Catalog Printing “Popular Styles in 2022”

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Catalog printing provides businesses with the opportunity to reach out to more customers and showcase their different products or services. It is a promotional strategy that offers exceptional service at affordable rates. There are various catalog styles that exist to support business standards and enhance the company brand. The choice of catalog design selected depends on the company's preference, the nature of products, marketing channels, and targeted customers. So, every design should be made with these factors in mind.

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Catalog Printing

Fashion Catalog

Catalog printing is printed promotional material that contains a list of products or services offered by a company with their prices and description. The catalog serves as a marketing tool that creates awareness, attracts potential customers, and finds ways of displaying offers. It is an effective way to reach customers and prospects and enhance brand awareness. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of catalog printing strategies. Below, we will dive into details and explain the different popular styles in 2022 and beyond.

Popular Styles for Catalogs in 2022

When you want to list your products on a website, or you just need different variations of how to showcase products, you can choose from these popular styles in 2022. You can always check which is the most suitable catalog design, of course, depending on the nature of your business. Always be keen to choose the best style that will guarantee maintenance of your brand standards.

Jewelry Catalog

Taking professional photographs of the jewelry line and putting them together in a single design photo. These photographs are easier to create and can fit various catalogs which get shared with potential customers. Clients have the opportunity to view the products without necessarily visiting the store. The jewelry catalog contains but is not limited to handbags, hats, and watches.

Home Decor Catalog

Customers love product descriptions that help them visualize things. How will it look in my house and will it fit my space or not? Home decor catalog utilizes natural settings to deliver the customer’s expectations. IKEA is widely known for using this style to make things look simply and visualizes how to enjoy the product after purchase.

Mechanical Catalog

Jewelry Catalog

Industrial businesses are now adopting the style of catalog for organizing their work. This style enables the customers to understand the requirements for making an order. The catalog help businesses in grouping complimentary products together. When returning customers want to add an order, they just follow the catalog step.

Fashion Catalog

A style that uses a fashion catalog to advertise exclusive deals, a variety of products, and new collections. It’s a great way of keeping customers aware of the products you offer. Customers love exclusive deals and this style serves as a continuous guide.

What to Consider When Choosing a Printing Style for Your Catalogs

There are several factors to consider when choosing a printing design or outlook for your catalogs. You should always be keen that these factors are addressed before you go ahead with massive catalog production. Some of the most important factors are discussed below.


The target audience or base customers always affect the printing design for your catalog. You need to select a catalog that is not limited to providing the necessary guide and information as required by the audience. For instance, accessories, audience versus home décor varies in every step of making the order.

Size of Your product Listing

Catalog size is a significant factor to consider prior to selecting the printing style. For bigger items, you need a set that will have good fittings such as fridge catalogs versus phone accessories catalogs.


How will the paper impact your order? Buy papers that will fit your quality to avoid catalogs that are not helping towards your goal of winning customers.

Type of Catalog Printing

Decide on the catalog type and the type of product information required. Each design brings unique features and variations.

Technology Products Catalog

How to Choose the Right Paper Stock and Finishing for Your Catalog

When you are creating a catalog printing it is essential to consider your target market, where you will advertise, and the brand image. Catalog printing needs proper research to ensure all information and resources in use match the expectations. When you are placing an order the printing company will need to know about the desired quality paper. The choice of your paper can negatively impact your brand if wrongly selected. Thereof, it’s important to make the right decision necessary for brand and sales growth. The below factors affect the look of your catalog, and it is essential to have the right paper stock.

The Density of the Paper

The density of your paper can make the catalog look professional or not. It’s significant to find the right density and it is measured against grams per square meter. The higher the GSM the thicker the paper which translated to good quality. However, the density is not always suitable for every task. You need to understand what density is necessary for your task.

What Size Do You Need?

Density applies to some printing not all. You need to understand what size you look forward to printing for your business. Thin papers cover a lot of pages and tend to be cost-effective. However, they do not last for long. Besides, thick papers offer quality work but need to be compromised at times to ensure the printing lay flat and is not excessively stacked together.

Select Uncoated Stock

The uncoated stock has good quality that is easy to write on and customers can leave suggestions as they have artistic effects. A professional photographer will deliver good-looking printings. However, uncoated papers match nonluxurious products.

Aim of the Catalog Style

When you need to offer your clients a luxurious experience you need to invest in coated papers. Coated papers give a bigger picture and an expensive touch of your brand, for example for a fashion catalog you need coated papers.

Pick Gloss Paper

Gloss-coated paper offers superior quality which guarantees good finishing. The selection of quality paper is important to ensuring appropriate printing catalogs.

Selecting a Good Printing Company

When you select the paper, all efforts may go unrewarded with just one selection. A good printing company is a must for good results.

Tips for Designing an Effective and Appealing Catalog

Understand Your Objective

Home Decor Catalog

It’s important to have a clear objective before designing the catalog. Why do you need the catalog, for brand awareness or to attract potential customers? Having a defined objective you know proceed to design the catalog. Different catalogs serve different needs and aim at having a bigger picture of the printing; will they serve your needs in the future or not?


Identifying and knowing your customers is necessary before designing the catalog. What are their needs and how do they respond to various marketing options? For luxurious touch clients, you must design catalogs that match their needs without compromise. In addition, understand their behavioral patterns when buying.

Be Unique and Creative

The world today is very competitive and requires creativity. Make sure the design is unique to stand the competition in the market. With a unique design, you attract potential clients and expect sales increase for each campaign.


Select good fonts which make the design look elegant and does not limit color choices. Colors and fonts must match to ensure the design is compatible. Besides, practice font restraints to avoid limiting the design colors. You may also add a few fonts for your catalog to make the entire work amazing.

Be Specific

We all research before choosing the design we want for the products. Be straight, and specific and maintain the objective.

Design for the Readers

A major tip to consider is designing a catalog that is friendly for the readers. When designing you need to place yourself in the shoe of those who will be reading it. How is the view, clear or not? What about the language, simple or technical?

Clear Headline

A good and clear headline helps differentiate one thing from the other. For instance, the product information and description should be well differently highlighted. A good headline should contain clear information such as the product and its users.

How to Avoid Variations in Catalog Printing

When you decide on the design of your catalog make sure there is consistence in the images, colors, fonts, and clarity. You do not need to have catalogs that are confusing to the clients with who you’re aiming at establishing a long-lasting relationship. Maintain the right quality of your order from the selection of the catalog to designing it. Choose a professional company that confirms everything is as per the plan before implementing the design. Also, always plan and choose as per your audience’s needs not necessarily the costs as some cases of cheap labor may produce work not as per your expectations.


It’s good to carry out an experiment before the actual design is realized to the public. The need for testing helps see what changes may be needed and what to expect. The catalog continues to gain popularity as technology continues to advance, so businesses must fit their order to the new requirements. Each style brings out a unique feature such as what sizes fit business card versus brochures; thick or thin.

At Packoi Printing, we are committed to designing outstanding catalogs for all types of businesses. You can always get catalogs in different colors that aligns with your brand needs. Our goal is to offer companies design that add value to their brands. Get in touch with us today to get the best catalog designs.

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