Examples of Great Travel Brochures Fit for Globetrotters

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Traveling has become one of the most sought-after hobbies in the world. People love to travel on their own in order to discover the world and learn about other cultures. With the rise of the digital economy, the next generation wants to be solo travelers working on the go.

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Traveling as a Hobby

People do not need to be confined to a particular office in order to fulfill their job responsibilities. They want to experience the outdoors and engage in fun activities like hiking road trips, and exploring the world. people want to enjoy life in different cities and relax on the beach.

Solo travelers usually work as freelancers. So, they have the opportunity to enjoy their trips without limitations. They also work with limited budget allocations, so they always look for details in travel brochures on how they can save for their next trips.

The most popular types of travel styles include friends’ trips and parties, solo journeys, family trips, adventures, and individual exploration of the best places across the world. All these people can be reached using travel brochures. If your brochure highlights the best places for making fun they can go, they will definitely want to engage you for business.

A Minimalist Globetrotter

The Growth of the Globetrotting Business

There are many companies emerging to capitalize on the emerging market of people who love travel adventures. With thousands of websites offering travel tips and how to market your solo travel services as a company, we want to give the best examples of travel brochures fit for globetrotters.

With these examples, you will know what information to include in order to attract different clients, including travel bloggers, solo female travel fanatics, family travel adventures, and more.

What should you include in order to give value to solo travelers? To answer that question, you desire to know what a solo traveler is looking for. Before he or she plans a trip to South America, they must have identified certain traits. So, if you capture this information in your brochures and marketing materials, you will definitely make the travel tips valuable for globetrotters.

Let us dive and learn more from these great examples.

What to Include in a Travel Brochure

Travel California Tri-Fold Brochure Template

With the rise and expansion of the travel market, many travel agencies do not know what information they should include in a good travel brochure. If you are targeting solo female travel enthusiasts, you should know what kind of information they are seeking when making your brochure.

On the other, when targeting people who love road trips, tell them information about the road experience, sights, and the like. Family travel tips should also capture specific information that is ideal and attractive to families. Solo travel is expanding, and you must have ready nuggets for solo travel lovers.

A travel brochure is among the great travel resources that can assist travelers. Here is some of the information that must be included in your travel brochure.

Introduce Your Destinations, Highlighting Its Most Popular Attractions

When creating your travel brochure, always start with an introduction to your destinations. Ensure that you highlight the most popular attractions found within the destinations. For example, you can suggest places for hiking or historic sites for solo adventurers. People on a family travel trip can also benefit from outdoor experiences and historic sites.

Other important information about the location includes places people can go road tripping or scuba diving. All these are important events that matter to people who are traveling.

List the Different Types of Accommodations Available

Travel Paris Tri-Fold Brochure Template

After highlighting the popular attractions on the destinations, it is important to list the different types of accommodation available. Solo travelers are people who work with strict budgets. So, always share any interesting information about the destination that will be valuable to the readers.

For example, if your destination is South America, you highlight the best hotels where families, individuals, or groups can stay together at cheaper rates. The accommodation should be comfortable and interesting while focusing on affordability.

Provide Information on Food and Dining Options

When people travel, they also like enjoying the cuisines of the destination. So, it is important to list the areas where people can get food and dine on a budget. Your travel tips should include important information besides destinations like hiking sites. The brochure can also include suggestions for further readings on blogs for people to discover eating and dining options in a country. People should have many options for dining when exploring a city or country for fun.

Offer Tips on What to Do and See While in the Area

It is important to make your brochure as detailed as possible. People should have a comprehensive idea of what they should do while in the area. Since you are targeting tourists, have ideas for trips, hotels, camping sites, and other destinations where travelers can spend time and enjoy the visit to a new place. When people are on holiday, especially in major cities like Europe, you can include details about destinations that are family friendly and can host people for holidays.

Give Readers a Sense of the Culture and Atmosphere

When people travel to a city, they would also like to experience the culture and atmosphere of the city. So, it is important to suggest areas where people can spend time and learn about the culture of the place. Many travelers are interested in learning about cities and the culture that define them. This is an important aspect that equally influences why people travel. When people visit marketplaces and other historic sites to learn about the culture, they experience the outdoors and also purchase items that keep the memory of the place even after they leave.

Travel Paris Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Include Photos or Illustrations For Visual Appeal

Having photos of the destinations, sites, and marketplaces within your brochure is important. Photos give people an impression of what it will be like during their adventure. therefore, always never forget to have a gallery of pictures that cover important aspects of the place. Include photos that give a sense of the history of the place, including the best places to visit while in the area.

How to Design Your Travel Brochure

After knowing the kind of information to include in your brochure, it is vital to know the process of designing a great travel brochure. Designing is not an easy process, you need someone who is qualified and has the right tools to deliver an outstanding representation of the city, country, or place you want to capture. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when designing a brochure.

Choose a Theme for Your Brochure

Once you have an idea for your brochure, it is important to choose a theme for the design. The theme includes patterns and aesthetics of the designs. You must create something that is appealing and attractive to the audience. The theme should capture the spirit of adventure, the best places, exploring, camping, and discovering new places.

Select a Color Scheme

After choosing the theme, it is now time to choose the color scheme of the design. The color scheme is part of the brochure theme because it contributes to the aesthetics of the design. So, it is important to choose a color scheme that aligns with the spirit of adventure, beach, holiday, and other unique experiences from traveling.

Example of a Creative Travel Brochure

Decide on the Layout of Your Brochure

The next step is settling on the layout of the brochure. The brochure layout determines where you place images, places to include patterns or the folding format. Always have marketing material with an outstanding layout that captures all important details.

Create an Outline of the Places You Want to Feature

After that, you should now create an outline of the places that should be included in the brochure. you must have clear details of the most important destinations and their respective details.

Write Descriptions of Each Destination

After that, include details about the destinations. Descriptions can include information about sites to visit, accommodation options, dining places, markets, and cultural sites. All these are important to give readers the right impression of the place and what outdoor and adventure activities they will experience.

Add Photos and Graphics

As we have noted earlier, a good travel brochure should include clear photos that showcase the best places in the destination. It is important to have a perfect gallery of all important features that represent the country, city, or place. The photos can also have brief captions that provide explanations of what travelers will see.

Hotel & Lodging Brochure Template

What a Good Brochure Can Do for Your Travel Agency

A good brochure can initiate a conversation about traveling and what summer holiday options are available. So always explore unique ways to reach your audience with outstanding reviews about the offers available when they journey to a certain place. Their journey should bring fulfillment and enable them to experience life as they have never before.

The style and outlook of the brochure should give a good taste of what life is when they arrive at the destination. if you have a website, always refer back your audience to the website to get more information about travel tips. Have specific reviews for hotels, best places to visit, routes, and other important information.


Promoting your travel agency or services requires you to have the right type of brochure with perfect design. A good brochure is an excellent option for promoting your travel brand. You can outline packages ideal for family journeys, solo trips, or any other type of service that might appeal to the audience.

Print the marketing materials from a designer who understands branding and promotion. This will ensure that you share something that is valuable and can enhance your brand position. With printing companies like Packoi Printing, you will always get the best services for your marketing needs. These materials come with amazing offers that guarantee optimal results.

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