Skincare Packaging Basics: Choosing the Right Material for your Product

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There are several businesses in high demand with the potential to make big sales, one of which is beauty and cosmetics. The need for skincare products is at its peak. Any bathroom cabinet without a skin care product is as well considered incomplete. This means venturing into the skincare business can be an exciting idea.

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But if you want to have your business at the top and own the market, you need to find a strategy for breaking the clutter, get your brand image out there, and tell your potential customers, “HERE is the best moisturizer for you!” And you can only achieve this through packaging.

Skincare brands are out there, so getting your brand to stand out among many competitors requires proper strategizing. You must prioritize matters necessary to your business and develop a brand identity anchored on your values. During the early stages of planning for your business, you will have to make the first crucial decision, the skincare packaging strategy.

The first thing your potential customers will see is your packaging. If you use attractive packaging that grabs their attention and communicates their needs, they are likely to give your a try to your product. In contrast, if your packaging is hideous, customers will brush aside your skincare product. But how can you make quality packaging to make your ideal customer crave skin care products?

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Have you considered the nature of the skin care products you are dealing with in your business? Can they fit in glass, metal, plastic, or other containers? One of the critical considerations when choosing skincare packaging is the type of material. Skincare products come in different forms, be they liquid, solution, powder, and more, requiring unique packaging materials.

This article will look at the basics of cosmetics packaging and guide you in choosing the best packaging materials for your skincare products. In the end, you should have ideas on navigating with skincare container basics in your new cosmetic brand.

Why Packaging Design Matters in The Beauty Industry

Cosmetics brands excel by providing products that allow customers to care for their feelings and look into detail. The glamour of the beauty industry does not lie only in the product but also in the packaging. Generally, product packaging functions to protect, inform, and market, but there is a more outstanding obligation in the beauty and cosmetic companies to woo customers.

For that reason, we will look at why designing matters in skincare packaging:

Skincare Packaging

Quality Design, Guaranteed Aestheticism

Eye-popping cosmetic packaging attracts attention. Designing gives a luxurious look to the product packaging, giving customers a sense of engagement in elite self-care. This way, your cosmetics packaging will have a competitive edge.

Package Functionality

Having your product in the proper container allows consumers to see what they can achieve with it rather than the product itself. Design in cosmetic packaging helps highlight the beauty products’ overall purpose. Proper packaging designed to tie the product to its general purpose helps to remind customers why they chose it in the first place. That is the beauty of package design.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Ideally, your packaging options should help in building the brand image. Logos and other valid visuals of your beauty business must be consistent with your cosmetic packaging. Your business objectives should be increasing sales and customer retention, and you can achieve both through brand awareness. Quality designing that uses bold and bright colors helps to draw attention to aspects of the product or logo, a more significant way to enhance brand recognition.

Packaging Speaks About the Products

A convenient packaging design is one way to communicate to your customers what they can expect from the product. If you want your new business to have a competitive advantage in the beauty industry, packaging design is a great way to highlight brand ethos that will help your cosmetic products stand out.

Product Transport

Packaging design plays an important role here. Certainly, distributors and customers should manage to carry around cosmetic packaging. The product packaging should fit customers’ busy lifestyles and safely carry in a bag without the likelihood of leakage or explosion.

The Benefits of Using Packaging for Skincare Products

As stated earlier, cosmetic packaging directly impacts the performance of your business. This is because consumers typically make their first interaction with the outer packaging. They discover/notice a product for the first time through the material, color, shape, and other essential features of the packaging.

Here are some of the benefits you get from packaging a skincare product:

Skincare Packaging

Building Brand Image

Brand image and visibility are keys to increasing sales, especially in cosmetics. Branded packaging materials for your skincare products are a great way to get your profile known. Custom packaging will give your beauty brand a competitive edge over other brands.

Preserving & Protecting Product Quality

Another critical function of cosmetic containers is storing and preserving beauty products. Typically, consumers use skincare products in small quantities at a particular moment, so the packaging materials are designed to underpin the durability of the skincare product. Also, airless bottles and airtight seals in cosmetics packaging are necessary to block foreign materials from entering the cosmetic containers.

Modern Skincare Packaging Materials Promotes Sustainability

Consumers worldwide are increasingly becoming eco-conscious, which has been a critical factor in the packaging industry.

Cosmetics packaging also has taken into consideration sustainability concerns, and companies in the beauty industry are considering eco-friendly packaging materials like glass and aluminum bottles for their products. It has become a requirement for beauty businesses to seriously consider going for “green” packaging to promote environmental sustainability.

Packaging Reduce Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping your cosmetics in standard-size boxes can be lofty due to the increased usage of void-fill materials. Using custom cosmetics packaging, you get a complete range of tailored packaging. Your products deserve to reduce shipping costs and keep them safe.

The Different Types of Packaging Available for Skincare Products

Deciding on a suitable material for your beauty product is one of the crucial packaging decisions. You have spent enough time planning, and now is the opportunity to make sure your cosmetics packaging is equally perfect for your brand’s objectives. It would be best if you got packaging options that are effective in functionality and promote eco-friendliness.

Check out some of our popular packaging options in the modern market:

bath milk, glass, fund

Glass containers

Glass is one of the common materials that is non-degradable, recyclable, and highly resistant to most acids, so glass packaging material is a sustainable option for skincare products.

Glass products are attractive, BPA-free, and sturdy, with an upscale look and added safety due to UV protection. Frosted glass containers are convenient for cosmetics with essential oil or other products whose quality can be affected by exposure to sunlight.

The glass packaging mainly comes in jars or bottles but in different colors depending on the choice of branding. Since glass is chemically inert, it is mostly a preferred option for most cosmetic products containing essential oils, which interact much with rubber and plastic materials. On the other side, glass is expensive and fragile, so hazardous to ship products in glass bottles.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic is cost-effective and flexible, so it is an extensively used material for skincare packaging. With unmatched alternatives, a complete range of plastic packaging options will fit your budget, customer needs, and products. In plastic packaging, resins are widely used as foundation substances to give different plastic qualities. Some of the resin-reinforced plastics used in cosmetic packaging include:

Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET) – PET plastic containers are highly resistant to damage, BPA-free, recyclable, lightweight, and flexible. Also, a plastic container made of polyethylene terephthalate can be designed in clear, frosted, or opaque finishes, so you can choose the correct finish depending on what your product deserves. Due to its sturdiness with clear finishes, polyethylene terephthalate plastic is suitable for spray bottles and jars.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – HDPE plastic is sturdy, durable, recyclable, and reusable. Suitable for most skincare products. High-density polyethylene plastic cannot produce clear finishes as with PET, but frosted options are available.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or V) – PVC plastic container is lightweight and can resist varying temperatures. The downside of it is that it is challenging to recycle PVC. It can cause severe health issues by releasing toxins and other pollutants during usage.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) – Very flexible, has good chemical compatibility, and gives clear finishes. However, it has low resistance to temperature variations. LDPE plastic bottles and jars can be reused, but no recycling. The LDPE plastic is suitable for making squeeze bottles and squeezable tubes due to its high flexibility.

Polypropylene (PP) is light, strong, semi-transparent, and can withstand varying temperature conditions. Polypropylene plastic is mainly used to manufacture seals, lids, and caps to seal cosmetic creams or solutions before the container top is secured.

Since it is highly recyclable, reusable, and BPA-free, PP is an eco-friendly option for cosmetics packaging. Also, polypropylene plastic is the preferred material for making lip balm tubes in cosmetics lines due to its high flexibility and superiority.

Polystyrene (PS) – Mainly used for outer packaging like protective cushions and packing fillers. It is common in the manufacture of styrofoam products. PS is highly fragile and not recyclable.

Metal Packaging

Cosmetics packaging made of metal are sturdy and durable. A suitable metal offers an elegant, sleek, luxurious look. Aluminum is a common packaging material as it is lightweight and less fragile, so it is a user-friendly and practical material for cosmetics. Due to its less fragility, metal can endure unfavorable shipping and storage conditions.

Another advantage is that metal is highly recyclable into other essential products and reused for other purposes. Aluminum containers are convenient for sprays, deodorants, and dry and powdered products. On its downside, metal lacks transparency, so customers cannot see the product inside, which is crucial in some cases. Also, other metal containers, if not coated with a protective layer, can react with the product, damaging both the container and your skincare contents

5 Company Profiles to Consider When Designing Skincare Packaging

Several companies deal with designing skincare packaging. Here are the top five profiles you can consider as you create packages for your skin and hair care products.

Skincare Packaging

Packoi Printing

This is a top design company dealing in custom packaging designs and branding. For simple, eye-catching, and quality custom designs that give you a competitive edge, Packoi Printing has got you covered. Visit Packoi to make your order.


It is one of the top designing and branding profiles that can customize quality packaging for your products. The company deals in all kinds of design and branding. They design cosmetics packaging that makes your products attractive. You can contact them for design services.


This is another top design company dedicated to helping you with creative and cost-effective product packaging designs. They have been in business for about two decades and can provide effective solutions. They design top-notch labels and all other packaging needs.

Kaufman Container

This is “Your complete packaging supplier.” They provide budget-friendly, convenient, and adaptable options and customer-friendly packaging solutions. Contact Kaufman Container to get quality services.

New Direction Aromatics

The company deals in a range of products, including packaging. Here, you will get all the packaging products for your cosmetics business. Visit their website for more information.

3 Skincare Packaging Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Packaging designs in the beauty industry have been transforming over the years since market dynamics, like customer preferences, keep evolving. But few designs have stood out for years and are unlikely to stop trending shortly.

Skincare Packaging

Minimalistic Design

This is a minimalistic approach in cosmetics packaging that has been trending for years, thanks to its unique minimalism, which speaks volumes about the product. The minimalistic strategy uses a simple, clean, and peaceful design. It is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and less distracting.

The minimalist design communicates the objectivity of the brand in promoting environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprints.

Vintage Design

Vintage packaging design incorporates what customers want. It involves quality logos, bright colors, and other vintage elements worth marketing the product. By using vintage fonts and color patterns, the brand will be able to convey the authenticity and perceived quality of the product.

Black and White

Using black and white designs in packaging has been a trend for decades. Although these colors may seem very restrictive, they are influential in the market and can give your product a standout look. The combination is not only dynamic but can set your cosmetics packaging apart from that of competing brands.

A strategic packaging designer can use this to draw attention to their black & white product on a shelf full of colorful containers. This design is cost-effective and attractive if it is incorporated well.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Packaging for Your Skincare Products

Your packaging option must fulfill its purpose and increase product sales. To help you achieve that, below is a list of several factors to guide you on how to choose to package skincare products:

Skincare Packaging
  • Sturdiness – choose the proper packaging that is strong enough to protect your product from damage while preserving its quality.
  • Functional – Functional packaging means a secure, attractive, and selling product. It should function so that consumers will access the product as expected during usage. It is imperative to get suitable packaging since some cosmetics react with other materials that are not chemically inert.
  • Product shipping – To ensure products arrive in various stores and to your customers intact, consider getting packaging free from leakage and impact damages.
  • Aligning to brand – The packaging you choose should speak to your potential customers regarding the business. Let it market your brand, enhance its recognition, and increase product sales.
  • Recyclable – Many brands strive to be environmentally compliant in terms of sustainability. This is because their customers increasingly become ecologically aware of the need to achieve sustainability. In this case, acquire packaging that promotes eco-friendliness. Look for recyclable alternatives if you do not get a fully sustainable option.
  • Cost-effective – Since you planned for your packaging, it is vital to remain within your budget. Go for cosmetics packaging that helps your business grow. Ensure that its production expenses are manageable with your sales.


There are unlimited opportunities in the cosmetics industry. There are many reasons why packaging matters in your beauty outlet; storage, protection, building brand awareness, and more. Also, several materials packages can be manufactured from either plastic, glass, or metal. So you choose to depend on the form of product you are dealing with. You will succeed in this in-demand industry with the proper packaging and design.

Your Skincare Business Deserves Great Packaging Design!

Now that you have the skincare packaging basics at your fingertips, you need to plan and make your business thrive strategically. Choosing suitable packaging is critical to the performance of your business. At Packoi, we ensure you have the right solution for your business. Sustainability should be the centerpiece when choosing the material to handle your products. Get in touch with us!

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