product packaging designs are printed on the surface. It’s a great way to minimize the layers of the packaging and in effect, the waste.

However, a lot of printers use petroleum-based ink that contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This ink contains lead, cadmium, and mercury which can hurt both humans and wildlife.

Fortunately, we have bio-based inks that can be used to print on eco-friendly packaging. Among the options include water-based ink that is great for corrugated materials. You can also use vegetable (e.g. corn oil) or soy ink because these don’t have harmful organic compounds.

UV inks can also be a great alternative but they can be costly because it requires curing for it to dry. Not only that, this can trigger an allergic reaction in very sensitive skin types. Make sure you put the right warning on the packaging to be sure.

Push for 100% Recyclable Packaging

Use Sustainable Ink

Is eco-friendly packaging 100% recyclable? The answer is no, although it is made of recyclable materials. Some “recyclable packaging” isn’t recycled because they have too many “contaminants.”

Here’s an example.

You use kraft paper packaging for your product. You add a paper label to put instructions and to add design.

The label isn’t removed when the customer throws it away after use.

That’ll get rejected by the recycling facility because the label wasn’t removed. Or if the label uses the wrong type of adhesive that leaves a lot of residue on the paper packaging – that’ll also be a cause of its rejection.

What can you do about this?

First of all, you have to scrutinize every little thing that you add to your packaging. Make sure your customers or the workers can easily separate these in the recycling facility.

Not only that, you have to label the package well. Indicate all the materials you used so the recycling facility will know how to segregate and treat them for recycling.

Remember, if you can’t make your packaging 100% recyclable, then you’ll fail at being sustainable.

Choose Recycled Plastic Packaging

Many packing materials can be recycled, but the most controversial of them is plastic. The amount of abandoned plastic waste is too great to ignore. It’s one of the biggest problems that the world is currently trying to solve.

While the obvious solution is to eliminate the use of new plastic, there are times with it can’t be helped. Some products can be best protected by plastic – not to mention that it’s more economical to use.

So how can this be solved?

If you want to use sustainable packaging but you still need plastic, use the eco-friendly alternative – recycled plastic. Don’t buy new plastic. Use the ones recovered and recycled from the ocean litter.

Several organizations collect plastic waste so it can be recycled into new plastic.

Customizable Packaging Options

Green businesses will also benefit from using flexible packaging. It’s a type of packaging that uses malleable material so it can be used for different types of products.

For instance, if you sell beaded jewelry, you can use one type of pouch to package your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Since all these are small, it’s easier to identify the right packaging size to fit any of your products.

What’s great about this is it’s highly efficient and cost-effective as well. You can just order a simple paper, foil, or fabric pouch in bulk. Add a small hangtag to personalize this versatile packaging.

This is something new in the packaging industry, so ask your supplier about some of the options they can offer you.

3 Keys to Creating the Best Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Creating the best sustainable packaging isn’t all about the materials that you’ll use. Just because you chose the best recyclable or reusable materials, that doesn’t mean you’re already being sustainable.

Think of it this way. Even if you sourced the best recyclable materials for your packaging, your efforts would be wasted if it doesn’t end up in recycling facilities.

The bottom line is if you want to create sustainable packaging successfully, keep the end in mind. Make sure your packaging ends up where you intended it to go – away from landfills and having a positive environmental impact.

To make that happen, here are 3 things you should do before launching your new eco-friendly packaging.

Educate Your Customers

Whether you’re using recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging – make sure your customer knows how to dispose of it properly. Remember, some recycled materials shouldn’t be mixed with others if you want to keep their recyclability from being compromised.

This can easily be solved if you educate your customers. Give them instructions on how to segregate or dismantle your packaging.

The information doesn’t have to take up a huge space on the surface of your package. You can put a link or QR code that’ll take the customer to your website, where all the instructions are provided.

Make sure you explain the importance of proper disposal. That way, the customer will be motivated to follow your instructions.

Stay True to Your Brand

Although there are a lot of sustainable packing trends, make sure you still stay true to your brand. There are many ways to be sustainable, and not all of them may be aligned with your brand story.

Even if you want to be eco-friendly, ensure your packaging design properly represents your overall brand image.

For instance, fashion brands can consider using fabric packing options instead of paper or plastic. If they use canvass bags, they can be reused by customers. And since that bag has the brand logo or name, they can get free advertising, too.

That’s just one way you can do this. Be creative and innovative to impress your customers.

Keep Learning

Sustainable packing still has a long way to go. Despite all the advancements in eco-friendly designs, there’s still a lot of room for growth and innovation.

This is why it’s important to keep learning about the newest flexible packaging design and trends. Take a look at your supply chain and see if they can offer you something new.

With more luxury brands opting for sustainability, check out their unique ways of practicing it. Look at how fast food chains are designing their food packaging.

Use your creativity and pick out the best ideas and be the first to create unique packing designs.

Partner with the right expert that’ll give you the perfect options for your product’s new eco-friendly packing solution.

Get Help in Choosing the Best Sustainable Packaging Trends. Packoi Printing Is FSC-Certified and Ready to Help.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great sustainable packaging design. It can help you attract more customers, encourage them to buy more of your products, and stay loyal to your brand.

It’s not hard to choose the best sustainable materials to use. The key is to partner with an FSC-certified manufacturer like Packoi Printing.

You can see that through our certification, we guarantee that the supply chain that your packaging goes through is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We offer design services that can bring your unique ideas to reality. Contact us and get started on your sustainable packaging.

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