Bubble Mailers vs. Padded Mailers: Which Is Better?

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Are you confused about the best mailer or envelope you should choose for your brand? Or, like many company owners, you have not realized that you can use padded envelopes or bubble mailers? One of the most outstanding things about padded and bubble mailers is that they come in diverse colors, materials, dimensions, and sizes.

You are at the right place if you have any questions about padded envelopes or bubble mailers. We will give you elaborate questions to help you make the best choice for your brand.

One of the things you should understand is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to padded mailers and bubble mailers. Therefore, it is essential to understand the differences between these envelopes and make the best choice for your brand.

This article will help us understand the difference between padded and bubble mailers, strategies to choose the best mailer, and the different sizes of padded envelopes available in the market.

Bubble Mailers

What are Bubble Mailers and Padded Mailers

Padded mailers or padded envelopes are designed from durable, solid substances. The only difference with bubble mailers is that they lack bubble wraps lined inside them. They are reinforced with additional paper or formal on the interior instead.

On the other hand, bubble mailers or envelopes are designed with a paper exterior with bubble wrap lined inside. Bubble mailers are essential for shipping fragile items. They offer additional protection to delicate products. The larger the bubbles, the safer the packages you are shipping.

Another type of mailer is a poly bubble mailer. These bubble mailers are designed from bubble wrap but use only plastic material with no paper covering the exterior. The plastic materials provide additional protection, ensuring that the products transported are safe. However, the main disadvantage of poly bubble mailers is that they present challenges for users when they want to write the shipping address.

Many people in the company, especially those involving shipping products, must have come across either padded mailers or bubble mailers. Bubble wrap is considered to be among the best innovations in the shipping sector. It consists of a sheep of plastic with air bubbles trapped inside. These air bubbles protect the packages from shocks, making them a sustainable packaging solution for different businesses.

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How do Bubble Mailers and Padded Mailers Work?

padded mailer

To understand how bubble mailers and padded mailer work, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. This can be done across several components, including materials used, recyclability, environmental impact, reusability, and costs, among other factors. You will understand how bubble and padded mailers work with the information provided below. This will make it easier for you to decide on the best packaging for your brand or company.

At Packoi, we provide padded mailers with 100% recyclable materials. Poly bubble mailers, on the other hand, are constructed with 30% post-industrial recycled material. When considering these two types of mailers, padded mailers are the best.

1. Making Your Business More Sustainable

Padded mailers assist your business in being more sustainable and offer opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint. On the other hand, a bubble mailer has few recyclable materials. When you choose the bubble mailer, you allow industries to reduce waste by using post-industrial materials to design packages.

It is a long-term solution to recycling and sustainable business practices. Poly bubble mailers and padded mailers are among the eco-friendly packaging options available for businesses. No matter the size of the mailer you need, you will always get the right choice for your brand. They have minimal environmental impact compared to other packages like corrugated boxes or cardboard boxes. A padded envelope with 100% recycled content minimizes shipping costs and ensures your company remains sustainable.

Recycling bubbles and padded mailers is the most eco-friendly solution. Always look for nearby areas where you can deposit these packages after delivering products. You can also provide pamphlets on how customers can dispose of these materials to reduce negative environmental impact. As you give your products added protection, you can still reduce environmental impact by recycling all recyclable components.

bubble mailers

2. Reusable Shipping Solutions

Padded mailers and bubble mailers are reusable. When designing these packages, we always include a tear strip so that customers can tear the tip without damaging the whole package. Bubble mailers are created explicitly for reuse. They come with clear guidance on the box itself on how they can be reused. On the other hand, reusing padded mailers requires folding and tapping shut.

Besides the differences between these two types of packages, we can say that both padded and bubble envelopes are ideal for sustainable companies. If you want to minimize environmental impact and give customers unique solutions for your products, always aim to offer great shipping solutions. They are unlike rigid mailers but have their advantages. Rigid mailers require rigid products. However, bubble and padded mailers protect fragile products by placing them on flexible packages.

They are the best sustainable packaging options for different sectors. Instead of designing a corrugated box for your products, they are the best alternative because they can be reused and recycled.

3. Lower Environmental Impact

At the end of their life cycle, bubble, and padded envelopes significantly lower environmental impact. Padded mailers have more paper materials, which makes them ideal compared to poly bubble mailers. The environmental effect of bubble mailers with a paper shell is, on the other hand, somewhat smaller.

In terms of aesthetics, it depends on what your customers like. if you like the earthy look and the natural look of kraft paper, then padded mailers are the best option. On the other hand, if you like sleekness, then bubble mailers are the best alternatives for you.

The padded mailers can be custom-printed using kraft paper. So, they can represent your brand using a single color on a single side. On the other hand, bubble mailers can also be customized to suit your brand’s needs. This poly bubble mailer shows your commitment to environmental sustainability during shipping.

environmentally friendly

When Should You Use Bubble Mailers or Padded Mailers?

There are many instances when you can use bubble mailers and padded mailers for your e-commerce firm. There are specific instances when, as a business, you have to choose the best envelope depending on the products being shipped, costs, and environmental sustainability goals.

1. For Reducing Costs

You should use bubble mailers and padded envelopes when you want to reduce costs. They are fairly less per unit and have lower shipping costs compared to other types of packages. Another benefit is that it is cheaper to pack bubble and padded mailers.

2. Protecting Fragile Products Against Damage

They also resist shock and make products like jewelry safe during mailing. You can greatly reduce costs when you mail products using a bubble or padded envelope because the envelope will be lightweight and easier to ship. You can ship several items using these envelopes, including jewelry, clothing, documents, stationery, and other fragile goods.

3. Protecting Against Moisture

The poly mailer is resistant to moisture, a critical aspect of shipping documents and other valuable products. The mailer size can be customized to fit your needs. Poly bubble mailers are fully plastic, which gives your fragile items extra protection during shipping.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Bubble Mailer Over a Padded Mailer?

padded envelopes

1. Protect Fragile Products

As discussed earlier, bubble mailers are the best when your goal is to protect fragile products against damage. They provide extra cushioning compared to padded envelopes. Therefore, you can use bubble mailers to ship products like electronics, compact disks, paperback books, jewelry, and other products. With the extra cushion provided by bubble mailers, you can easily ship small, fragile goods.

On the other hand, bubble mailers are not recommended for vinyl products because they can easily bend. Therefore, it is preferred that you use cardboard boxes to give the products extra room without damaging them.

2. Strong and Durable

Poly mailers are strong and durable packages that can be used to ship products like t-shirts or clothing. Anything that is foldable or exposed to external force without damage can be shipped using a poly mailer.

Poly mailers are specifically designed for products that can absorb the force without damage. Once you seal the mailer package, shipping the product to your preferred destination is easy. Plastic mailers are designed from 100% plastic substances. They can be folded without damaging the contents of the envelope.

3. Protect Against Moisture Penetration

When shipping products for long distances, you always want to protect them against damage or exposure to moisture. Therefore, you need a lightweight envelope that can protect your shipped goods against these elements.

Protect your package with tape to make it secure and avoid worry during shipping. The longstanding poly packages are an excellent option for shipping products across long distances. you can always be confident that your packages will arrive safely after purchase.

Padded mailers are made using kraft paper, which is suitable for packages requiring written addresses. You can seal the padding using nonadhesive products without damaging its shape or structure. Always ensure the seal has closed appropriately when mailing products using padded mailers. The aim is to protect the pack from external interference during transportation.


Poly bubble mailers and padded mailers are among the best options you have for your company. You can ship fragile products using these custom envelopes at a very low cost. As noted earlier, bubble mailers come with a paper casing on the outside, while a poly bubble mailer does not include a paper casing. However, padded envelopes and poly bubble mailers are lightweight, making them light to carry and ship.

They are ideal for any type of store, especially those selling fragile products like glass materials and other types of goods. With their lightweight nature, the shipping costs are fairly low and manageable compared to rigid boxes.

Mailing using bubble envelopes is good for products like compact disks, glasses, and other small, fragile products. You can always be sure that your products will arrive safely with minimal damage. These envelopes will also protect against moisture and typically cost relatively little compared to conventional packages. As the mailer of the product, you can always be confident that your goods will arrive safely. These mailer envelopes cost less during shipping and are resistant to external damage.

The weight is also lower than in standard packages, another component that makes these packages ideal. With envelopes like poly bubble mailers, you can always be confident that your products will arrive as needed.

Do you need custom packages for your brand? Make your shipping process professional and easy by ordering a branded poly bubble mailer or padded envelope for your company. At Packoi, we aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your business needs. You can always talk to us to get the best packaging solutions for your company.

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