10 Holiday Packaging Elements to Boost Sales During Gift-Giving Season

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It’s never too early to make plans for your holiday packaging. You might be surprised that some of your customers are already thinking about their holiday shopping plans by the middle of the year.

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So if you want to stay ahead of the game and beat your competition, you need to start your holiday planning.

In this article, you’ll find out the elements that you need to add to your holiday packaging to boost your sales. You’ll also get tips to help you choose the right packaging design for your holiday campaign.

The Basic Elements of Holiday Packaging

holiday packaging

The holiday season is a very competitive time in the retail industry.

As you know, your packaging is the first thing that’ll attract the attention of your customers. If you can get your customer’s attention, you’re closer to getting a sale out of them.

That means you need a holiday packaging design that’ll rise above the competition. To do that, here are the basic elements of your packaging that you need to pay attention to. If you want to know more information, you can look through the blog “Best Holiday Packaging Design: 10+10 Design Trends This 2022“.

The Colors

Colors tell a story. It’s also powerful enough to make customers feel something. It could be happiness, excitement, love, and peace. It can even represent a specific holiday.

This is why you need to be careful about the colors that you’ll choose for your holiday packaging. Using a combination of red and green will immediately show that you have holiday-themed packaging.

But you can be more creative than that. Choose colors that you know will resonate with your customers.

The Design

This isn’t just about the patterns and prints that you’ll put on the packaging. It’s about how everything ties up to the overall look of your holiday packaging design.

From eco-friendly packaging materials to ribbons and tags – all these will represent the holiday spirit that your brand would like to celebrate.

What design will best represent your product and business? How can you increase brand recognition to maximize your sales during the gift-giving season?

The Message

Your holiday packaging can also be used to convey a message. When you’re thinking about the theme of your seasonal packaging, what do you want to tell your customers?

Think about current situations that might require an inspirational message. Maybe your customers need a message of hope. Maybe you need to promote happiness to them. Or generosity and love.

Think of one message and use that to influence the design of your holiday packaging. It’ll guide you in choosing the right materials, colors, and graphic design for your product packaging.

The Extras

The holidays are all about going overboard with everything. That means you can overload your holiday packaging with different elements and it won’t feel exaggerated.

You can add ribbons and tags. You can use bright colors.

Just make sure that all the extras that you add compliments the message that you want to convey. While it’s okay to have extras in your design, you don’t want it to look chaotic. It still has to be aligned with your branding as well.

10 Design Elements to Make Your Christmas Packaging Festive

Christmas Packaging

There are many ways to create Christmas-themed packaging for your brand. But you have to remember that people buy a lot of products during the holiday season for two reasons.

First, they want to buy themselves something. Second, they want to give people gifts for the holidays.

Keep these two in mind as you decide what type of gift box or holiday packaging you’ll release this season.

Here are ideas that you can add to your packaging to make it look more festive.

Greeting Cards

The holiday season is all about spreading love, happiness, and blessings. That’s why people have made a tradition of giving gifts during this time. And before they send out a gift, they attach a card to show who it’s for and who it’s from.

Just add a greeting card to your packaging to make things convenient for your customers. Attach it to the outer packaging. It may seem like a simple add-on but the convenience could make people choose your product over the rest.

Bright Colors

There’s nothing like bright colors to attract the attention of your customers. The question is, what colors will you choose?

The safe choice would be bright red and green. It’s the typical Christmas color. But there are other colors associated with the holidays. You have gold and blue. Choose the brighter shades of these colors so they can help spread the holiday cheer.

From afar, your colors can make your customers feel excited already.

Festive Illustrations

What’s the best way to spread some holiday spirit? With festive illustrations.

There are many designs that you can put on your custom packaging. You have cartoon gift boxes, Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Clause, snowflakes, Christmas balls, and many more.

Choose a design that fits your product.

You can even create a unique holiday version of your brand logo. Maybe you can add Christmas lights around your brand name and logo. Use that as your packaging design.

Holiday Patterns

holiday packaging

If you’re unsatisfied with a spot print of your festive illustrations, make a pattern out of them. Do an all-over print on your holiday-themed packaging. That way, customers can enjoy the design from all angles.

This will make your packaging look similar to printed wrapping paper. It’ll make your product more giftable.

You can also create your take on the holiday season. Use stick figures and have them dress up as Santa and his elves. Or you can use candies and sugary treats as your pattern.

As long as it ties in with your brand or product, it should be an acceptable holiday design.

Shiny Ribbons

Ribbons can also be a great design element to add to your holiday package.

Instead of just sticking to the usual red and green ribbons, use shiny ones. There are metallic ribbons in gold and silver. And some ribbons look like it’s made of glitter.

Even if you have plain packaging with a solid color, it’ll still look festive enough for customers. It can still stand out and be interesting enough to catch your customer’s attention.

Custom-Printed Tape

Printed tape holiday packaging

Apart from ribbons, you can also have custom-printed tape. Packoi can provide design services for you. The design of the tape can be that of Christmas elements. Or it can be your branding.

Admittedly, this might not be enough to make your seasonal packaging look festive and ready to be given as a gift. But you can add it to other design elements to complete the look.

What’s great about this is it has a double purpose. You can use it to secure the packaging and at the same time, add design to it.

Personalized Notes

Here’s another way to make your packaging design giftable – add a space for personalized notes. Incorporate this space into the design.

This is a great idea if you’re trying to be more cost-efficient and skip the free greeting card. Add a design where your customer can put the name of the recipient and their own as the sender.

Add some designs around that area and a bit of space for a short note.

Gift Tags

If you think that adding a greeting card is too costly and putting space for the personalized note won’t work as well, there’s something else you can do.

Add gift tags. These tags can be used by customers to label their gift boxes. Since the holiday season means everyone is busy labeling a lot of gifts, the gift tag will come in handy. It’ll make sure the right package is given to the right person.

Christmas Stickers

Your Christmas packaging can also use some incredible sticker designs.

Have your packaging come in a plain color and just add different stickers to decorate it. Use Christmas trees, ornaments, and other designs that are typically used during the season.

You can even make your packaging more engaging by providing customers with a sheet of stickers. That way, they can decorate the packaging however they want.

Decors and Ornaments

If you’re looking for inspiration to make your packaging design more fitting for the holiday season, think of your Christmas tree.

What ornaments and decors do you usually hang there?

You have Christmas balls, stars, and pine cones. Choose smaller versions of these so you can add them to your holiday packaging.

Tie them to the packaging using a ribbon. You can even tape them to the tags or cards that come with your packaging.

Important Considerations When Designing Seasonal Packaging

customized holiday packaging

Creating customized holiday packaging for your brand isn’t just about celebrating the season. You want to do this right because it can help you get more sales.

That entails choosing the right design that’ll protect your product, represent your brand, and connect with your customers.

But what does it take to choose the right design?

You need to consider 5 things.

The Purpose

Choosing holiday packaging styles for your product can be confusing because so many options are available. Why are you creating special packaging for the holiday shopping season to give yourself direction?

Is it to stand out and get more sales? Is it to create a more positive brand image? Or are you trying to launch something new?

Knowing the purpose of the packaging will give you direction in your design options.

The Product

The holiday packaging may be for marketing and sales purposes – but it’s still meant to protect your product.

Regardless of the custom packaging design that you choose, make sure it can protect the integrity of your product.

Your customers may be impressed by your design but if they open it to a broken product, that would be a huge loss.

The Brand

holiday packaging

Although the holiday packaging will highlight the celebrated season, you still have to incorporate your branding. Make sure it’s designed for brand recognition as well.

After all, you want to make sure your loyal customers will recognize the packaging. You want them to know that it’s from your brand.

Don’t give them a hard time looking for your products. Your brand logo doesn’t have to be front and center – but it should still be in a visible position in your packaging.

The Budget

Creating a new holiday-themed packaging will cost you extra. So before you work on the design, set a budget first.

Know how much you can afford to pay for your holiday packaging. Take into consideration the potential increase in sales that you can get from the holiday rush.

This budget will allow you to determine the materials and elements you can add to the whole packaging design.

The Timing

If you’re going through all the trouble of designing holiday packaging, make sure you can launch it in time. You need to set a date when the new packaging can be released.

Timing it well would maximize the sales that you can get from the holiday season. Don’t launch it too early because by the time most people are buying, your packaging may have already been damaged.

You also don’t want to launch it too late because you’d have lost a lot of sales potential.

Start Early and Design Your Product Packaging for the Holiday Season.

Packoi Printing can assist with the design process.

The holiday packaging process shouldn’t be rushed. You need to give yourself enough time to choose the design and materials to make your product packaging competitive.

Start the planning process now. Packoi Printing is here to help you. We can brainstorm ideas and we’ll give you possible options to create the best holiday packaging for your brand.

Give us a call and we’ll send you a fair quotation in no time.

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