How to Design Tea Packaging ( 6 Do’s and Don’ts)

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Learn the top 6 do’s and don’ts of the perfect tea packaging design to level up your brand’s personality. It’s time to impress your customers like never before!

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Packoi Team

No breakfast is complete without tea, and no tea brand can reach those millions and billions of breakfast tables if it lacks unique and attractive tea packaging.

If you are running one of the tea brands and are wondering why your business is not reaching the right target market, you may need to pay more attention to the product packaging.


According to Statista, tea consumption will reach 7,443mkg by 2025. It means we will see an annual increase of about 3.4% in the tea business. The numbers clearly show that people love tea and will keep loving it!

To become one of the top-selling tea brands, you need to learn the latest trends, along with do’s and don’ts of designing tea packaging. That is exactly what this article is about!

Why Is Tea Packaging Important?

Tea packaging is important for many reasons. Some of the top ones are:

  • Unique brand identity.
  • Better engagement of potential clients.
  • Increased product value.
  • Stronger relations with the customers.
  • Ability to stand out on crowded shelves.

Tea packaging design is a vital representative of your brand. It is an amazing tool to attract potential clients and make your tea brand stand out in the target market. People are attracted to premium packaging designs on store shelves. They immediately judge how loyal the tea company is to its product and target audience.

A boring tea packaging design will convey that you need to be more serious about your product. Hence, the customers will see no value in buying your tea bags or loose-leaf tea boxes.

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Basic Rules of Tea Packaging Design

Before you dive into the actual tea packaging design process, there are some basic rules to tea packaging. Have a look below:

  1. Define the product clearly
  2. Ensure the logo is placed correctly
  3. The content is properly secured within the tea packaging
  4. Provide the best-by-date and contact information
  5. The package is provided with complete information about the product
  6. Pay attention to the legitimacy of the product
  7. Focus on your brand identity

With the above rules in mind, you can develop a brand-unique tea packaging design that will rule the product shelves. 

3 Types of Tea Packaging Materials

Tea Packaging Materials

The specifications for product storage determine the type of ideal tea packaging. As a result, tea is available on the market in paper wrapping and cardboard or tin boxes. You might occasionally find a unique item, like tea bags in a glass jar.

Also, there is no distinction between packing tea bags and leaf tea. In addition, there are always fundamental packaging needs:

  • Easy transportation without losing its visual appeal
  • Retain all its nutritious qualities
  • Be protected from moisture and sunlight

Below we have discussed some of the major types of packaging for tea:

1. Custom Paper Boxes

Custom paper boxes are specially made by brands with unique packaging requirements. With personalized paper tea boxes, you can easily uniquely present your brand identity. It also leaves a lasting effect on your customers. 

tea packaging boxes

A reliable packaging company will help you design custom paper tea boxes with your logo, brand colors, specific fonts, contact information, ingredients, and more. Moreover, they are a great environmentally friendly option compared to plastic packaging.

2. Custom Paper Tubes

Custom-paper tubes are another great option for tea companies. These are manufactured from 100% recycled materials; hence, they are completely safe for the environment. These are so water-resistant and eliminate the need for plastic packaging. 

Custom paper tubes are more attractive to shoppers from a visual perspective. Plus, they can contain the tea aroma for a longer period.

Reusable and resealable paper tubes for tea leaves or tea bags have many uses. The right personalization will ensure that your tea brand paper tubes will remain in customers’ minds every time they open them, even after the tea has been consumed!

3. Custom Stand-Up Pouches

Custom stand-up pouches are the latest and most trendy packaging type for tea companies. It is a reliable and sturdy option for food packaging. They come with a gusseted base that allows the bag to stand upright, making it safer to use or display the inside content. 

Thanks to the zipper closure that seals the content and prevents food waste, you can easily transport tea in bulk. There is no need to worry about the freshness of the product as there is no exposure to moisture or sunlight. These pouches not only offer personalized packaging for a unique brand identity, but they are also affordable and convenient.

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6 Do’s of Designing the Ideal Tea Packaging Boxes

No matter what kind of tea packaging you choose for your brand, there are certain do’s and don’ts when designing tea packaging. The tea packaging design process is an important marketing aspect of your tea brand, here is the do’s part of the tea package.

1. Have a Clear Vision

Before you practically start the actual process, it is crucial to have a clear vision of the end product. You should have the exact image in mind of what you are expecting from the designer. If you progress without a clear vision, chances are you will end up with boring and least appealing packaging that might not even complement your brand image.

2. Customize the Design

customize tea packaging boxes

Once you are all set with the visualization, it’s time to start with customization. It all starts with analyzing and understanding your target audience. Know what they are looking for or what pain points they have. Your target audience may love vibrant colors or seek a specific flavor. They may love the idea of various potency options available on the packaging. 

You must study the buyer’s persona deeply and create a unique design. Or you can choose a different packaging type, such as pouches for loose tea leaves and tube boxes for tea bags.

The list goes on!

3. Focus on High-Quality Materials

The more quality material you use in packaging design, the more premium feel your customers will get! 

Poor quality material is a big repellent for customers. As we mentioned before, when your tea packaging material is not up to the mark, it gives a clear message that you, as a brand owner, are not serious about your business growth.

Ensure your packaging design is durable, travel-friendly, eco-friendly, and sturdy. It is an important part of your brand strategy.

4. Prioritize Design and Aesthetics

 Prioritize Design tea packaging boxes

You need to create visuals that are both appealing and informative. The first thing that will pop up on the store shelves of images is the color of your packaging. Also, your logo and brand name are prominent. Other important visual elements include fonts and shapes. 

Understanding that your tea product design and aesthetics will connect with the customer is important. The only way your product will stand out among the competitors is with a unique design.

5. Include Essential Information

Make sure all the important information is present on the package or tea label. Here is a quick checklist for you:

  • Type of tea
  • Brewing instructions
  • Contact information
  • Allergens present (if any)

All this information will help the customer choose the right option without wasting their time. They won’t keep flipping the package to find what they are looking for!

6. Consider Sustainability

Sustainable branding is the key to building a long-term relationship with your customers and the environment. Sustainability is all about being transparent, authentic, and going beyond just doing business. 

sustainable tea packaging boxes

Take Starbucks as an example. As far as environmentally conscious brands go, Starbucks is in the lead. Starbucks supports a more sustainable future by reducing its carbon footprint.

That is what you need to do in terms of brand sustainability!

6 Don’ts of Designing the Ideal Tea Packaging Boxes

After learning the Do’s part, the next few Don’s parts are worth studying carefully, avoiding some simple mistakes, and customizing more perfect tea packaging.

1. Don’t Overcomplicate the Design

Nothing can beat the power of simplicity!

It is highly suggested not to use too many vibrant colors, textures, or design elements that will make your end product chaotic. People are not attracted to clusters or crowded stuff. Instead, they appreciate elegance and simplicity in everything. 

Sticking to a minimal color scheme, fewer patterns, and a clearer font will take your tea packaging to a new level.

2. Don’t Use Non-Durable Materials

We already mentioned how important quality and durability are in food packaging. If the package is very thin or of low quality, it will easily tear or get damaged while on the move. Make sure you use thick paper or cardboard that stays intact even after multiple uses.

3. Don’t Ignore Target Audience Preferences

tea product boxes

Studying your target customers in depth will reveal what they expect from your brand. You need to do exactly the same!

If you fail to learn about their personal preferences, tastes, routines, and lifestyles, your product cannot survive the competition. 

4. Don’t Neglect Legal Requirements

The most important part of the process is never to neglect where you, as a brand, stand legally. Ensure your customers know that they are purchasing from a registered, certified, and transparent tea company with no scams.

5. Don’t Forget about Functionality

Attractiveness and functionality are the two major aspects of brand packaging. Along with making your product appealing, you also need to ensure it is functional in terms of handling and storage. 

6. Don’t Ignore the Sizes

The key is to package your tea in the right-sized box or pouch. A bigger or smaller package than needed will take up more space or get lost on overcrowded shelves. You don’t need either!

Also, the size of your individually wrapped tea bags will aid in better handling and serving. According to the packaging experts, proper packaging size determines how you pay attention to minor details.

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6 Trends in Tea Packaging Box Design 2024

Now that we know all the important dos and don’ts of tea product packaging, here are the top 6 trends that can make your brand strategy even more powerful. Have a look below:

1. Cartoon Characters 

Illustrations and cartoon characters are now prominent in tea packaging designs. They are a new trend gaining popularity on a wider scale as they add a playful charm to the package. You can choose any cartoon character that complements your brand theme and print it to give it a fun look!

2. Vibrant Colors

Bold and vibrant colors are back on the scene again. They are frequently used by tea companies for a boost of brand energy and prominence on the shelves. Bold colors help catch the customer’s attention immediately. Your product will pop among the others, giving you more chances to boost sales.

3. Mascot Variations

Another playful trend in the tea-packing industry is mascots tying products together. They work as a great element to create a steady and cohesive brand image. Mascots are known for adding luck and a prominent identity to brands. A well-designed mascot has the power to make your brand stand out and leave a remarkable memory in your customer’s mind.

4. Handwritten Fonts

tea box with handwritten fonts

We all love handwritten notes, and now we have aesthetically pleasing fonts!

They are one of the latest trends to try, as handwritten fonts are a delightful presentation of an emotional connection. They also show your extra effort in valuing loyal consumers or as a token of appreciation for the ideal customer.

5. Wraparound Patterns

Another big splash! The sense of creativity and completeness provided by wraparound patterns is amazing. They add an immediate pop to your tea packaging with trendy patterns and eye-catching color combos. Also, wraparound patterns are a new trend in the world of tea gifting. They make the gift more presentable without any extra effort.

6. Bold Color Palettes

tea boxes with Bold Color Palettes

You might see an increase in illustrated ingredients that are wildly bold and bright. Indeed, this is a trend that deserves to stay!

It helps in educating customers with all the right information. They don’t need to flip and toss the product to find what they are looking for.


If you are still reading, we assume you are all set to launch a tea packaging design that will end the competition right here!

From clear vision and customization to brand sustainability, material quality, and design aesthetics, we covered all the key points for you. You just need to stay away from poor quality and functionality along with crazy designs and illegal business aspects.

With all the important dos and don’ts of tea packaging in mind, you can create a trendy package design like a breeze. All you need to do is have a look at the best design services only available at Packoi!

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