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If you are running a company or are considering having one, you must have probably thought about having custom packages for your brand. First, it is important to know the nature and size of your product offerings. This is vital because it will give you an idea of the size of folding cartons you will need to ship them. It is important for your product to fit into the packaging choice. So, you must know the type of folding carton style you should use.

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Why is it Important to Know Folding Box Styles?

First, we must acknowledge that there are hundreds of folding carton styles available in the market. When you are looking for carton boxes, it is important to know which styles available and what choices are ideal for your brand. the right packaging will influence your marketing and branding. So, you need to be very keen when choosing folding carton designs for your brand.

A Customizable Folding Carton Box Style

In this article, we will dive into detail and outline the different types of folding cartons. What styles of folding cartons do you have at your disposal when choosing packages? Keep reading to discover some of the standard box types and how you can use them to promote your brand.

Types of Folding Cartons

Corrugated Folding Cartons

A Paperboard Folding Carton Design

Corrugated folding cartons are among the most popular type of custom box designs available in the market. they are ideal for shipping products over long distances. With the corrugated folding cartons, your business will have sturdy packaging that can be used to ship goods. This type of folding carton comes with three layers to give extra protection on product packaging. There are two layers on the outer side, and there ridged one on the inner side.

Another aspect of this folding carton design is that it is made to have smaller air columns between the layers. This is important because it contributes to the overall strength of the box. So, if you are an e-commerce business owner who ships products for long distances, corrugated folding cartons are the best for you. You will always have the confidence that products shipped reach customers with minimal damages.

Paperboard Folding Cartons

Paperboard Folding Carton

This is another type of folding carton that is used for packaging products. It is single-layered and designed from paperboard. Paperboard boxes are mostly used for goods that are not very fragile and are small in size compared to those being shipped using corrugated folding cartons. The other name for paperboard folding cartons is cardstock boxes.

Folding Styles For Custom Boxes

Custom Folding Carton Box Designed Into a Shape

These are the two main types of folding cartons available in the market. However, they come in different designs, sizes, styles, and colors. the customization depends on one’s particular needs. there are companies that want folding carton styles that include brand messaging, patterns, and other aesthetic appeals. So, it is time to dive into the detail of the folding styles used in these types of carton boxes. Each of these carton boxes has different opening and closing styles.

If you run a business, always understand your customers before making custom boxes. Your customers are the main target when you are creating custom packaging. So, understand their needs, preferences, and expectations. What do they have in mind when they think about your brand? This is important because it creates clear avenues for ensuring that you have the right folding carton boxes for your brand.

Here are some of the different styles of folding carton designs.

Reverse Tuck Boxes

Carton Boxes For SToring Sox

The reverse tuck end box design is among the most used folding carton box styles in the market. In this style, the boxes are usually similar to straight tuck boxes, except for the panels used for closing. Because they are not tucked, the closing panels are made to fold in opposition to one another. The features of the reverse tuck box style are similar to a square box. Reverse tuck box designs are amazing because they provide unique product packaging ideas.

So, the straight tuck end boxes are appropriate for heavy and light products. If you are a business owner and are looking for something that will not break your budget, this is the ideal package option. Reverse tuck box designs are perfect for a range of businesses, similar to the straight tuck end box design. Such as those delivering kitchenware, gifts, watches, and other types of goods. They are affordable and appealing, guaranteeing an excellent unboxing experience at lower prices.

Straight Tuck Box

This is another type of folding carton box that is available in the market. They are fairly similar to the reverse tick box, only that the closing panels fold in the same direction. When you are dealing with fairly heavy products, straight tuck box designs are the best option for you. They will provide compact storage that allows you to transport products for longer distances without fearing breakage.

Another feature of straight tuck boxes is that it comes with slit lock bottom boxes with zero assemblies. if you want the package to be unique, you can print on the side, which is a perfect strategy for promoting your brand. Straight tuck box style is perfect for any business and ensures that you have perfect results in your package needs.

Lock the Bottom Boxes

The lock bottom box is also called the 1,2,3 bottom box. The upper side has tick panels with friction locks. if you are majorly dealing with heavy goods, such as electronics and home appliances, this is the perfect packaging solution. Lock bottom box allows you to carry products without fear that they will dismantle or break. Another benefit of using this type of box is that it is easy to assemble. It is one of the best in specifications and comes with a flat bottom surface. Therefore, products can be stacked safely from the bottom to the top of the box.

Holster Boxes

The next folding carton box design is the holder box. This type of box design is perfectly made to promote your brand. These are the best if you want to display your products and give them a perfect display because it is transparent at the top. So, when you have customers visiting your local store, you can use these boxes because they give you an opportunity to display the product. It is one of the outstanding folding carton styles available in the market.

You can always leverage the design to enhance your brand visibility. Customers can easily know the product packaged inside the holster boxes because of the transparent top part. The bottom part has a tick and lock. Another advantage of this design is that the top part can be customized into any form. The outlook should never be similar to the bottom side. Therefore, you can make your design stylish and appealing to clients.

Crash Bottom Box

These types of boxes are also known as the auto lock bottom boxes. From the design of the box, it can be seen that the boxes provide additional support to the bottom, ensuring that products do not spill or fall. Therefore, this feature adds strength to the box. In order to open the box from the bottom, one needs to pop them. So, this is one of the outstanding folding carton boxes design. It provides features that not only make it stylish but add strength to the box. With the flat bottom box design, it is easier to carry heavier products without fear of breakage. The auto lock bottom boxes are perfect for e-commerce businesses of any size.

Counter Display Folding Carton

Counter Display Boxes

Another amazing type of folding carton box provides a unique display of products. As the name suggests, this box style is perfect for counter display. They are similar to the holster boxes because they have a transparent side for displaying products. So, besides acting as a packaging solution for your goods, this box type can store your products and ensure that your brand gets the right visibility in the store. However, unlike the holster box design, this type of box is specifically designed for smaller products. One of the best features that come with the counter display box design is having cutouts and is easy to open. So, it can be used for products like pencils or pens.

Two Piece Boxes

This is another box type that is perfect for display. The box sleeves or sides make the box appear like a simplex tray. Another feature of the box is that it comes with two piece boxes that are identical. One of the pieces is used to hold the products, while the other one covers the top side. The bottom part, which is used to carry the products is stronger because it is used to carry weight. On the other hand, the lighter one is used to cover the products. When the upper part of the product is removed, the lower part appears like a tray. because of the double walls of the box, it is trusted to be stronger than other boxes. It can hold products perfectly in place. When there is a box sleeve packaging combination, this folding carton box type is perfect.

Custom five panel hanger box

Five Panel Hanger Box

The last box type is the five panel hanger box. This is perhaps one of the most popular folding carton boxes that can include custom cutouts on the inside. It is simply a reverse tick box type that comes with a hanger panel that arises from the back of the box. The hanger is usually used to hang it on the wall or showcase the light weight goods held in the box. Its functionality is similar to that of the holster box, displaying goods and creating a perfect impression. However, this one is specially designed for very light products, especially those sold in retail display stores. Usually, part of the product can be seen from one side of the box.


There are many types of folding cartons available. With hundreds of printing companies, you can always customize your packages to suit your needs. You can design boxes with double walls or have ones with paperboard sheet. The goal is to have one that perfectly suits your business needs.

If you are looking for package design assistance, Packoi Printing is the best bet you can have. We are always dedicated to delivering outstanding results by giving you folding carton boxes at wholesale prices. We also provide other types packaging designs. Contact us now to get quote estimates for your business packaging needs.

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