The Advantages of Using Packaging Inserts to Improve Customer Experience

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Are you considering packaging items for delivery? Learn how to effectively use packaging inserts, the various types of packaging inserts, and the benefits of implementing packaging inserts.

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Packaging inserts refer to the additional small items e-commerce business owners include in customer packages before delivering. They provide an opportunity to make a positive impression and create a loyal customer base, motivating clients to recommend your products to new customers and return to your business for more orders.

packaging inserts

This blog article will cover the different types of packaging inserts, their role in customer experience, and how they benefit businesses. Also, the article will provide tips for effectively implementing packaging inserts.

This article aims to help you understand what packaging inserts are and the benefits of their implementation. Also, this article will act as a guide for implementing packaging inserts effectively.

Understanding the Role of Packaging Inserts in Customer Experience

Considering packing inserts’ critical roles, you may not believe they are free. They are small and lightweight, requiring no additional shipping costs, and customers do not have to make extra payments for a packaging insert. Here are the key roles package inserts play:

A. Unboxing Experience and Its Influence on Customer Perception

unboxing experience

When customers make an order, they do not just want a product. They are looking for experience. Packaging inserts come in the form of an unexpected, pleasant surprise when a customer unboxes the order. These surprises give an amazing unboxing experience to customers, which is crucial in building relationships and earning customer loyalty.

Usually, these surprise unboxing moments make customers feel special. You can surpass customers’ expectations by capitalizing on such relationships and the positive unboxing experience. Ideally, this will create a positive perception of your brand and products, making them feel valued.

B. Psychological Impact of Receiving Something Extra

The impact that packaging inserts have on customers is immense. Receiving an extra item along with your order, like discount or deal offers, small gifts, or personalized notes in the form of a surprise, delights customers and engages them with the business. The overall impact is their positive perception of your products, which motivates them to make future purchases.

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Different Types of Packaging Inserts

There are different packaging inserts online store owners use to drive customer loyalty. Business owners have developed various packaging insert ideas to capitalize on their customer base and ensure sales growth. Let’s look at the different packaging insert options:

1. Discount Coupons or Vouchers

 Discount Coupons or Vouchers

Discount offers and vouchers are some of the most popular methods e-commerce retailers use to entice their customers to make more purchases with them. A discount code for the next purchase sent through email or included in the delivery packaging is a tangible reminder for them to return to your business. Vouchers for money off a customer’s next purchase are a great way to say “thank you” to your loyal customers. Business owners may include two discount offers, one for the client and the other for a friend. The customer will likely tell others about your brand and why they should purchase from you. Also, discounts may be offered to specific customers based on the amount spent purchasing from you or specific items.

2. Sample Products

sample products

Free product samples are not only for introducing your customers to new products but also for future interactions. Most customers take these free samples seriously and cannot accept them without showing appreciation. Coupled with the fuzzy feeling of exceeding customers’ expectations with an unexpected gift, this is a great way to boost brand loyalty and customer experience.

3. Personalized Notes

One of the most common types of packaging inserts, especially in small businesses, is the personalized insert. Personalized inserts like thank you cards and handwritten personal notes are simple, low-cost, and great ways to express gratitude tailored to the exact person receiving the order.

Custom packaging inserts tailored to particular customers and having the company logo are especially effective when starting, and most larger-scale companies do not have this competitive advantage. This is a great way to add a personal touch and mention details about your experience with the customer.

thank you cards

4. Informational Materials (catalogs, brochures, instructions)

Informational catalogs and instructions are effective in helping your clients benefit from your products. Instructions may include tips about using the item effectively or information on eco-friendly ways of disposing of the waste after use. Packing inserts in the form of informational materials show that you are not only after making more sales but also want your customers to get the most out of the delivered product.

Key Benefits of Using Packaging Inserts

Your effort in having the best package insert programs shows the significance of your service to your clients and how concerned you are with their experience and overall satisfaction. Packaging inserts come with several benefits, including:

A. Enhancing Brand Image

  • Elevation of perceived value

Businesses can enhance their brand image by customizing delivery boxes and packaging with branding materials which can be seen by anyone handling the packaging throughout the supply chain. This enhances the brand’s reputation and awareness. Beautifully designed packaging inserts speak to what customers are shopping for. Delivering orders in quality, attractive packaging, and packing inserts elevates the perceived value of the product or service your brand offers.

  • Creating a personalized experience

personalized experience can be created through personalized inserts like thank-you notes, personally written notes, and personalized notes. These packaging inserts with personalized information show how you value customers’ experience with your products. And because people are more interested in the overall experience, your brand’s reputation will be enhanced. They will speak positively about your business to others. The personalized inserts may contain information like gratitude towards the purchases, thank-you messages, and telling of what they enjoy engaging with the customer.

B. Encouraging Repeat Business

  • Promoting Other Products or Services

Marketing inserts are also cost-effective ways of marketing products or services to customers. Through package inserts, businesses can promote other items or services. This helps retailers make more sales without more direct marketing efforts for particular items.

For example, a fashion brand may encourage repeat business by sending a personalizeded thank you note to a client for buying trousers and including a brochure for a shirt from the same business.

  • Offering Incentives for Future Purchases

Including packing inserts with special incentives is a great way of encouraging repeat business. Incentives may include discount codes on personalized product inserts, vouchers for future purchases, free product samples and gifts, and sometimes free delivery. All these are intended to make customers return for another purchase. Many businesses create discount and voucher cards, including them in deliveries to ensure the exact customer may return for another order.

C. Building Customer Loyalty

 a personalized message

  • The Impact of Personalized Communication

Packaging inserts enhance customer loyalty in various ways, and one is the personalized interaction between business owners and customers. Online businesses usually have a database of their customers, including contact information. Upon delivery, retailers usually send a personalized note through text message or email. The message may include a thank note to the customers for the purchase and an invitation to make more orders from their businesses. Also, retailers may include personalized handwritten notes and thank you notes. This form of getting a personal touch greatly increases customer loyalty.

  • The Role of Surprises in Customer Retention

Additional gift surprises help to make clients feel special. Everyone loves receiving unexpected, pleasant gifts, and this is a great way to increase customer loyalty and enhance the relationship. Those specific gifts, including free samples, will make customers eager to return the favor, leading to another purchase.

D. Facilitating Word-of-Mouth Marketing

  • The Power of Social Media Unboxing

Social media has greatly revolutionized the marketing sector. People can now promote their products and services and eventually increase sales. Through packing inserts, e-commerce business retainers may request customers to tag their social media accounts when posting online. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and lead to more sales.

  • Encouraging Reviews and Recommendations

A business owner may use a packaging insert to ask the customer to write honest reviews about their experience with the product or service delivered. Also, the packaging insert may include a request for the customer to recommend the product or service and the brand to other people through word-of-mouth or on their social media pages. With more people now connected through social media platforms, online reviews, and recommendations can work magic in promoting products while enhancing brand awareness.

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Case Studies of Successful Use of Packaging Inserts

Some brands of packaging inserts are very successful, the response is very good, the following brands can be used as a typical case to learn about packaging inserts.

A. Case Study 1: A high-end cosmetics brand

Curology is an online beauty brand that specializes in personal skin services. It provides informational materials like tips and tricks guides in every item they deliver. The guides offer instructions on how to apply their products and what to do in case of unwanted reactions.

B. Case Study 2: An innovative tech company

GameKlip is an innovative tech company that uses technology to attach a genius adapter to your phone for a full gaming experience on a mobile phone. They include an additional small package of candies in every delivery. This is one of the most amazing packaging insert ideas their customers have been talking bout on social media and blogs.

C. Case Study 3: A sustainable fashion brand


Johnny Cupcakes is a famous streetwear brand. They use additional inserts to create an impactful customer experience. They include small package inserts in the form of useful items that will offer additional value and leave customers with a smile.

How to Implement Packaging Inserts Effectively

There are several insert options, but you need to know how to effectively implement packaging inserts. Here are the various tips for successful packaging insert implementation:

A. Aligning with Brand Identity

Brand identity refers to what your business stands for and its values, and it’s what keeps you operational in the market. Every strategy you make must align with the brand, and packing inserts are not different. Your packaging inserts must align with your business values.

packaging inserts with brand

B. Tailoring to Your Audience

Your clients are very important here, so ensure to personalize different packaging inserts if you want to exceed the expectations of a particular audience. Customers love unboxing experiences and offers that specifically cater to them. In short, make every customer feel valued uniquely throughout the interaction. Design a customer journey and establish milestones that you want to serve your customers while keeping business goals a priority.

C. Considering Costs and ROI

Packaging inserts are extremely inexpensive and cost-effective. They are ideal for building customer loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases, attracting new customers, and enhancing brand reputation. However, consider the costs involved and the return on investment (ROI) while offering the inserts. Do not offer a lot of gift inserts, free samples, or unreasonable discounts that will lead to low ROI.

D. Keeping Sustainability in Mind

As you are excited to start a new business and source packaging materials for your startup, you must keep the environment in mind. There is a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable materials to source your business, and you need to pay attention. Also, use the opportunity to encourage others to include ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY in their list of priorities.

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Packing inserts come in handy to offer more value by exceeding clients’ expectations and matching the right incentive with your specific customer. With all your promotional efforts, compare the various insert programs and offers to establish your successful program intended to increase loyalty and profitable sales.

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