6 Rigid Gift Box Styles You Can Choose from (Plus Tips on Choosing the Best One)

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Using a rigid box to package your gift sends a message. It doesn't just tell the recipient that you value them enough to send them a gift. You’re also telling them that they’re special enough to receive it in a luxurious box.

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A rigid box can add value to any gift-giving effort compared to other gift boxes. When someone receives a rigid box, they automatically know it’s not just a random gift. In this article, you’ll learn more about rigid box styles and how to choose the right one to package your gift.

Why Use a Rigid Gift Box?

gift box

Gift-giving is an important part of life. Whether it’s for the holiday season or to show appreciation to customers and partners, it helps us build and strengthen relationships. This is crucial to both your personal and professional life.

But here’s where some people get it wrong. They feel that the actual gift is enough.

It’s not.

If you want to impress the recipient, you must think about the gift boxes you’ll use. Make them feel excited at the sight of the special gift packaging so the anticipation builds for whatever’s inside.

The best way to do that is to use a rigid box for packaging your gifts.

This type of packaging leaves a lasting impression on the recipient because it makes them feel like they’re receiving luxury products.

Imagine seeing 2 Christmas gift boxes before you. One is packaged in a plain folded carton, while the other is in a rigid box.

Even if both of them have fancy ribbons and small holiday ornaments on them, which gift box would you feel excited to open?

It’s most likely the one in the rigid box.

6 Rigid Gift Boxes to Choose from

If you want to impress your recipient with your gift packaging, start by blowing them away with the box type that you’ll use.

Choose gift boxes that’ll make them feel special. A rigid box may be more costly but could be better than custom boxes.

Why? Because this is a gift box that the recipient can reuse. If they keep it around the house, it’ll be a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

If that convinced you to use a rigid gift box, here are the different styles that you can choose from.

gift box

Gift Box with a Lid

Most people use this as the most common type of rigid gift box. This type of packaging has two parts. The base where the gift is placed and the lid. The lid of gift boxes is usually bigger to fit the opening of the base. It can also be designed to the depth that you prefer.

Gift Box with an Internal Shoulder

This rigid gift box also has a base and lid. But this time, the lid isn’t necessarily bigger than the base because the latter has an internal shoulder that fits the lid perfectly. This means the lid and the base look flushed against each other.

In most cases, the shoulder is partially exposed to make it easier to open gift boxes. This allows you to play with the contrast of colors in your design.

Gift Box with a Hinged Lid

This type of rigid gift box has one side of the lid attached to the base, like a hinge. This comes in 3 types.

The first is a 3-sided one where the connection of the lid is at the top edge of the base. The other 3 sides of the lid have flaps hanging out the base’s sides.

The second is a 4-sided gift box. It’s the same as the previous one except that the lid isn’t attached to the top edge. It’s connected to the bottom edge of the base.

The third is a hinged box with a flap lid that goes over one side of the base – either partially or completely.

Usually, hinged gift boxes use magnets to close – especially those with flaps over the base.

Gift Box That Opens Like a Clamshell

This gift box packaging is built like a 3-sided hinged lid that opens like a clamshell. The hinge is at the bottom of the base – allowing the lid to expose the base area of the gift boxes for display purposes.

Gift Box That Opens Like a Book

Imagine a book wherein the front cover is the lid. Instead of pages, you have a hallowed base. That’s what this gift box looks like with a single flip lid.

You can also design it with a double flip lid that opens like a gate with a buckle or magnetic close.

gift box

Gift Box With a Slipcase

You can think of this like a rigid-drawer gift box.

There’s no lid. But the base is inserted horizontally inside a rigid slipcase like a drawer. The base of these gift boxes usually has a ribbon or something similar attached at one side so it’s easier to pull the box open.

6 Times a Rigid Gift Box Is a Must

This packaging box is special because it’s not meant to be given for every occasion. Rigid gift boxes are too special to be used as an ordinary present.

You have to choose when to use this gift box packaging, and you’ll give it to.

Here are the 6 times when it’s okay to use this.

If It’s for the Christmas Season

You’ll see a lot of Christmas gift boxes during the season. You don’t have to use a rigid gift box for every single person you want to send gifts to, but you can choose it for your special someone, relatives, friends, and even customers.

Having a special Christmas box for the important people in your life will make your gift all the more impressive and memorable.

If It’s for the New Year

Some people hardly give gifts during the New Year. But if you have friends and customers celebrating the Lunar New Year, this is a great gift box to use.

Choosing this specific packaging for your gift boxes will make the recipient feel how much you value them. Just make sure you use the right colors and design to commemorate the occasion.

If It’s for a Lover

A happy couple will always want to give the best to their special someone.

Why not make the packaging box special as well? Using rigid gift boxes will increase the value of the gift inside. Using rigid gift boxes is a great way to make a lover feel highly appreciated.

Whether you’re giving gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or just because make the extra packaging special as well, use a gift box that looks luxurious and elegant.

gift box

If It’s for Anniversaries

Putting anniversary gifts in a rigid gift box is highly approved. The occasion makes it worth the extra cost.

This isn’t just for romantic anniversaries. If your friend or business partner is celebrating the anniversary of their business, send a gift in a rigid box as well.

If It’s for a Birthday Celebrant

This packaging box is great for family, clients, and other special people in your life that are celebrating their birthdays. This only happens once a year, so if the person means something to you, make them feel important by choosing a gift box that screams luxury.

Don’t think that only grownups will appreciate this. Give it to children as well.

If It’s for an Important Business Partner

This refers to clients, suppliers, customers, and other colleagues that help you thrive. Show them your appreciation through a special packaging box.

If they see that your gift comes in a rigid gift box, they’ll feel how much you value the partnership. When done right, gift boxes can help develop loyalty – which is good for business in the long run.

7 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Gift Box

Now that you have an idea what box styles are available and when’s the right time to give them, how will you know which of the gift boxes to choose?

It’s not just about the type of gift box but also the design that you’ll use to make the extra packaging special.

Here are some tips you can refer to when choosing the right gift boxes to use.

Take Cues from Your Brand

If you give gift boxes to clients and customers, ensure it reflects your brand. You can have a custom gift box made that has your brand logo and colors on it.

That way, the packaging will immediately tell the recipient who the gift is from.

Think about the Buyer and Recipient

The packaging box of your product should attract customers. But if you designed it as a gift box, make sure you consider who will receive it.

The customer would choose to buy what their family or friends want. Consider that as you finalize the design.

gift box

Contemplate the Purpose

There are many reasons to give gift boxes. It’s mostly to send positive vibes, but you also want your packaging box to bring out other emotions: excitement, love, generosity, and gratefulness, among others.

Based on the occasion, what should the recipient feel when they see the gift box?

Consider the Contents

What you plan to put inside the packaging box would dictate the design of the rigid gift box. You have to consider how the box will protect what’s inside.

Think about the lining inside the boxes to ensure that the contents will reach their destination in good condition.

Set a Budget

A huge part of your gift box design is your budget. Rigid boxes are more costly. You want to have enough budget left for the actual gift.

Not only that, but you have to make sure that the box packaging doesn’t overshadow the actual gift.

Be Creative with the Design

Choosing custom designs for gift boxes can be tough. But as long as it’ll meet the expectations of the customer or recipient, then you can be as creative as you want with the packaging of your gifts.

Create a box design that reflects who you are as well.

Find the Right Packaging Supplier

When looking for a packaging box supplier who’ll create your rigid gift box, you must look for expertise and experience.

Choose a supplier that doesn’t just use high-quality materials for the boxes. It has to be properly sourced as well. That’s how you can be sure that you’re getting the most impressive boxes.

5 Common Contents of a Rigid Gift Box

The packaging may be important but the gifts still reign supreme. So make sure you’re making the right choices so your rigid boxes won’t be wasted. You might have built the excitement only for people to feel underwhelmed by the contents of the gift.

Here are a couple of suggestions for the content of your rigid gift box.

gift boxes

At-Home Spa

There are two reasons why putting a care package in a rigid gift box is perfect.

First, the self-care gift box proves that you value the recipient. Second, rigid gift boxes make people feel like what they’re getting has the best quality. That’s a great way to show your appreciation for the one receiving the gift.

Coffee and Chocolate

There’s something about coffee and chocolates as gifts that makes it very satisfying. It deserves to be put in a special gift box.

Get the favorite brand of the person you’re giving it to and put it in rigid box packaging. They won’t be able to finish it, so putting it in sturdy boxes means they have a nice place to store the leftovers in.

Office Essentials

This will be useful and a great way to put branding on your gift box. Or you can customize office essentials by putting names on them.

Using rigid gift boxes will allow the receiver to store the items correctly if they don’t like using them yet. The boxes can double as storage.

Arts and Crafts Kit

Another option that you can put in the rigid gift box is an arts and crafts kit – especially if you’re packaging pottery or other fragile items in the boxes.

These are the type of gifts that can benefit from the sturdiness of the box because they can be used to store the tools included in the kit.

Wine or Spirits

This is a great gift box to give VIP clients and partners. You can put a whole bottle of wine or smaller bottles of spirits that they can enjoy at home.

The rigid gift boxes can protect the glass bottles and keep them from breaking. The boxes can also store any unfinished bottles. If you make the smaller bottles seem like collectible items, the box can be used to protect them.

Do You Want to Explore the Rigid Box Styles You Can Use? Packoi Printing Has High-Quality Samples You Can Choose from.

It’s time to create rigid gift boxes that you can give to special people in your personal and professional life. Make sure you partner with the right packaging supplier to help create the boxes you want.

Packoi Printing has both the expertise and experience to deliver the right rigid box for you. We can work on the unique designs you have in mind.

Give us a call so we can talk about the boxes you want. We’ll get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.

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