Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale with Your Design & Logo

Give your customers the best unboxing experience with our custom rigid box packaging. If you are just launching your businesses and need branded packages for deliveries, Packoi is the best partner for you. We offer packaging solutions at affordable prices, ensuring that you comfortably give customers an amazing unboxing experience.

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Custom Rigid Boxes to Give Memorable Customer Experience

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or not, our premium packaging will make each delivery stand out. Give your customers a remarkable unboxing experience to elevate your brand. Our packaging solutions are proven to assist businesses scale without breaking budgets. 

Create Brand Awareness: custom rigid boxes allow you to create brand awareness. This is important to create a sense of security and direct customers where to look when they need a similar product. It makes your brand reliable and authoritative.

Creating Memorable Experiences: custom rigid boxes give customers a memorable unboxing experience. Many customers want to show off products on social media. When you give them unique packages, they make the experience more fulfilling and exciting.

Reduces Shipping Costs: customer rigid boxes are more effective in reducing shipping costs compared to premade packages. You will rarely find a premade package that fits your product. However, custom packages are customized for your specific product, making it easier to pack and ship goods.

Purchase Custom Rigid Boxes from China to Save Cost

Save costs while giving customers amazing packages for their orders. Our custom rigid boxes are durable and affordable for all product types.

Packoi is always aiming to offer high-quality custom packages that appeal to your customers. Our goal is to offer businesses affordable packaging alternatives.

If your brand is expanding fast, you can always rely on us to help you grow. Our custom rigid boxes are effective in spreading brand awareness and credibility.

We personalize every package you order from us to make it ideal for your business model. If you are looking for luxury boxes for your goods, our rigid custom boxes are the best, giving a touch of opulence and prestige.

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Why Make Your Custom Rigid Boxes With Packoi

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality custom packages for many clients across the world. We are always dedicated to offering you value for money, besides timely delivery of your packages.

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You can always trust Packoi with your package needs. With years of experience producing custom packages for companies, we are the best partner you can have in your business. We are a company that values customer satisfaction, aiming to deliver quality custom boxes each day.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"After launching our business, we were looking for a reliable supplier for custom rigid packages. Packoi gave us their quote after explaining what we needed. I recommend their services because they always keep their word. Perfect!"
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MaryAnne K.
United Kingdom
"Packoi's custom rigid boxes are popular among our customers. They are stable and long-lasting, and they keep our fragile items from breaking. These packages will ensure total safety for your orders placed wherever you ship them."
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George Donaldso
"I searched for a reliable package producer and found Packoi. After ordering samples, we were convinced that the packages suited our expectations. We always order from them because their work is amazing."
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Rosemary Lynch

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about our custom rigid boxes. While each order is different, the information will help you understand what our service is all about.

Yes! All our products have samples that we can ship to your preferred locations. We want you to have peace of mind before making a huge investment with us. So, always feel free to order samples to test the size and quality of your packages.

We recommend that you order samples before making a massive order. This ensures that your products fit the custom rigid boxes you choose. We are always dedicated to delivering as per your request. Please order samples to test the packages first.

Once you make your order, you must wait for approximately 12-16 days for production to complete. Larger volumes take a longer production time. Once production is complete, we immediately dispatch your packages to a specified location.

Shipping can take up to 3 months, depending on the mode of transport to ship. While sea freight might take up to 71 days, air freight can take between 7 and 21 days. Please think about dividing your shipment between an ocean and an air shipment if you need a shipping excursion for some packages.

Yes! Before making any order, we always allow customers to talk with our sales team. The team will respond with estimated costs, production time, and shipping costs. This will ensure that you make an informed decision regarding your order size and shipping method.

Unfortunately, we start production upon receiving payment. Please make payment using the recommended payment methods so that we start processing your order.

Our production center is in China. We are working with a fully vetted team of partners and suppliers to ensure orders arrive on time. We always guarantee quality packages based on the timelines we provide on your quote.

We have a very elaborate quality assurance process. Before dispatching any custom rigid box packages, we ensure that printing was done as recommended by the client. We always remove any packages with printing defects, broken ends, and cracks. So, you will always get value for your money.

Sending artwork that can be modified in Adobe Illustrator should be done in either AI or PDF format. Additionally, retain the dieline in your AI file as a separate layer. You can get in touch with our sales team to give you the right artwork dimensions for your chosen custom rigid box.

We always customize orders depending on your needs. Our production facilities can handle orders of any size. However, if your order is small, the cost per package can be fairly high compared to ordering large quantities. Always talk to our sales team before making your order to get a quote.

Custom Rigid Boxes Resources and Articles

Below, you can access resources and articles about our custom rigid boxes. These resources provide information about our shipping, delivery, and sustainability issues, and other important information about our business.

Custom Rigid Boxes Ordering Process

Our 6-step ordering process is simple. Our goal is to give you a seamless experience while doing business with us.

1. Get a Quote

Before making your order, talk to our sales team to get a quote on estimated costs, production time, and shipping time.

2. Request Sample

Please order for a sample of your custom rigid box packages to ensure that they fit your products.

3. Place Your Order

After getting your samples and confirming they fit your products, you can now make your order.

4. Start Production

We start production once we confirm your payment. We will give you production timelines based on your order size.

5. Quality Inspection

We undertake a comprehensive quality inspection after finishing production. This is to ensure that everything aligns with customers’ expectations.

6. Shipping

After undertaking our quality inspection and ensuring everything is fine, your packages are dispatched to the chosen destination.

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